Band of Horses – New York, NY(12/14/11)

Band Of Horses
December 14th, 2011
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

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Microtech Gefell M210’s>Oade M248>SBM-1>D8, D8>Tascam CDRW2000>CD
Set up at front-right of soundboard
by Jon Pasternak

CD>xACT 2.15 (cdparanoia)>WAV>FLAC, all tracks extracted with no errors.
by Dave Mallick

01. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands [06:35.26]
02. The Great Salt Lake [05:23.33]
03. Is There A Ghost [03:22.51]
04. The General Specific [03:38.14]
05. For Annabelle [03:45.37]
06. The First Song [04:12.17]
07. Islands On The Coast [04:41.04]
08. Older [03:28.26]
09. No One’s Gonna Love You [04:11.73]
10. Infinite Arms [06:12.72]
11. Ode To LRC [04:50.73]
12. The Funeral [05:44.10]
13. Am I A Good Man [06:16.13]
Total: [62:22.74]

Opening for My Morning Jacket.

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