Allman Brothers Band – Syracuse, NY (07/17/89)

Allman Brothers Band
New York State Fairgrounds
Syracuse, NY

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Source: Aiwa mics (worn at headband) > Sanyo cassette recorder
Transfer: MC > ?????? > Audacity > WAV
Mastering: Wavelab 6.01 (x-fade tape flips, patch small glitches, tracking, fades) > FLAC > tagging

1. Don’t Want You No More >
2. It’s Not My Cross To Bear
3. Statesboro Blues
4. You Don’t Love Me
5. Please Call Home
6. Blue Sky
7. band introductions
8. Midnight Rider
9. I’m No Angel
10. Trouble No More
11. Blues Ain’t Nothin’
12. Duane’s Tune
13. Southbound
14. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
15. Done Somebody Wrong
16. One Way Out
17. Melissa
18. Just Before The Bullets Fly
19. Dreams
20. Jessica
21. Les Brers In A Minor >
22. drums >
23. bass >
24. Les Brers In A Minor
25. Whipping Post

I love this blog. For years now I’ve got to share great music with cool people. There are always tons of great conversations going on and many of you are way more knowledgeable than me so I’m constantly learning new information. From time to time various folks send me awesome shows to listen to and post. We’ve even had a few folks who’ve sent me so much stuff I just let them go ahead and share directly to the blog.

On a couple of occasions I’ve been lucky enough to get something rare – maybe a newly remastered show, or something only recently circulating, or something straight from a taper.

Today is one of those times. A few weeks back someone sent me a message saying he’d taped a bunch of shows many years ago and was looking for a place to share them. One of those shows was an Allman Brothers gig that he thought was both killer in performance and in the quality of his tape. Would I be interested in sharing it?

Of course I was. Due to my lousy internet and various other complications its taken us weeks to get everything in order, but here we are, mostly. The very last complication comes from the band. ABB is cool with tapers and traders, but they are kind of old school about it. Their official policy states that you can tape shows and share them, but only via pre-internet methods. They don’t want torrents, they don’t want digital downloads.

I have no idea why this is, my guess would be it has something to do with the anonymous nature of the internet and how grabbing something from a torrent doesn’t develop personal relationships like the old trading days did. Whatever the reason I’m planning to follow those rules and won’t be posting the show here.

However, if you would like a copy of the show send me an e-mail and we’ll work something out.

The show does sound amazingly good all things considered. The taper did a great job of capturing it. It is also a very excellent performance. I’m not a huge ABB fan, but the boys were smokin’ this night. As far as I can tell no one else taped this show that night, and until now its not been in circulation. I know the taper has given it to a couple of other folks recently to help with the mastering or whatever so they might have shared it, but it really does seem to be a rather rare treat.

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  1. Mat,

    I AM a huge ABB fan – hope we can work something out, maybe with the method we’ve used before (he says without wanting to be too specific!)
    Nice posts recently, haven’t even got to the Garcia bluegrass post yet, but i definitely will soon

    Take it easy

    ps I have seen many Allman posts pulled in recent years, I think that really they are just trying to slow down the release of stuff until they can pick out and release the stuff they want to cash in on. I see more and more ABB retrospective releases appearing all the time, not quite in ‘Dead’ proportions but then who has a ‘desk’ recorded archive like them

  2. Not particularly a fan myself — not that that has anything
    to do with anything — but I totally LOVE their philosophy on

    Are you 100% sure you can swap digital files though?
    Maybe you will have to send folks C90 tapes Ha Ha

  3. Hey now…
    I’m the taper & have a few comments to make. I’ll try to be brief but w/me…you don’t know what that’s asking… Umm, 1st I have to give props to Mat here, as the host of this here house of tuneage. And especially because he, w/a bunch of personal distractions happnin’, and a bunch of kind of technicalities, which slowed the whole thing down, eventually got it together to get the word posted here on this, in my less than humble opinion, great great show, which I was lucky enough to find my jaw dropped to the ground that evening 25 yrs ago. I wasn’t enough of a fan then to know that this was one of their 1st shows of a reunion after the better part of a 10 year hiatus. I only knew that I hadn’t heard of them playing anywhere in a very long time & that this was a very small concert gathering at a secondary, often free show, part of the fairgrounds & there was not alot of folks in attendance. I almost remember the sense that there was very few ppl at the start but as the boys got it going, it seemed like more peeps sauntered in. Once they were actually hearing this front & center, I guarantee you nobody left til it was over, if they had at least 1 working ear.. As the music progressed, the band sure got my full attention & I will never 4get bow amazed I was. Holy crap I thought, as I looked around to see if other ppl were also as blown away as I was, esp after all those yrs gone by (even 25 yrs ago). I think the answer to that question is fairly well captured on the tape of how the crowd was reacting to this performance. I have been around a long time & love music & especially the pioneers of classic rock & been to many shows & pretty much heard it all & during this recent process of me figuring out how to get this, only my 2nd full show transfer, under trying & working with not the best stuff….I would up listening to the show & individual songs, over & over quite a few times…. and I have absolutely no problem calling this show outstanding & in many parts, epic epic epic! And nobody could convince me otherwise. At least 2 songs I consider almost historic rock moments, performance wise & even tho my taping gear left alot to be desired, this was one of those magical nights where everything aligned right to produce the best tape sonically, I think I ever made. Did I mention epic? There are many arts many parts of this tape that to me, rivals & even betters some soundboards I’ve heard. Hard to believe but true & mandatory crankable! This show will rock the socks off of anyone who can still fog a mirror, period. See? I fully intended to be brief but I have no control whatsoever.

    I think there was only about 500 people there & this was a very small courtyard affair where I don’t think there was any seats or grass, just sort of in the driveway kind of place where you just stood there and listened. Not much of a stage do I remember nor very elevated. Just kinda a small informal gathering.

    A few minor clarifications. The mics were not some mics fastened to a headband, but we’re Aiwa, stereo, battery powered, electret condenser headphone mics. The mics were very tiny & factory built in to the headband, just in front of the ears, making the recordings I think, partially binaural. They were completely stealth & I recorded a bunch of shows during the 80’s & early 90’s. I was very dedicated to the task. So I got some interesting shows taped. I even once got busted at a bb king show, for taping (because I stupidly walked over to join some blatantly set up tapers & apparently bb wasn’t into tapers at all & the king entourage made a beeline directly from the stage, right for us who were taping, and kept demanding our tapes, which I handed over tapes, having no choice…and I still managed to get the whole show & never missed a note & I still have that tape plus a second tape, including the whole show, as well as James cotton blues band also. So hopefully, I’ll be coming back here w/more offerings. All my tapes I did are the raw masters & have never been heard by anyone, not even me in most cases. I put out so far, only 1 other show, 4 yrs ago, of U2 in early 83, a one-of-a-kind only existing recording. It’s on U2torrents & on dime. I was then working w/stone tools. I recently was able to somewhat upgrade my equipment & software which prompted & allowed me to produce my 2nd try ever, this ABB show. With the forum here & all the feedback & social interaction available here, instantaneously, I totally disagree w/the notion of B&P only, as supposedly being a good thing & more intimately. Balderdash! This needs to heard by as many as possible as soon as possible, after 25 yrs. I think there might be at least a sample available to hear. I’m not sure. I just got here for 1st time. Go Mat go! I wanna tell you something… Whippin post will blow your freaking minds. Then again, wtfdik?

