Van Morrison – Hard Nose the Highway Live

Van Morrison
Hard Nose the Highway Live

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Snow in San Anselmo (San Francisco – 7/29/74)
Warm Love (Breman, Germany – 7/10/74)
Hard Nose the Highway (Las Vegas – 1/28/00)
Wild Children (New York City – 7/12/73)
The Great Deception (Marin – 3/11/73)
Bein’ Green (Caledonia Soul Orchestra “It’s Never Too Late” 1973)
Autumn Song (Dublin – 11/2/73)
Purple Heather (Los Angeles – 11/26/78)

Sound ranges from really good to just ok. Interesting set though. I love when people put together live compilations of an album. I have no other source information on any of the songs.

8 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Hard Nose the Highway Live

  1. Love the Van Morrison material that’s been popping up on the web lately and especially on your site. I’ve never seen this boot before. Thanks man!!

  2. I just found your site – wow!! FreeMorrison is right, this is a real gem of a collection and I haven’t seen it before. Wish I could get my hands on that whole Breman, Germany show from ’74 or the LA show from ’78 because those sound awesome. Thanks so much MIdnight Cafe, enjoying your blog!!

  3. I believe I have all those shows – let me work up some links and I’ll ship them off to Matt here soon.
    Love the look and ease of navigating around The Midnight Cafe. brilliant work here Matt.

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