Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Hay-On-Wye, England (05/23/97)

Morrison-A Madman Looking For A Fight - Front

A Madman Looking For A Fight
May 23th 1997(Early & Late Mix)
No Label: POP 6
SOURCE: Factory Pressed Disc > EAC > FLAC Level 8 Align on Sector Boundaries>MP3@320

Download: FLAC/MP3

01. Satisfied
02. Fire in the Belly
03. I’ve Been Working > Make It Funky
04. In the Afternoon > Shake Rattle & Roll
05. Troubadors
06. Snow in San Anselmo
07. A Change is Gonna Come
08. Cleaning Windows
09. Vanlose Stairway > Trans Euro Train
10. Summertime in England
11. It’s a Man’s World > Don’t Break Down
12. See Me Through > Thankyou Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again > Burning Ground (Slow Version)

Bootleg Bonanza: Sheryl Crow – Sunday Night at the Paradiso (11/3/96)

sheryl crow sunday night at the paradiso

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II
Download cover art here.

Sheryl Crow
Sunday Night At The Paradiso
Amsterdam, Holland
November 03th, 1996

Soundboard Recording

Disc 1:
01. Hard To Make A Stand
02. Everyday Is A Winding Road
03. A Change
04. Leaving Las Vegas
05. If It Makes You Happy
06. Run, Baby, Run
07. Sweet Rosalyn
08. On The Outside
09. Redemption Day

Disc 2:
01. Strong Enough
02. Maybe Angels
03. Solidify
04. All I Wanna Do
05. Superstar (with intro)
06. Sway (Stones cover)
07. The Na-Na Song
08. Ordinary Morning
09. Interview
10. If It Makes You Happy

Bootleg Bonanza: Pat Metheny Group – Detroit, MI (11/09/86)

pat metheny

Download MP3@320kps: Mega

Pat Metheny Group
Fox Theater
Detroit, Michigan USA

Recorded & Transfered By: Robert Mullen (lvrwm)
Source: Master Audience Cassettes
Equipment/Lineage: 2 Dak 5245 Mics>Sony D6C Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder>Master
Cassettes (TDK SA-X90’s)>Yamaha Natural Sound Cassette Deck K-902>CD Wave Editor(tracking)>Traders Little Helper(flac level 8)>MP3@320


01-…Phase Dance 7:10.32
02-Naked Moon 5:06.22
03-Tell It All 8:53.01
04-James 4:48.41
05-Change Of Heart 6:32.50
06-Daulton Lee 5:52.67
07-…The First Circle (tape flip) 8:30.21
08-Pat speaks 2:05.72
09-Scrap Metal (Pat solo on synth guitar) 7:57.47
10-Pat speaks 0:43.14
11-Farmer’s Trust 5:46.66
12-Goodbye 6:46.55
13-Straight On Red 9:39.20
14-…Are You Going With Me? (tape change) 8:24.09
15-Crowd/Pat speaks 1:26.64
16-The Fields, The Sky 4:40.58
17-This Is Not America 3:44.38
18-Letter From Home 2:39.53
19-unidentified ** 14:34.32
20-Jaco (Pat on Synclavier Guitar Synth) 3:48.43
21-…Pat introduces the band (tape flip) 2:14.21
22-San Lorenzo 14:42.49


23-American Garage 3:30.64

** A long, melody-less, spacey, sound effects-laden tone poem, from which some sounds (clocks ticking, etc.) would be taken for use in “Half-Life Of Absolution” later on.

Band Members:

Pat Metheny-Guitars, guitar synthesizers
Lyle Mays-Piano synthesizers
Steve Rodby-Bass
Paul Wertico-Drums
David Blamires-Vocals & various instruments
Nana Vasconcelos-Vocals & Percussion

Notes from the taper:

Comments: Here is my first recording with my Sony D6C Recorder and Dak 5245 Mics. I did not use the Dolby B or C encoding for this recording. We were sitting, with 3-4 empty rows in front of us, directly behind the soundboard. When Pat and the Band came out from the public entrance and marched up to the stage from the theater aisles, I wasn’t sure what was going on, and did not begin recording until they started “Phase Dance” on stage…thus missing “Forward March”. Crowd noise was very minimal and the music sounded great from this location. The recording came out well, with the first few tracks being a little “hot” at times during the very loud points. I corrected this as the show progressed.
This show features an interesting early (untitled) versions of Change Of Heart and Scrap Metal. Enjoy!