    OK Jeff now shut up. Ok but please enjoy the sample & seek out the rest. (did I mention epic…? and flawless, virtuosic performance… I don’t care who you like, this is just damn good music kids!

    I’ll be back (if I’m not banned now) to read the commentary & if it goes well, to bring forth more tuna(ge). Oh, and the recorder was an early, like 81-ish small Walkman style, stereo recorder. I can’t remember the model #, but I still have the circuit board w/unbelievable micro smt technology. It was a Sharp, not a Sanyo. I have searched alot but cannot find info on it nor the headphone mics & would appreciate if anyone has pics or info on.

    Jeff S

  4. A huge thanks go to Jeff for this show. I know it was a huge amount of work getting it all together to sound great and in losslesss digital form. It really is a stellar show and recording.

    Also I wanted to add that anybody who e-mails me about wanting the show will get it for free with minimal hassles. I won’t even ask for blanks or postage. I also welcome you to share it far and wide but to uphold the bands policy, more or less.

    • HI Matt

      Longtime ABB fan . Would live to get a copy of this ’89 Reunion Tour performance. I don’t have any shows from ’89 which include ABB versions of Gregg’s I’m No Angel and Dickey’s Duane’s Tune. I’m old school and can send you blank CDR’s. Peter at

      Thank you


  5. Cheers Jeff, thanks very much for all your efforts. there is something on page 7 of G101 you should probably have a look at. You’ll know it when you see it. Don’t want to say any more than that as we are all staying ‘on message’.

    Thanks again

  6. Sorry meant to say – i’d love to hear any more recordings you have especially any blues recordings. Don’t understand BB’s attitude, I mean there are more BB FM recordings knocking around from all eras than you can ahake a stick at!

    I really appreciate the skill and dedication of tapers who catch these epic long shows in their entirety with older era analogue eqipmment. I mean we’re talking skill, stealth, forward planning (spare batteries and mics) and plenty of dedication. Big respect for pulling it off, the unidentified hero who captured the Van show in Dublin is another good example – it’s no easy feat to catch a 3 hour show in these circumstances.

    Thanks again

  7. @dylan…thx…I’m at a loss re: pg7 g101? Huh? Thx for your sentiments. What you say is true in general. In my case, you could never believe if I told you, what I actually went thru to capture these moments… and… as well, what I went thru to finally get this brought to the table for y’all. I want to say: likely peeps have various reasons for taping & posting. From my initial 1st time purchase (in 79 or 80) of a recorder & then the efforts at taping, the ONLY thought ever in my mind was the joy of sharing if I got lucky enuff to get any decent stuff recorded…and to have for myself to register to the events I attended. No other reasons. But because of never being able to afford good pro equip. & all the difficulties of recording stealthily & it only used 2xAA (rechargeable so lower voltage also & usually hot summer show envirinment), etc etc…followed by years of a curse on all cassette decks, which kept breaking and/or a string of bad or poor spkrs/headphones, etc etc… so that I hardly ever listened to any of the tapes nor was able to do anything digitally transferring or upping. And the taped went thru fires & floods & all sorts of issues. And many yrs ago I tried to make a deal w/a small local recording studio, to get the tapes professionally remastered but b4 it had end, the studio all of a sudden had an up & coming artist in their midst & so the tape project totally fell by the wayside. And after that, any time I tried to listen to any of it, there was always some problem & so the box of tapes basically just sat for all these yrs. The 4-27-83 U2 show was the 1st time I got a tape digitized & w/help of a u2 fanatic, got it upped to U2T & dime. It had an amazing response there then & it made me pretty happy as no other recording existed & it was from the time they were just on the edge of going big. I had horrible joke of hardware/software but it was hugely well rcvd. Things got bad after that & all the stone tools I was working with basically died & so continuing this project was not possible until recently, especially Thx to goodwill store (haha), and generosity of some to help me out with other stuff, I finally put together this ABB show. I did not know it was as amazing as it really is, until I obtained the old Technics m224 tape deck & a cheap set of old computer headset. I also got some help from a member of etree.db to get it tracked out better than I was able to do & fix the sbe’s, and a few fades. Bottom line: I can’t wait to hear someone here reporting that they enjoy this & wait…haha… just you wait…until you experience the whippin post….. O M G !! by the way, I have heard/seen reference to this show, but so far have not been able to locate an actual recording…?? 3 HOURS KILLER KILLER KILLER

  8. @dylan/dave

    Had not a clue about us clue but I guess I’ve been around some of these sites just barely enough 2 hav maybe figured out ur reference… not sure… and almost missed… but just caught it as I was about 2 leave the pg thinking I must be in wrong place. Weirdly, I almost don’t wanna check out any other shows from that general era, as I currently have the mindset that none could possibly top what I just sent in your guys direction…. least not til some folks get it & listen & review… but thx… by the way, that was about 4 or 5 yrs newer also…if this goes well, I have 1 more I taped from 92 but can’t hold a candle to this one..


  9. I wanted to ad… not sure who is responsible for the artwork posted w/the show listing… I guess it must be you Mat…and small clarification for what it’s worth… the show was within the nys fairgrounds but was not a new York state fair show per se. If memory serves, the fair normally ran from late August – early Sept. There is a grandstand there for the big fair acts, during the fair & I can’t seem to remember if there also was show at the grandstand at other times besides fair time. Anyway, on the grounds, is a real small concert location that back then was known a “Miller court”, I guess a corporate paid adoptive name. The original name of the spot went by another name I can’t remember at the moment, and currently, I think it’s known as Coca-Cola court or something like that. The way I remember was during fair time, there was a big name act at the grandstand & a free concert, often not as big a name or maybe more local band. I think there was also paid concerts at the courtyard, not at fair time & usually small & cheap ticket. I think that’s what this show was, being in mid July. So it was at Miller court at the state fairgrounds & pretty sure no seating.

  10. Wasn’t me on the artwork. I just did a google image search and found it. No idea who actually created it.

  11. Been several days now, no? Has anyone at least listened to the sample not my cross 2 bear? Feedback is what I needback…

  12. Didn’t want to reply too soon but the postman arrived and feedback is all good! Very nice AUD capture, lots of presence and vocal is recorded really well with abs no distortion. Vocals are often the biggest issue with AUD recs. Haven’t been able to listen to all but ‘dipped in’ in a few places and great to hear Midnight Rider done with the guts and attitude it deserves. For some reason the Allmans often play this track in a very laid back understated style. I mean how can you tone down such a riff and a groove like that?!

    As for the recording – well it’s further proof (if needed) that having hundreds of dollars worth of prof kit is not the most important factor in getting a great capture.

    IMHO most important factors in descending order

    Acoustics of venue and PA
    location of taper (find a sweet spot)
    getting the rec levels correct and keeping a stable soundstage

    I listen to some great AUD recs from decades ago made with eqiuipment that can’t compare with stuff you can buy for $100-150 today. Basically the guys who made the recs knew what they were doing.

