Bootleg Bonanza: The White Stripes – Jack White's Kitchen, Vol. 1

the white stripes

The White Stripes
Jack White’s Kitchen, Vol. 1

Links are down. I have this show on CDR somewhere. When I find it I will repost it.

Jack On Fire – (2005-09-21 Boston MA)
Oh Well (Jacks Prayer) (2003-07-02 Chicago IL)
Everywhere I Go, I’m Jack (2003-04-15 Detroit MI)
Blackjack Davey (2005-09-10 Columbus OH)
God Makes No Mistakes (2003-10-22 Tokyo Japan)
I Just Can’t Keep From Cryin’ (2005-07-28 Pomona CA)
Red Death At 614 (2004-08-21 Pukkelpop, Belgium)
Sams Place (2004-08-21 Pukkelpop, Belgium)
Five String Seranade (2003-04-30 San Diego CA)
The Air Near My Fingers (2003-07-02 Chicago IL)
Mr Cellophane (2003-05-30 Vienna Austria)
This Protector (2004-08-01 Naeba Japan)
Shoofly > Apple Blossom (2004-08-01 Naeba Japan)
Handsprings (2004-08-21 Pukkelpop, Belgium)
Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise (2005-09-21 Boston MA)
Death tease>If I Had Possession
Over Judgement Day (2005-08-24 St Louis MO)
I Wanna Be Your Dog (2003-10-22 Tokyo Japan)
Wasting My Time (2003-05-30 Vienna Austria)
You Belong To Me (2005-09-22 Boston MA)
Cold Brains (w/ Beck) (2005-08-17 Los Angeles CA)
Walking With A Ghost (2005-09-16 Toronto ON)
I’m Finding It Harder To Be A Gentleman >
Whispering Seas (2005-07-03 Prague Czech Rep)
One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) (2005-09-30 Detroit MI)
Cannon tease > Take Take Take (2005-08-24 St Louis MO)
Broken Bricks > Jambalaya (2005-09-22 Boston MA)
Don’t Blame Me (2003-04-20 Boston MA)
I’m Bored (2001-09-22 Ashville NC)
Do (2005-09-16 Toronto ON)

Our little chat about Jack White in the Raconteurs got me thinking about this set. You can see from the setlist it is a compilation of various things. It is something like a rarities/b-sides set of songs all done live of course. Sound quality varies from great to close to poorly. If you dig him though, this has some cool stuff.

0 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: The White Stripes – Jack White's Kitchen, Vol. 1

  1. Hey, this is by far the best bootleg site that i have seen. Could someone re-upload a new link to this? I cant find this anywhere else on the web and ive been clicking the link in desperation for close to a year now.

    Please, Please, Please…


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