Repost Bonanza: Neil Young – A Pefect Echo

Neil Young - A Perfect Echo

Neil Young
A Perfect Echo

Download: FLAC/MP3

Track List:
Volume 1: 1967-1976
Disc 1 – 1967 – 1971 Disc 2 – 1974 – 1976

01. Walk On (CSNY – Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)
02. Ambulance Blues (CSNY – Westbury, NY, 8-Sep-1974)
03. Lookin’ For A Love (San Francisco, CA, 23-Mar-1975)
04. No One Seems To Know (Tokyo, Japan, 10-Mar-1976)
05. Human Highway (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)
06. Cortez The Killer (London, England, 31-Mar-1976)
07. White Line (Fort Worth, TX, 10-Nov-1976)
08. Don’t Cry No Tears (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
09. Peace Of Mind (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
10. A Man Needs A Maid (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
11. Give Me Strength (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
12. Lotta Love (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
13. Like A Hurricane (Chicago, IL, 15-Nov-1976)
14. Harvest (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)
15. Campaigner (Boston, MA, 22-Nov-1976)
16. Here We Are In The Years (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)
17. The Losing End (Atlanta, GA, 24-Nov-1976)

Volume 2 – 1978 – 1989
Disc 3 – 1978 – 1984 Disc 4 – 1984 – 1989

01. Thrasher (San Francisco, CA, 22-Oct-1978)
02. Little Thing Called Love (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
03. Old Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
04. Transformer Man (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
05. Sample And Hold (Berlin, Germany, 19-Oct-1982)
06. Don’t Be Denied (Dayton, OH, 18-Sep-1983)
07. Barstool Blues (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
08. Touch The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
09. Tonight’s The Night (Santa Cruz, CA, 7-Feb-1984)
10. Comes A Time (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
11. Southern Pacific (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
12. Down By The River (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)

01. Heart Of Gold (Austin, TX, 25-Sep-1984)
02. Flying on the Ground is Wrong (New Orleans, LA, 27-Sep-1984)
03. Road Of Plenty (Mansfield, MA, 21-Sep-1986)
04. Hippie Dream (Minneapolis, MN, 17-Oct-1986)
05. Prisoners Of Rock’n’Roll (Minneapolis, MN, 17-Oct-1986)
06. When You Dance I Can Really Love (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
07. See the sky about to rain (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
08. Mideast Vacation (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
09. Southern Man (CSNY – Oakland, CA, 4-Dec-1988)
10. For The Turnstiles (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
11. Sugar Mountain (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
12. Four Strong Winds (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
13. Cocaine Eyes (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
14. Like A Hurricane (Tulsa, OK, 13-Jan-1989)
15. Rockin’ In The Free World (New York, NY, 30-Sep-1989)

Volume 3 – 1989 – 1993
Disc 5 – 1989 – 1990 Disc 6 – 1991 – 1993

01. Rockin’ In The Free World (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
02. Don’t Let It Bring You Down (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
03. After The Goldrush (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
04. Ohio (Hamburg, Germany, 8-Dec-1989)
05. Too Far Gone (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
06. Crime In The City (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
07. Eldorado (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
08. Hangin’ On A Limb (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
09. Someday (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
10. My My Hey Hey (Amsterdam, Holland, 10-Dec-1989)
11. The Old Laughing Lady (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
12. The Needle And The Damage Done (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
13. No More (Paris, France, 11-Dec-1989)
14. Days That Used To Be (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)
15. Mansion On The Hill (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)