    This is another example of an EX rec well made and sounds like a great white hot gig too!
    Lokking forward to listening to the rest later in the ‘wee wee hours’ with some suitable lubrication!

    Cheers Jeff, really good job and ex Allmans gig too

  13. Thankyou Dylan Dave.. You nailed it.. Every point that I’ve had in my head & just looking for some outside validation of the same ideas. All I ask is that you find some special uninterrupted focused time & good n loud spkrs or phones to listen to whippin. Regardless of how biased o might be I’m convinced it very special.

    How sweet (spot) it is (was)

  14. Jeff, Don’t worry I’ll have the Bose ‘cans’ on later and the volume up to a proper concert level, looking forward to it!

  15. LOL… (I hope he remembers to fasten his seat belt 1st…hehe)

    As to crank to “concert levels”… somehow it seems that the distortion & hiss is so low on this, that you should indeed be able to do that… oh, and as far as my asking you to try to find an undistracted listening time… nevermind, I 4got..not necessary…as whatever else you might be doing at the time…. will simply fade to black…..

  16. I would love to get a copy of the ABB ’89 Syracuse show. I’ve got some of the live stuff, mainly from early to mid 70’s that I would be more than willing to share.
    Thanks for your offer and for sharing the music.

  17. “Oh… and Greg, if you or any of the boys are out there checkin this blog out, listen: you see how much feedback & social interaction & discourse is happening here & how this is unfolding…?? Well, ya can’t really characterize it as wham bam, non-intimate downloading that loses the old school feel. Thus is legit sharing of opinions & evaluations & here for all to see & hear, w/o having to go to the old days tedious type of snail mail sharing..

  18. Dang I wish there was some way to edit..

    My note above to Greg or anyone connected should’ve had the signature at the bottom reading:

    *the preceeding content was brought to you by the “Peace of my mind Foundation”. Give generously!

  19. Surprised & disappointing to not hear any more feedback. Wonder why? Well, Dylan Dave, that makes your great review be all the more appreciated! Have only one or 2 ppl checked it out?

  20. Jeff,

    there doesn’t seem to be much of an Allmans following here. Surprising since there are plenty of Dead followers around. I can’t really understand how anyone can like one without the other really, aside from all their other obvious qualities, surely the two greatest ‘jam’ bands of all time.

    Just like to say I thoroughly enjoyed my ‘Midnight Ride’ with this one, in particular the guitar interplay in ‘Dreams’. This period is the second classic guitar period of the Allmans following the Duane era (obviously) and before the Derek Trucks/Warren Haynes partnership. All great players but IMHO I actually think the Betts/Haynes combo mashes it up even more than the Trucks/Haynes partnership. Splitting hairs really and Duane is untouchable (obviously) , but it’s just the way they complement each other.

    Thanks again – hope we get to hear some of that blues someday

  21. Thanx again for yet another great post w/all the spot on commentary along w/the appropriate level of enthusiasm…

    1st, how right you are in pointing up the simple fact they join the dead as possibly the 2 greatest jam bands to grace our temple’s of syrinx…altho I would have to include at the same level, easily, Santana of the 60’s/70’s who also delivered sizzling white hot, impeccably unreal, virtuosic performances. For ex, you listen to their performance at Woodstock, so hot & so rich & tight & then you hear Carlos say that he was so high on acid that he doesn’t even know how he went on. Or listen to “a night at the family dog” (Santana, dead, airplane), a video movie (anyone not aware of it needs to stop their life, get it & watch it, if they think they can consider their life complete), which epitomizes the jam band experience (whew!).

    But I have to interrupt myself here to say this… During the month long process it took me to produce this (along w/the invaluable help from Mat & Mark Goldey from db.etree), I listened to the tunes quit a few times & even tho I dont have the best listening gear here, I know this show was exceptionally good, especially certain parts. Before that process I only had a much less than sure take on how good it is (for all those yrs).

    Anyway, with all the playing the same songs over & over so many times (for various reasons), I noticed I never “built up a tolerance” to, or felt I heard any dilution of how utterly great his show is overall. Then, during the last several weeks, I didn’t listen to any of it. I had occasion to listen again a little while ago, because I was testing a re-downloaded file set, due to a couple flaws I encountered which may or may not be be actually on the ‘tape’ that’s available here (a dating error & a disc 3 burn error – – which if anyone else winds up running into, I have to new, “fixed” file set available if needed).

    So I cued up whippin post…again… one more time… and once again it grabbed hold of me & took me on the same journey as all the other listens… except everytime I listen, it just gets better & more unbelievable to hear it..

    I will fully admit that while I always loved the band & their songs from day one, that I was never fanatical about them. Similarly to the dead, who before some ppl stuffed me onto the bus (literally) and I then began going to many shows, I didn’t know what a magical jam band they were (or what I had missed b4 the shows). And I didn’t know how epic a jam ABB was until that day they took the stage for this performance (which wowed me to the core & I’ll never 4get the performance). I also further fully admit that since I discovered how great they were on this tape, that I have not gone too far out of my way to listen to some of their other live shows available, from this tour or any other for that matter. So undoubtedly, it could be said, that being the case, that my listening opinion is naturally all biased & skewed, by not having provided myself w/a fair dose of comparative material, to be equipped to to make such a judgement..

    Well, having just listened again… I say: “that’s ok”, no problem w/me reiterating…. the whippin post here is one of the hottest performances (of anything) I have ever heard. 16 minutes in the center of the sun. And at least twice during the performance, you are led to believe they are winding down a white hot play to a moving ending, as it sounds as coin as can be, that the end is within a couple seconds, only to quite masterfully pick up the pieces and pull it together again & then reach new heights, that now prove they had only just begun, when you thought they were about to end the song.

    So I challenge, on one hand, anyone to show me a performance of Whipping Post that can even just equal this one, from any time, but on the other hand, I don’t think or can’t see, how that is possible.. The build ups…the crescendos, the tempo, the energy, the absolute tight perfection, the balance, the sound mix, the vocals, every single note, word & beat clearly heard, a great baseline ….a musical composition that has it ALL… and leaves nothing to be desired… truly in every sense of the word, an epic performance….not just reserved for the jam band goer, but for any music lover period….

    ….and not a single comment of feedback, after its been available here for a week or 2 ….??? is unfathomable by me. Oh, and if I’m simply crazy enuff to have said all above delusionally…ahem…then nothing I said can be held against me, lol!

    Put it this way… If Greg Allman gave me the choice to do 30 days in jail, in exchange for his permission to post even just this track, I would do the 30.

  22. I’ve only posted 1-2 Allman shows on this site so anybody looking for their boots would wind up elsewhere. Whereas I’ve posted hundreds of Dylan and Van shows so I have lots of their fans coming here.

    Although I do post a lot of Grateful Dead here and you would think that Deadheads would also be fans of the Allmans. Course I love the Dead and have never really cared for ABB. I recognize they’ve got mad chops and they can certainly lay down the jams, but for whatever reason I’ve just never really gotten into them.

