Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Montreux, Switzerland (07/11/84)

V.M. Summertime in Montreux 84 front

Van Morriosn
Summertime In Montreux
(Bootleg CD)
Doberman 081/082
(Released 1997)

Download: FLAC/MP3

Inarticulate Speech Of The Heart (8:28)
Medley: Baby, Please Don’t Go / Gloria / Here Comes The Night / Brown Eyed Girl (5:48)
I Will Be There (2:36)
Jackie Wilson Said (2:33)
St. Dominic’s Preview (5:56)
It’s All In The Game (7:44)
Vanlose Stairway (5:13)
Hardnose The Highway (3:44)
Help Me (4:50)
If You Only Knew (2:42)
Total time: (49:47)

Northern Muse (Solid Ground) (3:57)
Haunts Of Ancient Peace (6:20)
She Gives Me Religion (4:02)
Ballerina (5:17)
Summertime In England (10:35)
Celtic Swing (4:33)
Instrumental Jam (13:22)
Cleaning Windows (3:50)
What Would I Do (6:32)
Total time: (58:28)

All songs recorded at the Jazz Festival in Montreux, Switzerland on 11/7/84

Review from Niall Connors:
This is a first-rate FM recording of the complete show (unlike Haunts of Ancient Peace and I Can’t Go On… But I’ll Go On). The “I Will Be There”, “Jackie Wilson” and “St. Dominic’s” trio are all great versions; additionally, this set features my favorite “Vanlose Stairway” and “Ballerina” boot renditions. The sound is superb: on a par with Down By Avalon and Edinburgh Castle.

Part of the van-the-man.info unofficial website

0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Montreux, Switzerland (07/11/84)

  1. Love the Van Morrison concerts and thank you so much for these. However, I’m limited in how much I can download every month and these FLAC downloads are horrendously large. I only convert them to MP3 anyway for playing on my iPod – this is my only way of listening to music these days. Is MP3 really considered so bad? I love the MP3 quality I get!?

  2. OK Neil I too love the MP3’s and have become a master at creating excellent MP3’s for my Ipod.

    (Not as good as Matt, his MP3’s are amazing).

    I have an MP3 of this one for my IPOD, let me get an MP3 link up for you my friend…..

    Some Van shows I cannot convert to MP3 and share – per the original uploaders request – this one I can as there has been an MP3 version circulating for years.

    Hang on – should be a link up here in 30 minutes or so.

    Also if you have any request let me know.

  3. Neil – I can understand what you are saying. However please let me put in a good word for FLAC. The glory of FLAC is that you basically can’t go any higher — once you get that, you have the best, archival version that will work the best in CDs you burn. Sure, MP3s are what we all do for iPod, and I make MP3s for that. But I sure appreciate all these great shows in FLAC because then you’re good to go forever. You never need to seek out a FLAC version later on if you want to burn to CD.

    I hope you do continue to post in FLAC as you always do, FM – with perhaps an MP3 option if people request?

    Just my humble input.

    Also – FreeMorrison, I noticed on this amazing Van show you posted around Christmastime:


    that you included an awesome track from a Van show at The Fillmore West on 10.9.70. I love the classic Van show at that venue from the Spring of that year, but had never heard anything from this October show until now.

    Is there any chance you could post that entire 10/9/70 Fillmore West show sometime? Just putting in a bee in your bonnet on that one, if it is possible… thank you so much!

  4. I put up the MP3 version because it is already well circulated.


    Yes I can upload that one, a fellow named “The Face” reworked it again after a brilliant man from the UK spent a fortune having the set redone in a professional studio after liberating that priceless gem from an Ebay seller.
    1970 – FILLMORE WEST (10.09.70) New Sbd

    The best version is the JTT version, but unforgettably he has emailed me and asked me to never upload any of his stuff.
    Although we were friends for years, and most of JTT’ s text say “Free To Share Anywhere”, I have too much respect for the man.
    If he ask me not to upload his stuff, then I do as he says, it’s that simple. I will not upload a JTT here.

    I believe JTT is concerned about the fact that there are MP3 downloads her as well as Flac at The Midnight Cafe, and in his rule book that is a no go.

    (That and I did some very stupid shit to piss off my long time friend, and I’m afraid he hasn’t forgiven me yet.)

    For me when you have a JTT Master, you have the best on the planet, and I will continue to respect his wishes.

    I have nothing but love for the legendary JTT and I guess I would be considered one of his biggest fans, and certainly I have one of the largest JTT collections around, and it is a shame to keep it to myself,,,,,,,,,, but I will til I hear otherwise from him.

    The song you are talking about is from the JTT version of the lost SBD gem 1970 – FILLMORE WEST (10.09.70) New Sbd,,,,,,,,,,, and it is a KILLER!

  5. Though it’s quite right that JTT’s wishes should be respected, it’s a little like rubbing salt into a wound to say that his version of the October 10th, Fillmore recording is “a killer” and then not to upload it!

    Incidentally, the chap who bought the October 10th, Fillmore recording was from Germany, not the UK.

  6. FreeMorrison, you mentioned if maybe I had a request? Well, I’m going to see Van at the Edinburgh Playhouse at the end of March – do you have one from that venue? Not sure how many times he’s played there, but that would be great if you had one! Thanks very much.

  7. I have many Edingburgh’s and I will pick the best one, I believe Edinburgh is one of Van’s favorite venues.

    In The Garden is right – that was wrong of me to say that.
    I have listened to both “The Face’s” version and the “JTT” version of the Fillmore and actually “The Face” has done an incredible job!
    I just always assume there is no one better than JTT and that is just the way it is, but in this case the folder is a little larger and as you read his notes you see that he did in fact boost some levels with the Fillmore gem.

    Which is probably why I like it! I love the bass and treble clarity to crystal clear when I turn it up loud!!!!

    Get ready she’s on her way up – Thanks In The Garden for the reality check.

  8. Many thanks for the new Van recording. I’d love anything that has backing vocals by Brian Kennedy!!! Thanks for the mp3 link.

  9. Thanks Jay. Regarding FLACs. Currently I download them, convert to MP3, load into iTunes to listen on ipod and burn to CD out of iTunes. I’ve never burned a FLAC to CD. What software is easy to use to burn FLAC files directly to CD?

  10. I don’t have any idea which is the best. I use NERO with a FLAC plug-In which automatically converts the FLAC files when I load them into NERO to burn to a CD.

    What a lot of people like to use is TRADER’S LITTLE HELPER which converts the FLAC files into WAVE files which you then can burn to a CD.

  11. Burn4Free is good (free as you might imagine!) and easy to use. Burning mp3s to CD from iTunes – no, no, no!!!!!! FLACs can also be played directly in Winamp, Foobar 2000 and possibly others.

  12. The latest version of NERO (11, is it?) has FLAC burning to audio CD native. Earlier version may need the FLAC plugin.

    The best player IMHO is VLC, which plays just about every audio and video file known to man, and then some, and handles subtitles really well.

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