Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: The Who – Anaheim, CA (06/14/70)

WHO 700614 Anaheim cdfront

Anaheim Stadium
Anaheim, CA
June, 14 1970

Download: FLAC/MP3

Disc 1:
01 Heaven And Hell
02 I Can’t Explain
03 Young Man Blues
04 Water
05 The Seeker
06 Overture
07 1921
08 Amazing Journey
09 Sparks
10 Eyesight To The Blind
11 Christmas
12 The Acid Queen
13 Pinball Wizard
14 Do You Think It’s Alright
15 Fiddle About
16 Tommy Can You Hear Me
17 There’s A Doctor
18 Go To The Mirror
19 Smash The Mirror
20 Miracle Cure
21 I’m Free
22 Tommy’s Holiday Camp
23 We’ re Not Gonna Take It

Disc 2:
24 Summertime Blues
25 Shakin’ All Over incl. Spoonful tease
26 My Generation incl. Don’t Even Know Myself tease >
27 See Me Feel Me >
28 Sparks >
29 Naked Eye
30 Magic Bus

approx. 110 mins
seamless recording, disc change is a suggestion

?gen C > CD > EAC > wav > Adobe Audition > CDwave >
FlacFrontend (verified, with align on sector boundaries) >
flac > TTD

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Anaheim, CA (05/23/98)

van morrison - annaheim 1998

Van Morrison
Arrowhead Pond Arena
Anaheim CA

Download: FLAC/MP3


01 You Make Me Feel so Free (BK)
02 Sweet Thing (BK)
03 Domino
04 Jackie Wilson Said
05 Satisfied
06 In the Afternoon
>A Town Called Paradise
>Ancient Highway
>Joe Turner Sings
07 Cleaning Windows
08 Sometimes We Cry
09 Raincheck
10 Beautiful Vision

01 Days Like This
02 This Weight
03 Tupelo Honey
>Why Must I Always Explain
04 In The Garden
> Real Real Gone
05 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
06 Cyprus Avenue
07 The Healing Game

Van Morrison: Vocals Harmonica
Shana Morrison: Vocals
Brian Kennedy: Vocals, Backing Vocals
John Allair: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Jonny Scott: Guitar, Backing Vocals
David Hayes: Bass
Geoff Dunn: Drums
Liam Bradley: Percussion, Backing Vocals
Pee Wee Ellis: Saxophones
Leo Green: Tenor Saxophone
Matt Holland: Trumpet, Flugelhorn

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Joni Mitchell – Anaheim, CA (03/05/74)

Joni Mitchell in 1974 - Anaheim

Joni Mitchell featuring Tom Scott and The L.A. Express
Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA
March 5, 1974
JF Archive Series Vol. 13 via JEMS

Download: FLAC/MP3

Taper: JF

Source: unknown recorder > unknown microphone (mono)

JEMS 2015 Transfer: first-gen reel > Otari MX-5050 > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 capture > iZotope RX4 > iZotope Ozone 5 > iZotope RX MBIT+ resample 16/44.1 > Peak Pro XT (edit / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

01 This Flight Tonight
02 You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio
03 Free Man In Paris
04 The Same Situation
05 Just Like This Train
06 Rainy Night House
07 Woodstock
08 Cactus Tree
09 Big Yellow Taxi
10 People’s Parties
11 All I Want
12 A Case Of You
13 Dialogue
14 For The Roses
15 Cold Blue Steel
16 Blue
17 For Free
18 Trouble Child
19 Help Me
20 Car On A Hill
21 Both Sides, Now
22 Raised on Robbery
23 The Last Time I Saw Richard
24 Twisted


JEMS loves a vintage taper series and we’re pleased to offer another one, this time from the archive of our friend JF, who taped in and around Southern California in the ’70s and Boston in the ’80s. He frequented smaller venues, like the Troubadour and the Roxy, leaving arenas to others and leaning more towards the folksier, jazzier and eclectic sides of rock.

Most of his ’70s tapes were made on what I would describe as the kind of large, rectangular, portable, C-cel powered cassette recorder that my family and surely many others had in the ’70s, either a Panasonic or a Sony. While I used ours to record myself, my friends and my sister around the house, the teenage JF figured: Why not try taking it into concerts?