  23. Thx for trying to make some sense out of it Mat. You know, I can’t even remember now what steered me here initially. But when did come here I didn’t realize there was such a polarization towards those 2 bands or whatever the case may be. I don’t see much with the handset & the browser I’m using. All I see is the recent posts & the recent comments, in terms of the music sharing. Seemed like that 1st day or 2, when you posted the listing, that there was at least a handful of ppl who sounded like they were eager to get, but except for dylan/Dave, none of them ever said another word (apologies if I missed someone else who did). I simply figured a show of such sound quality (for a non pro aud) such well performed hot rock & roll, that is was a forgone conclusion to be well rcvd, just by way of a couple listens to it. I’m very surprised. It’s actually disappointing.

    Well anyway, I had just been waiting to see it hopefully take off & was getting ready to see what else I might want to bring here, from the shows I taped which have never seen the light of day. But 1) it would be hard to top it & 2) if music that is that universally good isn’t much in demand or even considered much of a listen or a grab, then I’m now thinking that most if not all of what else I might have, isn’t worth the trouble…??

    You mentioned Dylan & Morrison. I never went to any Morrison shows. I went to the summer alpine Valley shows in 86, 87, 88. I can’t remember if Dylan was there only in 87 or if also 86. I remember walking up to a snow fence b4 the place was open when I arrived there the 1st time & peeking thru & seeing Dylan rehearsing. I also remember (I’m pretty sure..) that at the very beginning of these shows, the dead opening for Dylan & that didn’t last too long b4 it was the other way around. But that makes me think maybe that was 86 & then in 87 the Dylan & Dead collaboration. I know I had one hell of a blast at those shows. Boy could I tell y’all stories…

    In any event, I taped many if not all of those shows, but conditions were not good at all for me in terms of taping & so I’m sure that there’s tons of dats & soundbrds of every one of those shows, thus I don’t think there’s any value to what I have. The only value I can think of for my crappy Dylan & Dylan w/dead tapes might be if someone is missing something or needs a filler or whatever.

    I’m gonna go dig a few of them out & give a quick listen, but I think they are disappointing. If anyone has any interest in a particular one of those shows I’ll be happy to look if I have. I also went to many of the other shows on those legs of the dead summer tours for those 3 yrs I think. There was 2 or 3 Ohio venues, and the opening was in Minnesota & I think Hershey, new York, Maine, kinda fuzzy. If anyone here went to those shows & remembers seeing the magic jumping discs w/the steal your face on them, they were mine, or the fake album of the “Elvis is live” album where I removed Elvis’ head off his body & put Jerry’s head on & then changed the name of the album to “Elvis is Dead”.

    At the end of a week long stay at alpine Valley shows in 86, I was sitting there by my tent getting ready to go & I looked down & under my legs, I don’t know where it came from or how it got there, but there was a cassette tape lying there & I picked it up & all it said was “Legion of Mary”, which at that point, I had never heard of.. It had some really cool songs by Jerry (and merl) on it & good quality. For a while I thought I found some obscure rare & special Jerry tape but eventually learned not really. I still have the tape & it’s real good. Yrs later, maybe on dime or something, I think I found many excellent lom recordings & I think I figured out by matching up the set list, which particular show it was, but I’m not sure if I marked it on the tape or not.

    Oh, I also have the Petty shows from that one year w/Dylan & dead.

  24. I just spent some time digging thru tape boxes & some real dusty tapes, searching for Dylan. I pulled about 10 tapes out. Am currently listening to (prolly for the 1st time in 27 yrs) the dead backing Dylan at Giants stadium, 7.12.87. It’s not the quality of the ABB tape, but so far quite listenable, above avg aud tape. (you can hear every word Dylan sings, if you know how to get past that slurring, syizzurp sounding drawl. Set list is: slow train coming, stuck inside of mobile, tomorrow is such a long time, Highway 61 revisited, baby blue, ballad of a thin man, John brown, wicked messenger, queen Jane approximately, chimes of freedom, Joey, all along the watchtower, times they are a changin, touch of Grey, knockin on heavens door.

    Real laid back sounding…

  25. Jeff,

    The Giants Stadium gig is available as SBD ( Bob’s set anyway plus Touch of Grey in the encores)

    You can actually watch all 3 hours plus here

    Mat, must get around to posting those 6 Dylan/Dead shows here in lossless. Most are SBD – i Have all the Bob sets and a few of the Dead sets too – sorry just the Philadelphia (10 July) for the dead set

    Seems a really natural thing for this blog – maybe you will be able to fill in the gaps with the Dead sets. These shows have alsways been very fragmented as most of the Bob boots are just his set. Also the circulating SBDs tend to nly include the Dead tracks from the final encores.

    Hang in there Jeff, only history and the passing of time determines which recordings end up being essential and indispensable. If you record 20 and one or two end up in that category you have done a great service, like many other tapers whose efforts we all have to be very grateful for.

  26. Thanks for sharing your memories Jeff. You know of course that I’d love to have anything you recorded whenever you can get it ready. I’d love to see if I can get a better response to something else around here.

    There is a reason that I post so many Dylan and Van and Dead shows around here. I mean I do love those artists and I own a ton of their shows. But really its about my bad internet. The crap speeds I’ve gotten for the last year and a half or so have kept me from being able to download very much and torrenting has been nearly impossible. Thus I’ve mostly relied on my back catalog of shows – which consists mostly of the Holy Trinity as I’ve come to call them.

    Soon, my friends, soon I shall have fast internet again and will be downloading tons of new stuff. I hope to diversify my posting a lot more (though I’ll continue posting the Trinity regularly.)

    If ABBs policy wasn’t so wonky I’d probably do a lot more of them.

  27. Mat,

    the more I think about it, the more I’m into the idea of trying to ‘sort out’ those Dylan Dead shows in a series of ‘definitive’ posts. I mean I have best source masters for all of the Bob stuff. Presumably you can identify and obtain the complete setlists for the shows and the best sources for the Dead stuff.

    It’s weird that nobody has ever done it before, but i think it would be a great exclusive and ‘first’ for M Cafe. Also it’s two of the trinity so i don’t suppose anybody would mind if you just posted them back to back for a while. After all there are only 6 gigs plus the rehearsals , these have been compiled properly and widely distributed so we could just skip them anyway.

    There is not as much crossover between the Dead followers and Bob’s as you might expect, maybe this is why the filesets have always been so split and fragmented. I know it took me ages to find all the Bob sets in best quality and I still only have the Philadelphia set for the Dead.

    I think this should be done sometime by someone, and we could be just the people for the job!

    Just something to ponder on

  28. That sounds fun Dave. I definitely have access to the Dead sets. I’ll have to spend some time figuring which sources are the best quality but thats time well spent.

    Lets put it on hold until I get good internet. Our move in date is August 5 so it should be soon.

  29. Jeff –
    I wouldn’t take it personally, it’s the nature of the internet, people
    rarely say thanks (in proportion to what gets offered). NB, the need
    of that last caveat.

    We’re all so spoiled and ungrateful !!

