Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Boston, MA (10/27/74)

Van Morrison - Boston - 1974

Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA.
October 27, 1974 (Sunday Night)

Download: FLAC/MP3

An EAC CD Rip – From Brian Chaloux’s Silvers Collection 2007
Recorded by Joe Maloney – Brilliant Audience Recording
Source: Sony TC-110A analog cassette recorder with built in mics
Lineage: Audience Analog Master > CDR > EAC (sercure) > Flac

Disc 1
01. Tune Up, Intro, Naked In The Jungle
02. Street Choir
03. Warm Love
04. Bulbs
05. Into The Mystic
(Special Info On This Track 05.>) Acoustic Guitar Solo by Van, What an Incredible Rare Version of this song “Into The Mystic” by Van.
06. Help Me
07. I Believe To My Soul
08. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
(Special Info On This Track 08.)> The First Time this Song “Ain’t Nobody’s Business” Was Ever Perfomed Live
09. Listen To The Lion
(Special Info On This Track 09.)> Longest Version of “Listen To The Lion” Ever Perfomed Live. This also includes “Story Time”.
10. Wild Night
11. I’ve Been Working
12. Take Your Hand Out Of My Pocket


Disc 2
01. Twilight Zone, Encore Applause (ENCORE #1)
02. Moondance, Fever, Band Intros, Moondance, (ENCORE #2)
03. Since I Fell For You, (ENCORE # 3)
(Special Info On Track 03.)> A Rare Performance of this Song “Since I Fell For You” only Performed 34 times Live, This is the Longest Version Of this Song Ever Performed Live.
04. Gloria, Caravan Medley, Gloria

Band Members:

Van Morrison – Guitars, keys, harmonica, alto saxaphone & vocals
Pete Wingfield – Piano and keyboards & backing vocals
Jerome Rimson – Bass & backing vocals
Peter Van Hooke – Drums & backing vocals

Original Uploaders Notes
(Happy Jack’s Notes)
Other Hightlights: Twilight Zone, Moondance & Gloria
This is just a Freaking Fantastic Show and Setlist with Great Sound
The Four Man Van Band is Just Awesome

Special thanks to Joe Maloney for making this Recording Available.
Brilliant Historic Audience Recording – Thanks to the Taper Joe Maloney for capturing this awesome show some 37 years ago.
We are very grateful to Joe Maloney for compiling & editing these recordings, which enable so many others to enjoy music that would be otherwise lost forever to air.

A huge thanks to Free Morrison for this show.

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  1. I’ve noticed because the download is a Zip file, some of the art work is not getting downloaded, here’s a link to the extra art>
    Alt Art Boston Music Hall Van Morrison 1974>
    And also here’s a new WinRar MegaUpload link that will work better I believe.>
    Zip files are nice because they really shrink the size but they are a pain extracting.
    Sorry guys. FreeMorrison

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