Bruce Hornsby – York, PA (11/12/00)

Bruce Hornsby
Strand Capitol PAC
York, PA

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Set I
1. Carry the Water–>
2. Line In the Dust
3. Stander on the Mountain
4. Swan Song
5. Nobody there but me
6. Big Stick
7. Dark as the night–>
Western Skyline–>
Mandolin Rain–>
Western Skyline->Masterpiece
8. Pastures of Plenty
9. Look out any Window
Set II
1. Night on the Town
2. Great Divide>Lady Madonna
3. I will walk w/you –>
Fields of Grey–>
That’s where It’s at–>
Walk In the Sun
4. Ripple
5. The Letter–>
Barcelona Mona
6. I’m In Love
7. Rainbow’s –>On Broadway–>
Rainbow’s Caddy
Disc 3 1. Country Doctor
2. Way It Is
3. Crowd
4. E: Mighty Quinn–>
Idol with the Golden Head–>

As I got this show from Simon Twining I should probably plug his amazingly great Bruce Hornsby fan site, It is really the go-to site for all things Hornsby.

3 thoughts on “Bruce Hornsby – York, PA (11/12/00)

  1. Hi Matt,

    The link for this one to your Amazon drive is a little messed up. Was wondering if you could correct it



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