Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bela Fleck & Tony Trischka – Hickory, NC (05/12/99)

bela fleck - tony trishka

Bela Fleck & Tony Trischka
Rehearsal Room – Arts & Science Center of Catawba
Hickory, NC

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Neumann SKM-184’s -> HHB PDR 1000 -> phillips CDR870 >MP3

Set I
01 – Blackberry Blossom
02 – Take Five
03 – The Sunta?
04 – Major Honker
05 – Green Whiskey (Whiskey Before Breakfast / Green Willis)
06 – Bluegrass Banjo Medley
07 – Blues Skies
08 – Jeff Davis / Fort Monroe / Danville Days
09 – Katmandu
10 – ?
11 – Natchez Trace
Set II
01 – Bullfrog Shuffle
02 – New Trischka Tune
03 – Cheeseballs in Cowtown
04 – Salt Creek
05 – Beatles Medley: You Won’t See Me > Hard Day’s Night >
You Never Give Me Your Money > Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds >
Within You Without You > Drive My Car > Norwegian Wood > Blackbird > Wait
06 – Bach/Bartok/Beethoven/Mozart Medley
07 – Foggy Mountain Special

0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bela Fleck & Tony Trischka – Hickory, NC (05/12/99)

  1. OK if you don’t download this just for the Beatles Medley alone
    then what are doing here? Im not saying it s the greatest thing ever – its all banjo for crying outloud – but this is again one of the reasons I think bootleg shows should be treasured by artists and fans
    enjoy and smile and sing along

  2. yeah but I don’t care i listen to hear stuff that i would never hear anywhere else unless I was there that day. For example I don’t like phish – I know that’s a heresy – but I don’t – but i loved listening to their halloween show where they covered Little feats waiting for columbus – very cool indeed.
    I’m sure there are dozens of shows you have here that are different because of a guest appearance something that happened once in summer long tour – like Neil young singing with Paul McCartney – or Joe Ely and Bruce Springsteen
    that sort of stuff is what I love

  3. I hear ya, and I’m with ya. I love it all really. The fact that I can listen to a concert recorded decades ago and that was never officially released blows my mind. Hell, the fact that I can hear a concert that was recorded a few weeks ago blows my mind too.

    And for free? cCrap man, that’s where its at.

    I do love all the cool special guests shows, or shows with great cover songs, or anything special and unique. Even when the results are, in reality, spectacularly bad, I love that they try, and I love that we can listen in.

    I’m actually not much for Phish either. I come to bootlegs through the Grateful Dead and there is a big rivalry between both camps. A lot of old school deadheads hate Phish, mainly I think because a lot of Phishheads acted like they were better than the Dead. For me I see a lot of talent in the band, but their songs just never moved me. Great musicianship, but poor songs IMO.

  4. Wow. I love these guys. They’re the reason I tried for years to learn bluegrass banjo. It didn’t take, but that wasn’t their fault. Thanks for this majestic post.


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