Bootleg Bonanza: Soundgarden – Rochester, NY (06/14/94)

soundgarden rochester 94

Download MP3@320kps: Part I, Part II, Part III

Rochester New York
June 14 1994

Recorded w/a SONY Pro Cassette D3-unknown mic
Maxell-XLIIS master tape/PC-wav w/Soundforge-normalized/FLAC w/FLAC Frontend>MP3@320

The venue seats about 11,215 & it was maybe 1/2 full.The sound is average for a Soundgarden show but a bit echoey in spots due to it being 1/2 empty.

CD 1

01 Intro
02 Jesus Christ Pose
03 Spoonman
04 Let Me Drown
05 Mailman
06 Day I Tried To Live
07 My Wave
08 I Awake
09 Black Hole Sun
10 With My Good Eye Closed *tape flip/edit*
11 Superunknown
12 Rusty Cage
13 Half
14 Mind Riot
15 Fell On Black Days
16 Drawing Flies

CD 2

01 Slaves & Bulldozers
02 Kickstand
03 Face Pollution
04 Like Suicide
05 Beyond The Wheel-tease
06 Head Down
07 Limo Wreck

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