01. Love And Only Love (Mountain View, CA, 26-Oct-1990)
02. Forever Young (San Francisco, CA, 3-Nov-1991)
03. Harvest Moon (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)
04. Unknown Legend (Irving, TX, 14-Mar-1992)
05. Dreamin’ Man (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
06. You and Me (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
07. Natural Beauty (Chicago, IL, 17-Nov-1992)
08. From Hank to Hendrix (Ames, IA 24-Apr-1993)
09. Separate Ways (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
10. Love to Burn (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
11. Live To Ride (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
12. All Along The Watchtower (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)

Volume 4 – 1993 – 2001
Disc 7 – 1993 – 1998 Disc 8 – 1999 – 2001

01. The Loner (Torhout, Belgium, 3-Jul-1993)
02. Country Home (New Orleans, LA, 18-Sep-1994)
03. Prime of life (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
04. Driveby (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
05. Train of love (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
06. Change Your Mind (Mountain View, CA 2-Oct-1994)
07. Big time (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
08. Hey Hey My My (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
09. Music arcade (Werchter, Belgium 7-Jul-1996)
10. Pocahontas (George, WA, 14-Sep-1996)
11. Throw Your Hatred Down (Tinley Park, IL, 3-Oct-1998)

01. Red Sun (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
02. Distant Camera (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
03. Philadelphia (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
04. Buffalo Springfield Again (Austin, TX, 29-May-1999)
05. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (CSNY – Los Angeles, CA, 18-Feb-2000)
06. Looking Forward (CSNY – Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
07. Out of Control (CSNY – Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
08. Slowpoke (CSNY – Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
09. Southern Man (CSNY – Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
10. Ohio (CSNY – Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
11. Long May You Run (CSNY – Atlanta, GA, 14-Mar-2000)
12. Winterlong (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
13. Bad Fog Of Loneliness (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
14. Words (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
15. World On A String (Morrison, CO, 20-Sep-2000)
16. Powderfinger (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 20-Jan-2001)

Volume 5: 1970-2003
Disc 9: 1970-1999

Disc 2: 2002-2003

Wonderin’ (Cincinatti, OH, 29-Feb-1970)
Cinnamon Girl (New York, NY, 5-Jun-1970)
Down By The River (New York, NY, 5-Jun-1970)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (New York, NY, 5-Jun-1970)
Dance, Dance, Dance (London, England, 23-Feb-1971)
New Mama (San Francisco, CA, 4-Oct-1973)
Nothing Is Perfect (Philadelphia, PA, 13-Jul-1985)
Drive Back (San Francisco, CA, 21-Nov-1986)
Inca Queen (San Francisco, CA, 21-Nov-1986)
American Dream (Birmingham, England, 2-Jun-1987)
Ordinary People (Hoffman Estates, IL, 16-Aug-1988)
Sixty To Zero (Hoffman Estates, IL, 16-Aug-1988)
I Am A Child (Mountain View, CA, 30-Oct-1999)

You’re My Girl (Tampa, FL, 14-Apr-2002)
Differently (Eifel, Germany, 18-May-2002)
Are You Passionate? (Eifel, Germany, 18-May-2002)
Goin’ Home (Eifel, Germany, 18-May-2002)
Sleeps With Angels (Eifel, Germany, 18-May-2002)
Quit (Don’t Say You Love Me) (Eifel, Germany, 18-May-2002)
She’s A Healer (Eifel, Germany, 18-May-2002)
Bandit (Tampa, FL, 9-Jun-2003)
Sedan Delivery (Manchester, TN, 13-Jun-2003)
Be The Rain (Manchester, TN, 13-Jun-2003)
Roll Another Number (Manchester, TN, 13-Jun-2003)

