Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Nashville, TN (08/21/08)

Bruce Springsteen 2008.06.21 Hamburg Magic Night - Germany Front

Bruce Springsteen
Nashville, TN

Links are gone. I no longer have this show due to a hard drive failure.

Out in the Street
Radio Nowhere
No Surrender
Lonesome Day
Spirits in the Night
Good Rockin’ Tonight
Growin’ Up
I’m Goin’ Down
Held Up Without a Gun
Loose Ends
Murder Incorporated
She’s the One
Promised Land
Mary’s Place
I’m on Fire
The Rising
The Last to Die
Long Walk Home
Girls in Their Summer Clothes
Thunder Road
Born to Run
I Fought the Law
Rosalita (w/Dave Bielanko of Marah though you can’t really hear him.)
American Land
Dancing in the Dark

This is my show. The one that moved me from “fan” to full-on drinker of the Springsteen Kool-Aid. They say it wasn’t even his best show. And I had lousy seats. Still the man is an incredibly performer and the show just knocked me down.

This is an audience recording so the sound isn’t the absolute best it could be, but it isn’t too bad and the energy just rolls right off. I’ve been thinking about making this little place in cyberspace more about the bootlegs which mainly means rolling out lots more free mp3s. As such I wanted to bring out this show since I attended it, and loved it.

0 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Bruce Springsteen – Nashville, TN (08/21/08)

  1. I’ve been following Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band around since April 29, 1976. On this show, I managed to get Bruce to play a song for my late friend, Joe Strummer. This recording here is the first I’ve heard where one can hear clearly what Bruce says before “I Fought The Law” about Joe. Thanks.
    Getting to see a show on this E Street Band tour was looking very bleak indeed and I somehow, on the day before the show, miracled into great tickets, excellent transporation from Oxford, Mississippi and a cool place to crash. The Nashville Bruce Springsteen show was as great as they all are. I loved every bit of it.
    When they opened with “Out In The Street” from The River, my favorite part was the backing vocals from Clarence. I didn’t know about the rarities to come, and early on when they played both “Spirit In The Night” and “Growin’ Up.” I figured those would be my show highlights, and then Nils Lofgren soloed on “Youngstown” and I was reminded both that he is a guitarist from another planet and that I was at a Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band show…anything could happen.
    It was Joe Strummer’s birthday. I made a sign that read, in big block letters,
    I was about halfway back on the floor, directly between Bruce and the soundboard. I waited until the encores, when the lights brightened, as I knew they would, during “Born To Run.” I raised the sign straight up and held it there. After about 18 seconds, Bruce raised his hand and pointed at me. I lowered the sign.
    After “Born To Run”, Bruce audibled and turned back to the mic, yelling:
    “Somebody had a sign…it’s Joe Strummer’s birthday today…” and the band ripped through a spectacular, rocking “I Fought The Law.”
    I appreciated that. I didn’t expect to get a song. I just felt compelled to do it for Joe.
    Here’s video of that “I Fought The Law” performance Thursday in Nashville.

    (don’t miss Nils playing air drums)
    If anyone knows of another almost-60-year-old white man who can do this, then take me to the show.
    Here, for good measure, is Joe Strummer with his band, the Clash, also performing “I Fought The Law.”

    Then, next song…
    It’s “Rosalita” and who should come up on stage but Dave Bielanko, my buddy from the band Marah. How cool it was to see him up there, and on “Rosalita,” no less! I thought there was no way we would get that.

    Thanks again.

  2. It was a really good show. I had terrible seats (upper level, behind the stage to the right) but was still blown away. I couldn’t see your sign, but I do remember him talking about Strummer’s birthday.

    It was also my very first show and I almost didn’t go. The wife and I were headed to Nashville to see some family and on a whim she decided to see if there were any concerts going on while we were there. Bruce was and we debated whether or not to go with going obviously winning. So glad I went.

    He’s coming to Tulsa this next tour and you can bet ‘ll be there with hopefully better seats.

  3. Yeah the Cains is a fun venue. I just caugh Sam Bush there and have tickets to see the Yonder Mountain String band in March and then later, Andrew Bird.

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