Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Berkeley, CA (11/2/76)

neil young 1976 - berkeley

Neil Young
Berkeley, CA

Links are down.  I will eventually track down my CDRs of this show and reupload.

Old Man
After the Gold Rush
Too Far Gone
Give Me Strength
A Man Needs a Maid
Sugar Mountain
Country Mountain
Don’t Cry No Tears
Cowgirl in the Sand
Peace of Mind
Lotta Love
Bite the Bullet
Like a Hurricane
Drive Back
Cinnamon Girl
Cortez the Killer

Nineteen Seventy Six was a busy year in the career of Neil Young.  He released Long May You Run with Stephen Stills and and took a two month tour in support of the album.  He also performed around fifty dates as a solo artist or with Crazy Horse.  He spent some time working on at least three albums and found time to perform during the Band’s final concert which was recorded on the Last Waltz.

You could call that a pretty typical year in the life of Neil Young.

This is a lovely little show towards the end of the year.  The first set is solo with just Neil and his guitar or piano, then the second set gets electrified and Neil brings out the whole band and they get scorching. The sound quality is good. It is a nice soundboard recording which is crisp, but a little cold sounding.  I don’t know how to explain that meaning in technical terms.  I don’t know if it is the age of the original tapes, or the fact that they haven’t been properly mastered, or cleaned up or whatever, but sometimes older bootleg recordings sound cold, and empty.  Like the sound has been stripped of some sort of internal warmth.

Don’t let that fool you, the quality is good and the performance is rocking.  Enjoy!


0 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Neil Young – Berkeley, CA (11/2/76)

  1. Could you explain what you mean? Did you download the show from the Megaupload link above? Are you able to play all the other songs? What precisely does it say when you try to play Cinnamon Girl?

  2. Oops… I meant to post this on another Neil Young show – Albany, NY 2010. When I uncompress the .rar file and open up the folder my computer requests an “archive password” for one or more songs. The same thing happened with the 1996 Winnepeg show. Thanks for posting these BTW – great shows!

  3. Weird, I don’t put any kind of password on my shows. I just downloaded it again on a separate computer and got no problem with it at all. On this show is it just Cinnamon Girl or does it do it on other songs?

    Let me ask you to download it again. Do both parts before you try to unzip. Keep the two files in the same folder and unzip it. This should put all the songs into one folder, uncompressed. Then try to load the MP3s into your music player of choice.

    If you are still getting the same error let me know and I’ll reup.

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