    Witness the following:-

    I love the Dead / I love Dylan – I hope to god I never have to hear the
    two together! I really have taken a vow. I don’t want to know, Ha Ha….

    Quantum physicists will have a term for it, like ultraAntiMatter… things so good,
    put them together and you get…. ?? er, crap

    So any Dylan/Dead posts will be totally ignored by me.

    Another man gathers
    What another man spills

    Rock on,
    and thanks for everything else.

  30. Oh yes, I was assuming you would want to grab the Dylan sets from me anyway, and then it will be upto you to collate,sort and post when you are able.

    I’ve been waiting (and expecting) for somebody to do this for about 10 years so I can’t imagine anybody will get to it in July.
    Weirdly enough some of my Bob sets actually came from the old Dead FTP/HTTP hub called ‘Darkstar’ I seem to recall. I got them as SHN around 2001/2002 and burnt them to CD. Storage was expensive back then.

    Fairly recently I ripped those CDs to WAV and then converted ’em to FLAC for my archives.

    In several cases they have not been surpassed in sound quality by subsequent releases I’ve managed to grab, any lineage data I may originally have had has long gone however.

    For the Philly show I got a dl (from T.U.B.E. I think) which is the entire show.

    ps spent far too much time this morning watching that youtube of the Giants Stadium gig. That’s the trouble with the Dead, they draw you in and time loses all meaning!

  31. “ps spent far too much time this morning watching that youtube of the Giants Stadium gig. That’s the trouble with the Dead, they draw you in and time loses all meaning!”
    … boy, wasn’t THAT ever the truth, profoundly so.

  32. I have to ask you guys something b4 I 4get…bill Graham hosted & promoted almost all (if not all) of the early Jefferson airplane shows at the fillmore & his other venues there in calif. All those 65(?), 66, 67, 68 shows…and they were amazing recordings. My question is: are those shows (all soundboards) easily or widely available? There a real good reason I ask this question…

  33. @Tony..

    “Jeff –
    I wouldn’t take it personally, it’s the nature of the internet, people
    rarely say thanks (in proportion to what gets offered). NB, the need
    of that last caveat.
    We’re all so spoiled and ungrateful !!”
    Thanks & yes I took note….but… let me say this about that..
    This is my 2nd foray into upping 1 of my captures of old. The 1st one, 4 yrs ago, was a pretty good catch, but it was/is no where near the sonic quality of this ABB show. It also did not stand out, for the most part, as so much way better than the rest of the surrounding shows of that tour, as I personally think this ABB show does. Admittedly, I have not done much in the way of actual comparisons, to the surrounding ABB shows from that tour, but I simply believe there’s no way they couldve played like that at many, if any, of the other shows. I could be wrong about that, and I’d be happy (well, not really happy..) to be pointed in the direction of any shows they did that could just equal this one. Forget about topping it, that is beyond the laws of nature (esp when it comes to WP). actually there is/was some very special aspects about the u2 show, 1 in particular, a “storybook” side story, which I’d love to tell somebody about, as the side story is so good & unbelievable, that it conceivably could warrant it’s own book or movie…seriously… but I digress. The thing of it is, that it’s main claim to fame (the u2 show) lies in the fact that I was the only taper of the show & the u2 fans are true fanatics & many of them couldn’t believe I pulled that out of the hat, a new master, never before heard, 27 yrs later.

    Consequently, and above said, oh & by the way, I had very little idea of what I was going making that 1st ever transfer & was working w/stone tools to the degree that if you actually knew what I was working with, you wouldn’t believe I was even able to make it & get it upped……and the recording itself, as well as the transfer was fought with negative issues. But the point that is (I’m getting there…), that it was a sensation & extremely well received & it was a satisfying experience for me. Almost instantly, there were hundreds of thankyou’s as well as a significant number of commentaries written, all positive. It went on, in a relatively short amt of time, to garner near 500 downloads. And that was only on also was upped to dime & did similarly well there w/near another 200 downloads there (if memory serves right). Plus, since I acquired a whole new, and much improved setup (which is what allowed & enabled me to do the ABB show), so I decided to remaster or remake the u3 show, esp since back then I had promised the listeners that I would strive to make a future remaster or upgrade to the show. So I did so, and it also did pretty well (very recently) with at least another hundred or so new thankyou’s & close to another couple hundred downloads. That was cool & that was fun & that was satisfying…

    Granted, those were 2 mega sites & obviously this site is not as big as far as I know, but still, I only know of 1 download. There may’ve been more but I heard/saw no indication of. Nor did 1person acknowledge even listening to the sample (which I thought was a great idea).

    In this case, I figured that the quality of the recording, coupled with the quality if the performance, as well as my belief that the music is good enuff, in general, so as to have the ability to cut across a wider audience of music lovers..

    So Tony, no, I won’t take it personally, in fact I cannot, due to my belief, knowing…that the show is blow away… but I thought I would explain why I had much bigger expectations & try to validate them. I do think it a shame if a show such as this one, is not going to get a listening audience & the ensuing enjoyment it has no choice but to offer to anyone w/an ear.

    Thanks so much to Mat & whoever reads the commentaries, for providing me the space to sound off & to get decent responses from some great ppl here.

    While I’m not sure I should, I apologize for the long-windedness. I don’t seem to possess the abilities to say what I wanna say, in a more compact way. It just happens. Oh & Tony…while there may be some element of truth to what you said about the “spoiled & ungrateful” element, that thought never entered my mind here, in this situation, and I don’t mind saying that from what I’ve read here so far, of all the commentaries posted here, I think I can recognize here an unmistakable, higher level of attitude & treatment & fairness, than in many other blogs. So while I’m at a big loss to explain the lack of interest, I don’t think it has anything much to do w/spoiled ppl.

  34. I am sorry Jeff that the show hasn’t gotten the love it deserves. The sample has been downloaded 45 times and I’ve received about 15 requests from folks wanting copies.

    I’m quite sure if we could put this up on a torrent site you’d get many more downloads and lots of love. But with the bands policy that won’t happen.

    I would say on average my shows usually get a little over 100 downloads but that includes MP3s with the FLACs. Non Dylan/Van/Dead shows usually get significantly less downloads. Really cool or rare shows can get many hundred more with some reaching well over a thousand.

    As mentioned I rarely post ABB shows which means people looking for their shows don’t wind up here very often.

    I have posted this show to a few other places like Reddit and Guitars101 and garnered a few people interested. One of the biggest problems I think is that I can’t just post links but people have to request to be sent the show and people just don’t have the patience for that. I suspect that turns a lot of people off or they just don’t get around to sending a message since there is so much other stuff to download.

    I found an ABB board that I’ll try to post to soon. I need to look around the site first to make sure I’m not breaking any rules first.

    Anyways I really do appreciate you sending me the show. Unfortunately with the bands rules its made it really difficult to share. I hope that doesn’t turn you off of sharing other shows you’ve taped over the years. Either with me or anywhere. Music needs to be shared.

  35. Wait a minute… before I read the rest of your comment (I only read 1st couple lines..) PLEASE DO NOT APOLOGIZE… You are the enabler here & you have gone way above the call, to give it it’s chance in all sorts of ways…so don’t embarrass me w/apology. You da man here!

