Bootleg Bonanza: Tori Amos – Toronto, Canada (10/28/92)

Tori Amos 1992.10.28 Toronto 1992 - Toronto  front

 Links are down, I will eventually reupload them when I locate the CDR.

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Happy Phantom
Silent All These Years
Precious Things
Tear In Your Hand
Whole Lotta Love>Thank You
Little Earthquakes
Me and a Gun

Like so many teenaged girls listening to Tori Amos’ first album, Little Earthquakes, was a revelation. Until then I never knew music could be so intensely personal. There this red headed pixie was singing about so many intimate things. Things that songs weren’t normally about. It was beautiful, and sad, and poetic. I suppose there had been songs about rape before, but has there ever been a song so intensely dramatic, so amazingly intimate as “Me and a Gun?” Have guts ever before, or since been spilt in such a fashion?

I loved that album. Still do. I don’t know why I pretty much stopped listening to her after it though. I think I listened to her second one a few times, but I never bought it. After that I gave up entirely. Which says more about me as a listener than it does about Tori’s work.

That being said it is not surprising that the bootleg I own of hers, and the one I’m presenting here focuses mostly on her first album. The sound quality is real good. It isn’t quite as warm as that Norah concert I posted earlier, but it still sounds excellent. The performance, too, is quite lovely. Since most of the songs on the album consist of Tori on piano and singing and not much else, it translates quite well to a solo performance. The banter between songs is kept to a minimum though she does tell a story or two with her usual flair. On top of that you get a couple of covers from Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones.

What’s not to love?

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