Cinema Macabre Issue – Friday The 13th, Part 3

friday the 13th part 3

Some of the movie reviewers over on Blogcritics have created a little monthly horror filmic feature. It’s basically us talking about our favorite scary movies. This month’s feature includes devil worship, psycho killers, and lesbian vampires! What more could you want?

I’ll only include my bit here, but please head over to Blogcritics (sorry the Blogcritics link no longer works) and read the rest, it will be worth it, I promise.

What is it about the 3-D effect that keeps it resurfacing every decade or so? Why do we want our films to come screaming right into our seats? I’ve only seen one full-on 3-D flick in an actual theatre, and that was Jaws 3, not this third installment in the Jason franchise.

While we’re at it, why do film producers think they’re being even more clever by making the third film in a series in 3-D? That ran out of style somewhere around Plan 9 From Outer Space, Part 3: The Revenge of Patrolman Kelton. I never saw Friday the 13th, Part III in the theatres or in 3-D. In fact, I never saw any of that series in the theatre, only on the long departed, and dearly missed late-night television series, USA Up All Night (whatever happened to Rhonda Shear anyway?).

To a prepubescent boy, even in a highly edited version, Jason kicked lots of sexy teen arse. This one includes lots of good 3-D scares like Jason shooting a spear gun right at the screen, but the creative kills and bountiful bosoms kept me coming back. As a kid, I always looked forward to Friday the 13th on the calendar because I knew Rhonda would be showing a marathon of the films. I stayed up way too late on many a lonely Friday night watching that masked murdered wreak havoc.

They are all short on plot, convention, acting chops, and anything else a critic might try to find, but it had everything a geeky little kid from Oklahoma wanted in his late-night viewing.

5 thoughts on “Cinema Macabre Issue – Friday The 13th, Part 3

  1. I enjoyed the first two, i was actually allowed by my parents at about age 11! I loved them, however i cannot remember watching the third and that maybe a good thing. I know i have not seen any of the others bar some of the remake, which to me substituted suspense for just nastiness. As for lesbian vampires now you’re talking!

  2. Thanks mate, i cannot seem to find the Blogcritics thing. I looked on a site called that, but could not find anything resembling what you mentioned. It is possible however that i am a dumbass this week, so that could be it!

    • Sorry, I wasn’t clear. The original review (mine+ a bunch of others) was on Blogcritics but it no longer exists. Blogcritics was a really great site that I used to write for, but the original owners sold it to some tech company many years ago and then they sold it to someone else. Somewhere along the way most of the links went completely dead and the site is a shell of what it used to be.

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