  36. Thanx Mat I really do understand everything you’ve gone out of your way to explain. I accept the limitations stated. I’ve had my say & my rants & I don’t want to sound like I’m bitching about it. Yes it’s disappointing but such is life. The only thing I don’t really interstand here…you went with my idea & request to post the sample tune. I was positive beyond doubt that it was a tasty enough offering, easily taken, to entice the want for more, forthwith! I thought it would go viral. I was wrong. At least now I know it had some takers & I hope they enjoyed it even a tenth of how much I do. Did any of those peeps make a private, email comment or review?

  37. Hey Greg……ol buddy ol boy…. whadya say you let us post this show….. C’mon!!… for old times sake…. OR, if not, ok so let’s make a deal man, this is good nuff for an album!!

    haha haha bwa haha

  38. … no, I’m not gonna allow myself to be turned off to more sharing…you & the rest here are too nice about it all. Anyone who can put up w/me, is worth keep on keepin’ on…

    Well, with the Holy trinity in mind & since nine of my Dylan stuff will be needed I don’t think, then I don’t know what to work on next. I’m skeered… Would anyone be interested in a (here I go again..) “virtuosic” performance of some old acid heads, vanilla fudge, in their 1987 reunion in Rochester NY? 1st time on stage there in 16 yrs & oh my… what a performance! Also, on a dead related note, I have an amazingly good sounding tape I did of Merl Saunders’ “the rainforest band” at the “haunt” (I think that was also Rochester?) in 91, one of, of not the, last tapes I recorded. It’s unusual music some of it & some is reminiscent of his stint w/Jerry in the Legion of Mary. I have that Legion of Mary show also that appeared like magic at alpine. I have 1 or 2 “go ahead” shows featuring Brent. I have some acoustic c,s,n & y from the most unbelievable venue I had ever seen (and I was so dosed, they had to take me by the arm & lead me into the show, because the lobby, which was completely restored, looked like pure gold most intricately carved every sq inch.. The LANDMARK theatre, in Syracuse. They almost tore it down for urban renewal, but ppl would not allow & fought & petitioned & it was saved as a federal historic landmark. So amazing, my friend had to literally assist me to leave the lobby where all the gold motif carving is & in to see (and tape) the show.

  39. Jeff,

    Do I recall correctly that you had some James Cotton? or BB King? There has been some great blues posted on this blog in the past.

    There are never enough blues posts generally, and all previously uncirculated masters are the most interesting posts of all. Irrespective of the source (AUD/FM/SBD) or whether other masters are already in circulation.

  40. ” never enough”… is perhaps why it’s called the blues..

    I didn’t miss or 4get your call for some blues. I was thinking yest of mentioning to you the SRV show I taped in the mid 80s, but I hesitated because I think it’s pretty rough sonically. Sometimes it hard to get close to the spkrs & away from the crowd. On the other hand, hard to ask for more “bluesy” than him. I recall there’s a voodoo child on it. I also remember being pissed off it’s not “up front” enough & is quite typical of so many aud tapes (in contrast to the almost soundboard quality, imho, of the ABB show. Anything after that… is almost embarrassing., nevertheless, I have it & I guess I can say that when it comes to SRV, there’s gonna at least be some moments, maybe even quite a few, where his absolute command of the blues & the guitar, is enough to supercede or overcome the shortfalls of the tape, to make it “worth it”, worth sort of filtering out the noise and/or the lack of presence. The ABB show set the bar so high, I feel the need now to disclose the not so great ones.

    Let’s see…. lemme find the tape…

    Ok… Its Stevie at longbranch Park (what a beautiful place) in Syracuse NY, 5.25.86. In a minute I’ll pop it in the deck for a fresh listen to tell you how good or bad it is sonically.

    But b4 I forget, I also have a Johnny winter @ the warehouse in Rochester NY, 3.24.89. I believe it also has its sound issues, but being that it was inside some bar, I’m guessing the problem is too much noisy crowd. I’ll give that a recheck also in a few the.

    Now, the bb king/James cotton show is, at least at times, very good sound. I’ve always been so proud of the fact that I got busted for taping there (only bcuz I dumbly decided to go stand by those 2 tapers w/mic stands) but still managed to continue taping & got the entire show & I think all of James cotton too. They play together on this as well. BB’s vocals & guitar is pretty well “up front” on this. (somewhere on that tape, it’s possible/probable, to hear some of me getting busted, while never missing a beat). It’s also at longbranch Park, 6.22.86

    Ok, i just popped in the BB… Randomly, it was BB inviting James cotton up to the stage w/him, to sing “rock me baby”. It’s crystal clear & quite “up front” to the PA sound. You can hear at that point tho, the sound guys struggling w/a rash of feedback (maybe due to fact of outside and the wind. This is a very good tape overall. Definitely a “don’t miss” if it’s not available as a sbrd. 2 tapes.

    Johnny winter: very confusing… Now I see the problem, the sound & the miking are excellent, apparently batteries or tape deck problem. Not sure what the hell is going on… I popped the tape in on side A somewhere in the middle. The wow & flutter is very bad. I flipped it to side b & now I hear NO wow & flutter, but now it’s nowhere as “up front” in the mics. Hard to explain THAT? so then I went back to side a and rewound to beginning. It opens to awesome sounding & blazing guitar & then goes into next song & is near perfect except about 2 very short hints at what is to come w/the battery or tape transport issue. Then it goes into “rock me mama” & plays near perfect for several minutes & then off & on, you can hear the wow & flutter problem intermittently work it’s way in, still rarely tho. Those 2 songs alone, are good enuff sonically & performance wise, to make this type worth hearing & having. The 3rd song is the same… 95% perfect. It’s a strange phenomena but JW is simply smoking. What a shame this issue is present. Otherwise it would be a killer tape. I’m gonna keep listening… Going into 4th song now & so far the w&f has been very minimal.. Then, when he is playing some slow blues number, which is so hot your head could fall off, it’s gets bad for a while but recovers again & then it’s just downhill from there. Such a shame.. But I fast forwarded several times from there & still found long pieces sounding good w/little to no w&f. Near the end of side a, it was sounding perfect again! Very surprising recovery. So side a has some intermittent issues w/this, but overall, is AMAZING GOOD! flip to side b, sounds perfect.. halfway thru side b, near perfect…still checking, very minimal drag here & there can be detected, but not bad at all.. Vocals not as up front as b4 (maybe I moved position?). Got thru whole tape. To my great surprise & delight, it turns out that what sounded as tho it would quickly become disastrous, could not have been low batteries & must’ve been some other transport issue. I only heard one real bad part & the rest was 90-95% great. DEFINITELY a keeper..

    Now listening to SRV. Crystal clear but somewhat distant & suffers from a lack of low end. Somewhat tinny, but damn… listen to Stevie (listening to voodoo Child..). Lot of crowd noise but not that bad when Stevie is playing. Sound issues vs Stevie? Stevie wins (unless a better source is available).

