Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Anaheim, CA (11/16/74) “Dark Shades of the Soul, Vol. IV”

1974_11_14_Anaheim_front copy

Van Morrison
Anaheim California
November 16th 1974
Dark Shades of Soul VOL. IV

Download: FLAC/MP3

Audience Recording
Recorded by Bill Craven
Source: Sony stereo recorder with duel element mics
Lineage: aud reel > ? cd > eac (secure) > mkwACT > shn>

01 – Intro Of Band Members, Intro for Van
02 – Naked In The Jungle
03 – Wild Children
04 – Bulbs
05 – Into The Mystic
06 – Help Me
07 – Cul De Sac ^
08 – Joyous Sound
09 – I Believe
10 – Listen To The Lion ** (Fades)
11 – (Fades), I’ve Been Working ***
12 – Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket
13 – Twilight Zone
14 – Moondance, Fever, Intros, Moondance
15 – Brown Eyed Girl

An ok sounding audience recording. There’s lots of crowd noise.

^ – Very rare performance of song “Cul De Sac”. This was the last time this was performed live. Van has an awesome saxaphone solo during this. the only other time this song performed was 10-18-1974

Band Members
Van Morrison – guitars, keys, harmonica, alto saxaphone & vocals
Pete Wingfield – piano & backing vocals
Peter Van Hooke – drums & backing vocals
Jerome Rimson – bass & backing vocals

Notes from original uploader:

THIS is Van’s Last Live Full Show Performance that was recorded before he went on his Hiatus until 1978. He did perform the next night 11-17-74 in Sacramento, CA. at the Memorial Auditorium but no recording or setlist has surfaced yet.

A Must Have for Van the Man fans. To many Highlights. The entire show is Exceptional in Sound, Setlist and Performance from the 4 Man Van Band

0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Anaheim, CA (11/16/74) “Dark Shades of the Soul, Vol. IV”

  1. Thanks for all these great Van shows; fantastic stuff worth sharing.

    Ain’t it sad about the ol’ WS? Too bad he’s not getting paid by You Know Who anymore to do You Know What to these posts!!


  2. No kidding? A while back, I saw on a popular torrent site that all the Bob posts had to be taken down. But then a bunch were re-posted a week or two later, as if his Bobness changed his mind. Who knows? Maybe he heard that his buddy Van fired the guy…

  3. Rumor has it that Dylan is planning to release a massive amount of his live recordings in some kind of official way so he hired WS to keep all his stuff of the Internets including sending DIME some kind of warning. It didn’t really work there as I see Dylan boots up all the time, but I have had most of my Dylan shows taken down.

  4. Wow. I guess it’s semi-legit for Bob (Columbia Records, whomever) to do that if he doesn’t want boots of the same shows to “compete” with official live releases. But I hope he loosens up after that. Seems he was pretty cool about bootlegs for so many years, it’d be a shame to see a permanent change.

    Thanks for the info, Mat.

  5. That’s just what I’ve heard, I could be completely wrong. I do know that Bob’s people sent DIME a message to take down all their Dylan boots and I know that most of my Dylan shows were taken down from Mediafire, etc.

    I’ve not seen anything official about him officially releasing all his live shows, but that’s the rumor.

  6. Hi Mat,

    Is there any chance you could re-up this one please? It looks awesome. Thanks for all the great music!!

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