Volume 6: 1971-2006
Disc 11: 1971-1999
Disc 12: 2004-2006

Massey Hall, Toronto, ON 1/19/1971
1. There’s A World
2. Bad Fog Of Loneliness
3. See The Sky About To Rain
9/14/74 Wembley Stadium, London England
4. Traces
5. Star Of Bethlehem
6. Love Art Blues
7. Don’t Be Denied
8. Pushed It Over The End
02-06-1984, The Catalyst (Early Show), Santa Cruz, California w/ Crazy Horse
9. I Got A Problem
02-07-1984, The Catalyst (Late Show), Santa Cruz, California w/ Crazy Horse
10. Violent Side
9-25-1984, Austin City Limits TV Show, Austin, Texas w/ The International Harvesters
11. Amber Jean
01-13-1989, Brady Theatre, Tulsa, Oklahoma w/ The Restless
12. Wrecking Ball
13. Boxcar
1989 – 12/8/89 –
14. F***in Up
1997 Horde 8/1/97 Saratoga
15. Slip Away
Bridge, Mountain View, CA 10.31.1999
16. Cortez The Killer

09-18-2004, White River Amphitheatre, Auburn, Washington, Farm Aid 2004 Solo
1. Pocahontas
2. Journey Through The Past
3. On The Way Home (piano version)
4. Cowgirl In The Sand
5. Birds
09-18-2005, Tweeter Centre, Tinley Park, Illinois, Farm Aid 2005 w/ The Prairie Wind Band
6. Walking To New Orleans
7. Southern Man
8. This Old Guitar
9. One Of These Days
Late Night With Conan O’Brien NBC Studios New York, November 2, 2005
10. The Painter
November 4th
11. No Wonder
12. When God Made Me
Saturday Night Live NBC Studios New York, New York, December 18th, 2005
13. It’s A Dream
Farm Aid 21, Tweeter Centre Camden, New Jersey, September 30, 2006
14. After The Garden
15. Human Highway

Bootleg Bonanza: White Lies – KCRW FM (01/24/11)

white lies

Download MP3@320kps: Rapidshare

White Lies
KCRW Radio FM Broadcast
Santa Monica, California.
Source: FM Broadcast
AIRED: Monday January 24, 2011

Lineage: FM > Harmon Kardan AVR30 > Analog Out > Harmon Kardan CDR2 >
CDR. WAV > HL-DT-STBD-RE WH10LS30 > EAC > CD WAVE Tracking > TLH Flac.8)->MP3@320

03.Peace & Quiet
05.Holy Ghost
06.Power & Glory
07.Bigger Than Us

The Band:
Jack Lawrence Brown – Drums
Charles Cave – Bass
Harry McVeigh – Guitar & Vocals
Tommy Bowen – Keys
Rob Lee – Keys

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Berlin, Germany (06/27/91)


Berlin, Germany
June 27th 1991

Download: FLAC/MP3

SOURCE: 1st Generation Cassette (TDK SA90) > Akai GX 95MK11 > Soundforge PRO 10b >
FLAC Level 8 Align on Sector Boundaries>MP3@320

01. Did Ye Get Healed
02. See Me Through
03. Enlightenment
04. Youth of a 1000 Summers
05. It’s All In The Game > Make It Real One More Time
06. Help Me
07. Some Peace Of Mind
08. Why Must I Always Explain
09. Vanlose Stairway > trans euro train
10. Cleaning Windows
11. Sweet Thing
12. Send In The Clowns
13. Summertime In England

Mastered & Artwork by JTT, February 2011

Van Morrison – vocals, guitar, alto saxophone, harmonica
Georgie Fame – hammond organ, vocals
Haji Ahkba – trumpet, flugelhorn
Richie Buckley – tenor saxophone
Howard Francis – piano
Steve Gregory – saxophone, flute
Ronnie Johnson – guitar
Nicky Scott – bass
Dave Early – drums

Decent sounding audience.

