Bruce Hornsby – Tulsa, OK (11/25/90)

Bruce Hornsby
Brady Theater
Tulsa, OK

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

The Long Race
Down the Road Tonight
Night on the Town
End of the Innocence
Fire on the Cross >
Jack Straw
Lost Soul
Sweet Home Oklahoma
Defenders of the Flag
Valley Road
Jacob’s Ladder
The Show Goes On
Mandolin Rain
The River Runs Low
Till the Dreaming’s Done
Stranger in a Strange Land
Across the River
Road Not Taken
The Way It Is
Look Out Any Window
Encore: Sugaree
The Old Playground >
Dixie Chicken
Every Little Kiss
Western Skyline >
Not Fade Away >
Youngblood >
Another Day

The sound on this show is a little goofy. For the longest time I couldn’t figure it out. But now I’m pretty sure its been slowed down slightly. I’m guessing on the transfer from the original tape to digital the tape played back just a tad off. Or something. I don’t really know.

The results are, well, weird. It isn’t immediately noticeable, at least not to me. I mean I could tell something was off, but I wasn’t sure what. Its when Bruce talks that I figured it out. It isn’t some over exaggerated thing like the whales in Finding Nemo but just a slight slow down which makes Bruces voice a bit lower and makes him sound a bit strung out.

I won’t say it is un-listenable, but its pretty close. I’m sure it can be fixed though if any of you know what you are doing. And if any of you do know what you are doing and do fix it, please reupload it and I’ll share it again.

2 thoughts on “Bruce Hornsby – Tulsa, OK (11/25/90)

  1. great setlist…is this a SBD?

    I wish I was more skilled with stuff like this, I’d be glad to help out, but pitch correction ain’t really my thing…

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