    Incidentally, have you ever heard of “the lost album”? I think it’s like ’78 double trouble, singing along w/some woman, at a barbecue, super high quality & performance. I have a file somewhere.

    Lemme know how to proceed..

  41. Note: I just checked my laptop hdd to see if that ’78 double trouble thing was on it & I saw a srv show, same date same venue as my show listed above… I thought – – that can’t be possible, cuz I never did any transfers besides the u2 & abb shows… hmmm… then I noticed the url…its the same show, done by another taper & posted on sugarmegs. It’s not as complete as mine (only 55 min) and mine is easily twice as good sounding. It sounds like the sugarmegs boots is 60 percent noise/40 percent srv. I played mine side by side & it sounds like mine is 75-80 percent srv/20-25 percent noise. There is however, a couple of nasty from outs on mine, on the opening tune (I think it’s called “soul to soul”). The 1st one sounds like the pause or off button accidently got pushed?? The 2nd one is a complete mic disconnect. It sounds like the mic line was pulled out & then then plugged back in…maybe gaining a better connection, or that mics were changed out or something… but as soon as the sound comes back on, it’s a hundred percent better….??

  42. Jeff,

    I checked the dates against my reasonably extensive SRV and Johnny Winter archives and both dates are new to me. Definitely be value in sharing anyway. For both these artists there are good people out there who care enough to remaster/merge/patch these things up once they are in circulation.

    I’m not claiming to have definitive listings for either artist, but i’ve cleaned out several blogs over the years and merged some fairly extensive collections to produce mine. You would of course have to do some proper web research to be certain (or at least check the torrent trackers).

    Can’t check the BB date at the moment, my BB archives are currently split over many drives but essential i would imagine!

    ps have you tried the tapes in another deck, i’ve always found that tape issues vary from deck to deck in playback. It’s all to do with the tape head alignment and the tensions applied by the motors affecting the playback speed. as a general rule i always fast forward and rewind the tapes thru several times before I attempt a transfer, especially when they have sat unplayed for many years. This tends to give a more steady playback speed.

  43. I was informed that many, if not most, shows online are listed with db.etree. I don’t know if that is indeed true as I have not really checked much there yet. But I guess that is the idea of what the folks there attempt to accomplish. I was told there are dual listings, depending on where the material is w/regard to its “trade friendly” status, but that the idea was to list all shows that exist, I think. I was told for instance that my ABB show was listed & given a ID #, but was told that my u2 show did not have an ID # due to some supposed trading limitation policy. I have been trying to show him that as far as I know, there is no such trading limitation for u2.

    Anyway, I thought all one had to do was Google any show. I did so for the srv show & the 1st result was a listing on G101. That listing also has a download link, but you have to join stuff to get thru to it, if it really exists? Maybe you could check that out & see if you can determine if there really is a file. The download on G101 we for a .rar file and was only about a little over a hundred mb??

    I would like to know if there really is a boot there, so if so, maybe I could determine if it is better quality than mine.

  44. Jeff my official response to what you should give me next is ANYTHING YOU WANT. I’m just excited that you are sharing.

    I did a little searching on Etree for the shows you listed. I found them all but the BB King one. Can’t compare sources of course or setlists, but I did not that very few people have the shows listed.

    The SRV show on Guitars seems to be legit. I haven’t downloaded it because of my internet issues but the poster is a regular over there and I imagine if he was posting crap he’d be booted pretty quick. The file size is so small because its an MP3. The link is very old so it may not even exist anymore but you can certainly try.

    Anyways it looks to be a pretty rare show so I’m sure alternative recordings are welcome.

  45. I also just tried to Google the other 2 shows (Johnny winter & bb) & did not come up w/any such listings for those shows. I would not be surprised if there was another source for the srv show since it was outdoors & a sizeable gathering. I’d really appreciate if someone can check out if that listing for a downloadable show is real & if so, what kind of quality. It’s tough to do all this from my old phone which is all I have for internet.


  46. You are quite correct & wise to suggest trying different decks w/regard to my report of the wow & flutter issue on the Johnny winter tape. Ironically, not only have I had a “tape deck” curse going on for many years now, but on the Sony desktop machine I used for last several yrs & that I used to transfer the U2 show 4 yrs ago, after I did that show, I was occasionally using it to find the next shown would transfer. I came across a couple of shoes that had potential (I had thought from memory) but there was horrible wow & flutter type of sound issues heard. To make it very confusing, I remembered that on some occasions, I had that problem occur due to battery problems, since the recorder only used 2 AA rechargeables. So I knew in the back of my memory (after a taped a show, I would give a listen right away when I got home..) that some tapes were ruined by that issue. So I the meantime, somewhere in between the time I made the u2 transfer & when I recently (about 3 mos ago) got the notion to begin the process to do some more transfers, and unbeknownst to me, the transport on that deck began to have a problem. And the nature of the problem w/the deck, resulted IN THE EXACT SAME wow & flutter sound, that low batteries would produce. So when I 1st heard that sound, recently, and since previously I had not seen or heard any indication of any problem w the tape deck, then I thought it was a bad tape, due to battery probs.

    So I came to the ABB show & there was terrible wow & flutter & I was very upset because I thought my memory told me that I had heard a pretty good sounding show a few yrs earlier (I didn’t know HOW good tho..). But then I found the same thing intermittently, on other tapes. I thought I was discovering that I had much more problems w/batteries, than I had known, or remembered.

    Finally, (lead ballon?) I had it occur to me that maybe it was the Sony tape deck with the problem (at this point, in retrospect, the issue with the transport on the Sony deck, was only intermittent & often, still, it would play fine). I had no other working tape deck to check the theory (they were all broken – – the curse).

    So I finally decided to go search the goodwill stores for a deck (another online boot community guy had promised to send me a deck to use but didn’t come thru w/it. And I didn’t have much $).

    I came up w/the technics deck I used for the ABB show. It’s a higher end machine & in excellent condition. I tested it well. It works perfectly. I also cleaned the heads & capstan & pinch roller. I also did a custom azimuth align for ea of the ABB show & the redo of the u2 show. I was highly delighted to find out that the ABB show was, after all, perfect & you have heard the proof.

    So yes, Dylan Dave, you are so right (obviously, after reading story above), but in this case, all indicators are, that the Johnny winter tape has embedded wow & flutter from whatever was the cause, back when the recording was made. The upshot tho, is that after listening to the whole tape yest, approx 90 percent is good. If somehow, my very close association w/Murphy (genetically, we’re bros), turns out to reveal that this technics deck is also bad & has fooled me by playing everything perfectly, except for the Johnny winter tape, I will quit.

  47. Mat, I could not get a download (or a stream) from the link on guitars. It runs me thru some hoops & seemed to be requiring a registration somewhere. It’s really confusing, esp the way my phone browser displays it. I remember resting something at the link, where it gives a password to use, but I can’t see how or where to use it or if it helps to get the download? I simply want to know if that boot exists now & how is the quality. If a higher quality boot is readily available of a show I taped, then I don’t see the point of me bothering. But if I have a higher quality, thdn it should at least get on my do it list…

    And so let’s see…said that the Johnny winter show is listed? That is surprising to me. I didn’t check etree, but just Googled & came up nothing.. Plus I think it was a relatively small bar or club. I’m a little confused about the dual listing aspect. One, I think, might point to sources, but the other one, I’m not sure if it just says there was a show or it is saying there was a show taped, but on the no-no list, so no sources given. I feel I should find out this stuff b4 going all out to make an uploadable show, in case there is a better source available. What did you mean when you said you of course cannot compare sources?