Bootleg Bonanza: Robert Plant & Band of Joy – Washington, DC (02/01/11)

robert plant

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II, Part III

Robert Plant and the Band of Joy
Constitution Hall
Washington DC

Source: Audience
Lineage: Zoom H1 Internal Mics(24/96 WAV)->USB->CD Wave Editor (Split Tracks)->Pazera (convert to 16 bit)->Traders Little Helper (FLAC &
Seats: Box45 Seat 2 (front of box)


1. Black Dog (Led Zeppelin cover)
2. Down To The Sea
3. Angel Dance (Los Lobos cover)
4. Houses Of The Holy
5. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Uncle Tupelo cover)
6. Move Up (Patty Griffin on vocals)
7. Cindy, I’ll Marry You Someday
8. 12 Gates To The City/Wade in the Water/In My Time of Dying (Rev. Gary Davis cover)
9. A Satisfied Mind (Porter Wagoner cover) (Darrell Scott on vocals)
10. Tangerine
11. Harm’s Swift Way (Townes Van Zandt cover)
12. House of Cards (Richard Thompson cover)
13. Somewhere Trouble Don’t Go (Buddy Miller cover) (Buddy Miller on vocals)
14. Monkey (Low cover)
15. You Can’t Buy My Love (Barbara Lynn cover)
16. Ramble On
17. Tall Cool One
18. Gallows Pole
19. In The Mood
20. Rock & Roll
21. And We Bid You Goodnight

Good sounding audience recording.

Bootleg Bonanza: Railroad Earth – Bloomington, IN (03/10/06)

railroad earth

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II

Railroad Earth
The Bluebird
Bloomington, IN
March 10, 2006

Source: ADK TL (cards, ORTF) > edirol UA-5 > JB3 (optical in)
Location: 4′ Left of Center, 10′ back, mics @ 6.5′
Conversion: JB3 > USB > cd wave > wav > FLAC Frontend 1.1.1 (Level 8)>MP3@320
Taped/Converted/Seeded: Shawn Smith

Disc One
Set I
1. Dandelion Wine
2. Magic Foot
3. Saddle of the Sun
4. Pack a Day
5. Bird in a House *
6. Warhead Boogie
7. Stillwater Getaway

Disc Two
Set II
1. Mighty River
2. Storms
3. Fruitful Acre
4. Smiling Like A Buddha
5. Just So You Know
6. Old Man and the Land
7. Rain Dance
8. Railroad Earth
9. Crowd

10. Shockinaw Mountain Breakdown
11. Any Road
12. Fire On The Mountain

* = w/ Rex Hunt on Dobro
** = fades out due to battery failure

This was a fun show that I actually attended (you can read my review at Blogcritics.) If you listen closely you can actually hear me whoop a few times. I was surprised to find this on the Archive as the Bluebird is a really small club and I looked around for tapers. I guess they were really stealth. The sound doesn’t suffer for it as this sounds really quite good.

Bootleg Bonanza: Sheryl Crow – If It Makes You Happy (12/8/96)

sheryl crow if it makes you happy

Download MP3@320kps: Mediafire

If It Makes You Happy
(Rosalyn-001 / RUN 001)

Original silver CD -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC Frontend -> FLAC -> DIME>MP3

Fairfax, Patriot Center, December 8, 1996
Very good – excellent stereo soundboard quality

1. Can’t Cry Anymore
2. If It Makes You Happy
3. Leaving Las Vegas
4. Hard To Make A Stand
5. Everyday Is A Winding Road
6. Strong Enough
7. Redemption Day
8. All I Wanna Do

Osaka May 23, 1997
very good audience quality

9. Sweet Rosalyn
10. A Change Would Do You Good
11. Run Baby Run
12. Like A Fool
13. Money

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Springfield, MA (10/24/79)

grateful dead

Download FLAC: Part I, Part II

Download MP3@320kps: Rapidshare

Grateful Dead
Springfield Civic Center
Springfield, MA
October 24, 1979

AUD(Senn 421’s>Nak 350)>MC>DAT>CD>SHN>MP3


1st Set

Promised Land
Mama Tried>
They Love Each Other
Dire Wolf
Easy to Love You
Lost Sailor>
Saint of Circumstance


2nd Set



2nd Set (cont)

Terrapin Station>
Wharf Rat>


Johnny B. Goode