I only learned what recorder JF used after I had heard some of his tapes and I have to say I was mildly shocked. Given the gear, his tapes are remarkably clear for the era. And make no mistake, this was an early era for audience recording, part of the first wave spurred on by of the vinyl bootleg revolution.

For further details and backstory on JF, his tapes and the extraordinary lost Van performances from 1975 that started the series, please refer to the notes in Vol. Three:



The JF Archive series resumes with what we believe to be a previously uncirculated Joni Mitchell performance on her well regarded 1974 tour backed by Tom Scott and the L.A. Express. The tour was notable as her first to explore more of a jazz direction compared to her folk-rock beginnings.

You can find the poster for the show, the ticket, photos and a nice contemporary review here:

Itís a lively set featuring a very talkative Joni. The sound quality isn’t up to the level of the best audience tapes of the tour (among them JEMS’ Seattle 3/13/74 master found here http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=318981), but in all, this a lovely performance and another one of those ìyou are thereî recordings, despite the lo-fi gear. Samples provided.

JF did an excellent job capturing the complete performance with no noticeable cuts in the music, Joni’s between song dialogue and stories come through loud and clear.

Though originally recorded on cassette, JF’s Joni recording was transferred from reel-to-reel. That’s because JF, due to tight budgets at the time (he was barely out of high school), routinely transferred his master tapes to reels in order to save tape/money. Because he recorded his masters in mono, he would dub the finished recording onto a single track of a reel, allowing him to fit four or more shows on one 7″ tape and reuse the cassette for the next show. That wasn’t true in all instances, but it is for most. And yes, in hindsight, he is still kicking himself about it. And yet, based on the tapes we’ve transferred so far, JF did a fine job dubbing off his masters, and the Joni reel doesn’t sound any worse for wear despite the one-generation loss.

Once again, we must express our gratitude to JF, who reached out on DIME (you could be next!) and offered us his archive, which had been sitting in boxes, 6000 miles away from where he lives today, for 20+ years. Like so many early tapers, he had great stories to tell and the memories flooded back as we sorted through tapes. We are pleased to be able to bring his work to all of you. Please let him know through your comments that you are, too.

Lastly, as always, special thanks to mjk5510, who continues his critical duty as JEMS’ post-production and quality-control supervisor. His contributions are essential in getting the music to you.


Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Anaheim, CA (03/26/68)


Grateful Dead
MelodyLand Theater
Anaheim, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 6029

1. //Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl
2. //Death Don’t Have No Mercy
3. //Sittin’ On Top Of The World
4. Dark Star

From the original uploader:
This is all that circulates of this show from an outstanding audience recording that is often mistaken for a soundboard. It is likely that several minutes of Schoolgirl are missing, and there is a dropout at roughly 0:40. Only the first few notes of Death Don’t & Top Of The World are

Note: these SHNs fit on one disc with gd69-05-07 and the audio fits on disc 1
of gd69-05-07 as filler

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Anaheim, CA (07/26/87)

bob dylan + Grateful Dead - 1987-07-26-Anaheim-Stadium

Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan
Sunday July 26th,1987
Anaheim Stadium

Download: FLAC/MP3

Set 1 (Grateful Dead)
Iko Iko
Minglewood Blues
Tons of Steel
West LA Fadeaway
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Mexicali Blues
Birdsong >
Promised Land

Set 2 (Grateful Dead)

Shakedown Street
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin >
Drums >
Space >
The Other One >
Stella Blue >
Throwing Stones >
Not Fade Away

Set 3 (Dylan and the Dead)

Mr. Tambourine Man
Dead Man, Dead Man
Maggie’s Farm
Simple Twist of Fate
Watching the River Flow
It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
Chimes of Freedom
Queen Jane Approximately
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Ballad of a Thin Man
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Gotta Serve Somebody
All Along the Watchtower
Encore: Touch of Grey >
Encore: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Source 1
This is a tagged version of shnid:124098

Source: 1x Sennheiser MD-421 (mono) > unknown deck > MAC, recorded
“off second stack behind Healy”. 1st Gen cassettes kindly provided
by Seaweed1010.