  48. Re: next upload choices..

    I’ve been saying that the only 2 transfers I ever did were the u2 show (4 yrs ago) & the recent ABB show. Well.. that’s true, uh.. sort of.. seems I’ve forgotten a couple things. Yest, I was checking the cd drive on my lappy to see if I could do anything about the problem it’s developed whereby it can record ok but playback is real messed up, at least with playing audio cd tracks. I tried cleaning the lens & the usual kicking around & prying hangars around, etc… but I couldn’t fix that problem (this all part of “the curse”). Anyway, as I was looking at some random live music cd’s I made I the past, to choose a couple to do some testing on the broke cd player, I noted that I had a cd of the vanilla fudge show. Very surprising! I have completely forgotten making it, but it made burn date is almost 2 yrs ago, so apparently I was giving this whole thing a next try, 2 yrs after doing the u2 show. It looks like a full cd of the whole show I taped. I don’t remember making it or why I stuck it in the cd holder or didn’t move fwd w/sharing. Either there was a big distraction that tore me away from it long enuff to 4get about it or maybe some technical difficulties or equip breakdown was the reason? So I figured I’d check my hard drives to see if I saved the file, which I did not find but came across another transfer. It’s only an experiment or a test. I knew that darn “soul to soul” sounded familiar. The test transfer is a 15 min long grab from my srv tape. It must’ve been done around the same time as the other one & not finished for the same mysterious reason… Both these transfers were made w/my old crappy setup incl the $10 garage sale, ready to break, Sony desktop w/tape deck, the old lappy which had no “line in” & died shortly after this (oh yeah.. that was part of the reason to stop the transfer projects) & some obscure software that looks like a kids game. So that’s what I’m referring to when I say I was working w/”stone tools”.

    So the recording transfer is not as good as my current setup. The 15 min long cut has a major disconnect somewhere in the 1st few minutes & it also has a total audio cutout at around the 10 min mark. The no sound lasts for approximately a minute or 2 & then, mysteriously, out of nowhere, the booming voice of John b. Wells is heard talking about some ufo’s (??) which lasts for a min or 2, before finally getting back to the music (like I said, I was experimenting..). It opens w/the last minute of the title track from the new album, “soul to soul”. It then goes to an approx 13-14 min tune which includes the aforementioned blank spot duo discussion (ohhhhhhh… I understand what happened……I got abducted by aliens & lost some time & memory..).

    So I’m now uploading to Dropbox (about 150 mb wav file) which should be about ready now & then I’ll send it to Mat & he can post it if he would. Then lemme know if it sounds worth remastering & uploading.

    (by the way, how come no one replied about the Jefferson airplane shows question?)

  49. [audio src="" /]

  50. Whoops… I meant to send that to Mat, as I said I would, but I just woke up & 4got what I was doing. I hope that is ok to do?

  51. Well better late than never..Here is a link that might be helpful..I`ve grabbed many titles from these pages..Allmans bbking ect. ect. ** disregard the asterix in the url.

  52. I searched your site for allman brothers shows and this page came up using Google. I noticed that many of your posted shows from years back still exist on various file hosts. Yesterday i was going through my Dylan collection and came across the 3cd Dylan set ‘A musical Retrospective’. I got this from usenet back in 2002. I burned the original shorten files onto 3 cdrs. I have been going through my oldest cdrs and archiving them onto new blank dvds. When i ran the mda file from the first cdr, traders little helper flagged track one as being truncated. I searched your site for ‘ A musical Retrospective ` and luckily you had posted this so i was able to down load part one of the set and replace my errant file. Back in those days the Dylan usenet site was very active and i aquired many Dylan Boots in Shn format. I have a number of Allman shows in my collection but when you compare the number of dead shows that i have my Allman Collection is rather lacking so i try to get what i can.

    • Very cool. I’m always interested in how people come to my site or find old shows.

      I have gone through a whole bunch of hosting sites. I think I started with Megaupload but then it got shut down by the feds. Moved to Mediafire only to have them delete everything I’d uploaded sometime later. That has happened to me via several other hosting sites including Rapidshare, Zippy, Mega, File Factory, etc. Even when they don’t take down everything most of the free hosting sites will delete a show if not downloaded after so many days.

      At some point I decided that I wasn’t going to do any reuploading. That I’d only post new shows and the old ones would die at some point. It was just too much trouble constantly having to reupload things (and I get requests on a regular basis.) Some shows I’ve reuploaded like four different times.

      A little over a year ago I decided to pay Amazon (a really reasonable price) for unlimited storage. They aren’t perfect (and they weren’t really designed to be used like I use them) but they’ve been super helpful and for the most part it works great. I’ve now got (almost) 1 terrabyte of shows uploaded, which is crazy awesome. I hope to keep adding more and more. Because they never take down any files I’ve started going back through the old stuff and reuploading it. I’d love to get it all back online but its gonna take awhile. Please feel free to comment on any old post and I’ll (eventually, usually it takes a couple of weeks) get it posted again.

      I have decided that if Amazon does ever take me down then I’m done. So hopefully they’ll continue to be good to me. And until then, enjoy the shows.

  53. Will do. I can imagine the amount of time it must take to reupload the shows. So uploading on a request basis is the way to go. About a week ago The release Highway 61 revisted again was requested in one of the comment sections. I have this. I can`t seem to find which Dylan post the request was made in though. I could fill this request. Amazon seems to be a pretty good service. I have the 2 cd Dimestore medicine as well.

  54. I realize that the ABB concert from 1989 in Syracuse was posted on here a few years ago now but I just found it. I was at that show and there was certainly a hell of a lot more than 500 people there, 500 people don’t make that kind of noise okay? Furthermore that tape has been around forever all over the place I’ve had it since at least 1990. Also the NYS fairgrounds is not like some damn driveway. The so-called taper must have been trippin.

  55. Dear midnight café. I don’t comment often enough. I quietly enjoy your site. Can I please get a copy of Allman Bros. 7/17/89. I will be very happy w/mp3, as I am flac challenged. I treid to figure them out, but, being in my late 60’s, I am not good at a lot of computer stuff. Maybe it was the trip to Woodstock, in 69. Thanks, my e-mail is: have a nice Father’s Day.

  56. Pingback: Allman Brothers Shows by Year |

    • Ha! The original taper sent me this show and it had never been shared before so it was pretty popular. ABB has a weird policy where they don’t mind tapers, but you aren’t allowed to share the shows online. So I did a thing where I didn’t share them here but let everyone know if they wanted it they could send me a message. So that stirred up comments.

      And the original taper is a bit of a character, as you can see, and that created lots of comments. This may be the biggest commented on post ever!

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