Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Lakeland, FL (04/18/76)

bob dylan - lakeland - 1976

Bob Dylan
Lakeland, Florida
April 18, 1976

Download: FLAC/MP3

1 Visions Of Johanna
2 If You See Her, Say Hello
3 Vincent van Gogh (w Bobby Neuwirth vocal)
4 Weary Blues From Waiting
5 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
6 Maggie’s Farm
7 One Too Many Mornings
8 Seven Days
9 Railroad Boy
10 Wild Mountain Thyme
11 Blowin’ In The Wind
12 I Pity The Poor Immigrant
13 Shelter From The Storm
14 I Threw It All Away
15 Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
16 Mozambique
17 Going, Going, Gone
1 Lay Lady Lay
2 Silver Mantis (T-bone Burnette & Joan Baez vocals)
3 Idiot Wind
4 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (w Roger McGuinn vocal)
5 Gotta Travel On

Source 1:

Lineage: Bob Heyer’s original cassette -> Reel -> ADC>
Remastered 2011.

Source 2:

Source: “This is a high-spirited show that many people already have. The taper’s seat is not too great but the recording was well-done. From Bob H.”


lowgen4 posted LB-2441 in Feb. ’05. Jacktomthumb posted LB-5411 in Oct. ’07. lowgen4 then posted LB-9273 in May ’13. And LB-9273 appears it have been reposted by lowgen4 last month with oodles of seeds….

ijwthstd posted something called “BOB DYLAN & ROLLING THUNDER REVUE Lakeland, FL April 18 1976 **new source**” but I didn’t grab it because it was banned during that brief period of time in 2010 – 2011 when Dylan was on the NAB list.

It has always seemed to me that this date has seen lots of variations of a single source, e.g., LB-9273 has been described by jokerman.org as “same recording as LB-4096…brighter but also harsher with more hiss.” LB-5411 is presumably a cleaned up and retracked version of LB-4096. LB-4096 could also be the same recording as LB-0200 and LB-2441. LB-2441 has been characterized by the jokerman.org as LB-0200 “with higher levels, different tracking, and does not have flaws on d1t3 but has others not on (LB-0200).” The bulk of the versions seem to be fair to good recordings. (Though, as I said, I have never heard the ***new source*** listed above.)

I don’t believe LB-2441 has been posted since ’05. So, as with ice cream and Mustangs, it all depends on which version you like best.

8 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Lakeland, FL (04/18/76)

  1. Hey thx for uploading my recording. This show being opening night of the tour was shocking even by Bob”s standard opening night surprises during that era. I never tire of this show. Even tho’ I didn’t use the best equipment available at the time I was still very pleased with how it came out. (could have captured a little more bass) “Weary Blues” still stands as the only performance of this Hank W. song. I also recorded the Orlando show a week later which was in a metal shed used for 4H fairs hence a little metallic sound. The audience was particularly crazy from the heat and the fact that it was oversold with people spilling out to the outside. One thing, Bob did “Shelter…” for the sound check at Lakeland which would have been the first performance. I know many people love this recording and I am proud of that. I saw it was ranked as the #1 best live “field recording by fans. (Bob plays bass on “Silver Mantis”)

  2. Thank you for taping it Bob. Good stuff all around. Thanks also for commenting on my blog and being super cool about it. I would be happy to reupload it for you if you want me to share it some more. I have the lossless files to that I could share as well.

  3. A breathtaking, chilling rendition of If You See Her, Say Hello with completely new, very cynical, lyrics. Performed perhaps only once or twice. Essential.

    New “1976” lyrics for Lay Lady Lay too.

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