Bootleg Bonanza: Whiskeytown – Forever Valentine

whiskeytown - forever valentine

Forever Valentine

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01 Anyone But Me (a/k/a Dial Tone)
02 Don’t Wanna Know Why
03 Easy Hearts
04 Sittin’ Around
05 Rays Of Burning Light (a/k/a Rays Of Light)
06 Ghost Without Memory
07 Runnin’ Out Of Road
08 Can’t Take A Lover (a/k/a Talkin’ In My Sleep)
09 Think About Me (a/k/a (What You) Think About Me)
10 Crazy Lonesome (a/k/a A Memory Away)
11 Caroline

Info from the Ryan Adams Archive:
Studio: Scores/Slackmates & Modern
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Date: December 1997
Ryan Adams
Caitlin Cary
Mike Daly
Ed Crawford
Skillet Gilmore
Chris Stamey
Ben Folds

Chris Stamey — “Skillet played drums,
I played bass. Recorded in Raleigh at Scores/Slackmates,
and at Modern, my place.” “Addendum: I forgot to add
that the piano player on the Forever Valentine
Whiskeytown sessions was Ben Folds. My memory was
jogged by his smashing show this Saturday at the Cradle.”

Skillet Gilmore — “Forever Valentine was recorded
around Xmas ’97. The band at the time (for the purposes
of recording) was Ryan, Caitlin, Mike Daly, Ed Crawford
on guitar, Chris Stamey on bass and me.” “Although the
record was made in about a week, the challenge was actually
that Ryan wanted to make a record without the label knowing
about it. And so we did.”

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