Bootleg Bonanza: Elton John – Foxboro, MA (07/04/76)

elton john

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Elton John
Foxboro, Massachusettes
04th July 1976
Rock Of The Westies Live – LIBERATED BOOT

Source: Unknow > WAV > Flac8
Date: 1976-07-04 – Foxboro

01- Grow Some Funk Of Your Own
02- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
03- Island Girl
04- Bennie And The Jets
05- Funeral For A Friend – Love Lies Bleeding
06- Love Song
07- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
08- Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
09- Holiday Inn
10- Empty Sky
11- Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
12- Someone Saved My Life Tonight
13- Philadelphia Freedom
14- We All Fall In Love Sometimes – Curtains
15- Band Intro
16- Saturday Nights
17- Your Song
18- Pinball Wizard

* Elton John – Piano, Vocals
* Davey Johnstone – Electric guitars, banjo, mandolin, rhythm guitar, background vocals, slide guitar.
* Caleb Quaye – Electric guitars
* Kenny Passarelli – Bass
* James Newton-Howard – Keyboards
* Roger Pope – Drums
* Ray Cooper – Percussion

A rather poor quality audience recording. For completists only.


0 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Elton John – Foxboro, MA (07/04/76)

  1. Really Benny? That’s what you want to go with?

    To everyone else, this show is on my long list of things to reupload. I’ll get to it eventually so please be patient.

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