Transfer: XLII-S > Nakamichi CR-5A > Edirol FA-66 > Wavelab 2448 >
R8Brain > CD-Wave > TLH > FLAC 1644 tagged, Andrew F. March 2013

It appears the tapers were able to get only a single mic into the
concert (it was a no-taping show), they’re heard discussing that
between songs. However, they did manage to capture a decent mix
from the repeater array; with good bass, clear vocals, and without
a lot of stadium echo or crowd noise. The tapers can also be heard
mic-checking before Tons of Steel, Shakedown, and Looks Like Rain.
Note: small FLAC file size is due to mono WAV data.

Patches from ID-98214 were mixed down to mono and added as follows:
– Iko 0:00 > 0:18
– Masterpiece 3:04 > 3:22
– Promised Land 0:00 > 0:06
– crowd after Promised Land 4:13 > 4:21
– Space 4:31 > 4:37
– Chimes of Freedom 5:28 > 5:33
– Touch of Grey 0:00 > 0:18

Source 2
This is a tagged version of shnid:98214

Modified Nak 700’s omni with
Sony D5
FOB Spread 6 feet apart
Maxell MX 90 nr dbx II

Recorded by Tazuo Yamaguchi and Jamie Poris
Transferred by Russ Cansler

Master>Nak CR-3A>dbx224>HD>Audacity>CDWave>TLH

notes:encore placed at end of disk 1
source for encore nak 300’s w/ d5 2nd gen
numerous PHIL BOMBS during begining of Shakedown Street
begining of Mr Tambourine Man cut

Source 3:
This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 97495

Soundboard (audience starting with Ballad of a Thin Man)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Anaheim, Ca (03/10/00)


Bob Dylan
Early Show
Sun Theater
Anaheim, Ca, USA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Source: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D8
Transfer: DAT > Sony Standalone CD Burner > FreeRIP (FLAC) > Bulk Rename Utility (Track ID) > Trader’s Little Helper (FFP) > Torrent

Disc One

01. Roving Gambler (acoustic)
02. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (acoustic)
03. It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) (acoustic)
04. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) (with harp)
05. This World Can’t Stand Long (acoustic) (with harp)
06. Dignity
07. Tell Me That It Isn’t True (first live performance of this song from Nashville Skyline) (Larry on pedal steel)
08. Things Have Changed (first live performance)
09. Not Dark Yet
10. Highway 61 Revisited

(encore 1)
11. Love Sick
12. Not Fade Away

(encore 2)
13. Blowin’ In The Wind (acoustic)

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Anaheim, CA (11/16/74) “Dark Shades of the Soul, Vol. IV”

1974_11_14_Anaheim_front copy

Van Morrison
Anaheim California
November 16th 1974
Dark Shades of Soul VOL. IV

Download: FLAC/MP3

Audience Recording
Recorded by Bill Craven
Source: Sony stereo recorder with duel element mics
Lineage: aud reel > ? cd > eac (secure) > mkwACT > shn>

01 – Intro Of Band Members, Intro for Van
02 – Naked In The Jungle
03 – Wild Children
04 – Bulbs
05 – Into The Mystic
06 – Help Me
07 – Cul De Sac ^
08 – Joyous Sound
09 – I Believe
10 – Listen To The Lion ** (Fades)
11 – (Fades), I’ve Been Working ***
12 – Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket
13 – Twilight Zone
14 – Moondance, Fever, Intros, Moondance
15 – Brown Eyed Girl

An ok sounding audience recording. There’s lots of crowd noise.

^ – Very rare performance of song “Cul De Sac”. This was the last time this was performed live. Van has an awesome saxaphone solo during this. the only other time this song performed was 10-18-1974

Band Members
Van Morrison – guitars, keys, harmonica, alto saxaphone & vocals
Pete Wingfield – piano & backing vocals
Peter Van Hooke – drums & backing vocals
Jerome Rimson – bass & backing vocals

Notes from original uploader:

THIS is Van’s Last Live Full Show Performance that was recorded before he went on his Hiatus until 1978. He did perform the next night 11-17-74 in Sacramento, CA. at the Memorial Auditorium but no recording or setlist has surfaced yet.

A Must Have for Van the Man fans. To many Highlights. The entire show is Exceptional in Sound, Setlist and Performance from the 4 Man Van Band