Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Railroad Earth – Railroad Jerry (Jerry Garcia Covers)

railroad earth

Railroad Earth
Railroad Jerry (Railroad Earth Covering Songs Jerry Garcia Sang)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disk I
1. Big River^ 10-16-02 4:55
2. Catfish John 4-24-04 8:54
3. Sitting here in Limbo 11-28-03 9:49
4. Just so you know > Lovelight 10-31-03 15:58
5. the Wheel 8-28-04 7:50
6. Terrapin 8-7-04 12:06
7. Mississippi ? Step 3-4-05 10:43
8. Hobo song 12-30-04 7:05

Disk 2
1. Desolation Row 7-11-04 13:17
2. Lazy River Road* 2-12-05 7:13
3. Wayfaring Stranger 5-20-05 7:20
4. White Dove 8-19-05 6:06
5. Lonesome Fiddle Blues 8-19-05 3:23
6. Bluegrass Breakdown 8-19-05 5:02
7. GDTRFB*# 4-16-05 7:06
8. Terrapin Station 7-3-05 14:02

^ w/ David Gans on guitar and vocals
* w/ Phil Lesh
# w/ Vince Hermann on guitar and vocals

Notes from the creator:

This is a collection of songs performed by Railroad Earth that were also
done by Jerry in one form or another; Old and in the Way, JGB, and Grateful
Dead. I put together this compilation in an effort to help expand a friend’s musical horizons.

The songs were culled from a variety of source tapes primarily downloaded
from the Live Music Archive. Where more than one version of a particular song was
available I listened to a few to pick the one with the best combination of
recording and performance. This was entirely subjective and not an
exhaustive exercise. Your mileage may vary. I tried to avoid the more
obvious selections like 4/16/05 when Phil sat in with the RRE boys, although
I did use one song from that show, GDTRFB, as it was the only version I knew
of (besides Phil didn?t sing).

I tried to balance recording levels, make cuts and fades so that the
compilation works reasonably well in the order the tracks are listed.
Obviously other combinations would work equally as well, or not.

0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Railroad Earth – Railroad Jerry (Jerry Garcia Covers)

  1. what a great compilation! sadly the file on megaupload does not seem to be working. is there anyway you could email me a current link? i would love to listen to this on my way to the richmond and baltimore shows this weekend. thanks,


  2. What do you mean by they are not working? Is Megaupload not giving you the opportunity to download or are you downloading but there is a problem with the file?

    If it is a megaupload thing try again. Sometimes they go down for a bit on a link, but I just tried and it showed up. If it is a problem with the files after download let me know and I’ll see about hooking you up.

  3. Awesome Derecho. Thanks. I’ll eventually get around to reuploading this as well but this is perfect for those who don’t want to wait. Can you tell me what the updates are?

  4. I only made 3 changes from your original version. 1) Big River is from 4-13-07 (couldn’t find a copy of 10-16-02), 2) Wayfaring is from 11-27-04 (same reason as 1), 3) replaced Terrapin on disc 2 with Sisters & Brothers from 8-15-09. Thanks for the original version. This is easily one of my favorite compilations ever!

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