Bootleg Bonanza: Counting Crows – True Heart

counting crow - true heart

Counting Crows ‎
True Heart
Octopus ‎– OCTO 035

Links are no longer active. Unfortunately I have lost the files so they are going to stay that way.

1 Goodnight Elizabeth 6:16
2 Round Here 6:23
3 Omaha 3:52
4 Anna Begins 5:02
5 Ghost Train 4:58
6 Children And Bloom 5:18
7 Time And Time Again 4:34
8 Ranking 5:59
9 Perfect Blue Building 5:49
10 Mr. Jones 4:44
11 Margery 4:34
12 A Murder of One 7:01
13 Wise Blood 5:19
14 Sullivan Street 5:34
Recorded live in Italy, April 1994.

I rediscovered how good the Counting Crows really are. This, of course, made me seek out some bootlegs. This one comes from a recent show, but I’m afraid I don’t have the date or actual source material. I got it straight off of a torrent site, which means I got it in mp3 form and without details.

Still it is a good show and well worth checking out.

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