Dire Straits – Basil, Switzerland (06/28/92)

Dire Straits
Ticket To Heaven
Basel, Switzerland
28 June 1992

Download FLAC: Guitars101

Format: 2CD

Soundquality:9.5 (scale 1-10)

original Purchased silver> wav(EAC,secure mode)>Flac(dB poweramp)

Disk 1
01 – Calling Elvis
02 – Walk Of Life
03 – Heavy Fuel
04 – Romeo And Juliet
05 – The Bug
06 – Private Investigations
07 – Sultans Of Swing
08 – Your Latest Trick

Disk 2
01 – On Every Street
02 – Two Young Lovers
03 – Telegraph Road
04 – Money For Nothing
05 – Brothers In Arms
06 – Solid Rock
07 – Theme From Going Home

5 thoughts on “Dire Straits – Basil, Switzerland (06/28/92)

    • You shouldn’t need one. The link should take you to the Guitars 101 post and I don’t think you need to have an account to look at their stuff. From G101 you can download it via a few different hosting companies. Unfortunately all the hosting companies that TUBE uses are pretty slow, but that’s the best I have for the moment.

      • Thanks Mat, I shouldnt have put a question mark at the end of my comment. It does ask for a password is all, but I can see, unsurprisinglhy you dont have that level of detail to hand. Never mind, I do appreciate all your hard work

        • Guitars101 asks for a password? I didn’t realize they needed one. I don’t think they used to but I’ve had an account for so long it is hard to remember. My browser automatically logs me in on so I didn’t even think about that. Sorry

          • Again I am insufficiently specific, I meant a password to unzip the file. I only d/l the first part perhaps it was in the second or third part. Its really of no matter. Thanks

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