Bruce Hornsby – Fredericksburg, VA (10/05/02)

Bruce Hornsby
Haymaker festival
Fredericksburg, VA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Cartoons and Candy >
Valley Road
Saint Louis blues
Tongue ‘n’ Groove
Happy Birthday > What a Time
Across the River
Rainbow?s Cadillac
Jack Straw

The Way It Is

9 thoughts on “Bruce Hornsby – Fredericksburg, VA (10/05/02)

  1. Thanks for all the fine music. The second link is not working for this. The first half sounds great. I would love to get the reast. Thanks. AZ Jones

  2. What do you mean by they are not working? Is Megaupload not giving you the opportunity to download or are you downloading but there is a problem with the file?

    If it is a megaupload thing try again. Sometimes they go down for a bit on a link, but I just tried and it showed up. If it is a problem with the files after download let me know and I’ll see about hooking you up.

  3. What i meant was “it was not working” in other words would not let me download it. But it is now working. i did not know if the link was deleted or just down as you say. Again thanks so much for this and the time you spend on your blog. Great stuff here. The Van the Man show is also just great, Thanks

  4. No worries. I appreciate you letting me know. Megaupload is goofy sometimes. They seem to be having down times for various links pretty regularly these days which stinks but what can you do?

    Course I’ve also been known to screw up a show and upload the wrong things so I always want to double check on what exactly is happening so again I appreciate your input.

  5. I would love to see this as a FLAC.
    I can only find the mp3 version of this.
    Another great gig with Kimock hanging with Hornsby.

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