Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan and Van Morrison – Duets

Editors note:  this was one of my very first bootlegs posts on this blog.  Most of it has since been removed due to copyright notices but I’ve uploaded the bootleg in question on another post.  Please enjoy it there.


Image removed because someone complained of copyright infringement.

I don’t know what kind, and cool soul created this compilation but I thought I’d share it with everyone.  This is a collection of live duets recorded between 1984-1998 by Dylan and Morrison.  It is really quite cool and absolutely worth the time to download.

Some one else uploaded it to Easy Share, and while I usually don’t like those sorts of things (they make you wait 30 seconds with a free account, and limit the  number of downloads you can do in a period) I’m using it now to save me the headache of uploading it.

And because I’m also quite cool, I’m including the covers. (Front, Back.)

Link removed per request by Van Morrisons’ lawyers.

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