Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (10/09/70)

Van Morrison
October 9th, 1970
Fillmore West
San Francisco, California

Download FLAC: Google Drive

1. Intro (Gloria > Mystic Eyes)
2. Glad Tidings
3. These Dreams of You
4. And It Stoned Me
5. Crazy Love
6. I’ve Been Working
7. Ballerina
8. Astral Weeks
9. Moondance
11.Into The Mystic
12.Brown Eyed Girl

First known recording of:
I’ve Been Working

First known recorded live versions of:
I’ve Been Working
Astral Weeks

Alan Hand – keyboards
David Shaw – drums
John Armstrong – bass
Dave Sarlin – guitar
Keith Johnson – trumpet
Jack Schroer – saxophone

Stunning longest known recording of Astral Weeks (over 12 minutes) !!

30 thoughts on “Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (10/09/70)

  1. For those hovering about whether to download this one or not. Please don’t hesitate. Just do it! It’s so well worth it.

    Super thanks must go to those with put this one together at their own expense and then shared the results freely and at no cost .

    Thanks also to those who worked on the original files to enhance the sound.

    And of course, thanks go to FreeMorrison for sharing them so freely here at Mat’s website

  2. In The Garden is correct, many thanks to the fellow who saved this one from being hidden forever, I think I know his name but like alot of Van collectors – (not in it for the Glory and prefers to remain anonymous).

    Thanks In The Garden for all your help also, my details always need correcting, much apprecited.

    Enjoy, off to work the double shift Sunday. Woop!

  3. FreeMorrison, you are knockin’ it out of the park again – thanks so much!! Can’t wait to hear this whole show – and thanks again for responding to my request in the other thread!! Many cheers!

    (and good luck with your double shift – I know about that myself! lol)

  4. Hi. The link seems to be for The Orphenage gig. Could you please repost the link. Thanks … and thanks very much for all the Van stuff. Cheers Alan.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing all of these amazing VM show, I greatly appreciate it. By any chance, is there another link? When I click on the one for the 1970 FW show, it takes me to the 74 Orphanage show.

  6. Hello again. Perhaps it’s just me (and I am almost in my 7th decade!! :-)) but doesn’t this link just take to you to The Orphanage download? Please correct me if this isn’t the case?

  7. FreeMorrison, it looks like the link above is actually for “Van Morrison – Live @ The Orphanage (07.29.74) FromSHN – Flac.rar” – let me know if you might be able to replace it. Thank you so much in advance!

  8. FILESWAP server is down, let me get a good nights sleep and while I do that the correct show is uploading to Rapid Share and I will have a fresh link on the morrow.
    Sorry for the worrying , all will be well tomorrow morning.
    Hang on the best is yet to come – I have some killer shows on the way and plan to launch a new Van everyday.
    Ones that have never been circulated in years.

  9. Yes it is working for FILESWAP – but I will still have a backup link with Rapid Share on the morrow, Good Night From Florida.

  10. OK I believe both links are correct and working now.
    I will look for the Edignburgh show (the best one), and I believe I have The Outskirts of Basel also.
    In Then Garden will now the dates of that one so I can narrow my search, The Van folder is quite large.

    Thanks for everyone’s patience, anymore problems please let me know.

  11. WOW! AMAZING! When I first saw the headline I thought it was the April 1970 Filmore show that’s been around awhile. No, This is the October 9th, 1970! Thank you FreeMorrison. THANK YOU BILL GRAHAM! I found this website that lists the Filmore West shows:
    Van played 2 nights in April 1970, played 4 nights in October 1970, 4 more nights in April 1971.

  12. jaw dropped… this is stunning…

    Amazing show. I was most interested to hear the version of “Astral Weeks” here which is just off the charts. Thanks so much!

    If there are any other boots of the other October ’70 San Fran shows Van played, it would be great to hear them too. But I am just reveling in this one right now. Thank you so much FreeMorrison!

  13. Thanks really must go to the brilliant anonymous fellow from Germany who liberated this from a scoundrel Ebay seller and paid a small fortune to have this lost treasure worked on in a Professional Studio in London. (I think London?)
    Then he circulated it to a few Van collectors – at the bottom of the original Info Text Document in my original copy it says>
    “Just keep it safe in your collection for awhile till we see what happens.”

    I’m really just sharing what was freely given to me, “In the Garden” would know if it’s proper for me to come right out and mention the fellows user name to give proper thanks, I do know who he is – although I have never chatted with him.
    I have just happen to have seen him post some comments about this show elsewhere.

    Another recording that might go be worth a share is >

    1970 – 2004 – Van Morrison – Into The Mystic (All Soundboard) – Flac


    Van Morrison – Get’s His Chance to Wail (FACTORY PRESSED DISC)

    1968 to 1975 – Vol One – Laughing In The Wind – FLAC

    1969 to1980 – Vol Two- Naked In The Jungle – FLAC

    1970 – Vol Three- Rocks His Gypsy Soul (04,26.70) – FLAC

  14. The story as I understand it was this was one of a batch of 10′ reel to reel tapes that were sold on eBay November, 2010: The tapes included Van Morrison at the Fillmore West, October 10 (?) 1970 along with a recording of the Bob Dylan bootleg album “The Villager” and Van Morrison at the Fillmore West, April 26th, 1970 along with four studio recordings from Van Morrison at the Maverick. These studio recordings were from the “Band And Street Choir” album.

    It is believed this tape was originally in the collection of Andy Robinson, a Street Choir background vocalist and Woodstock radio DJ and recording studio owner. After an illness several years ago, he was unable to pay the rent on his storage unit, and the contents were auctioned off. In 2010 items from the collection were auctioned on ebay. The recording was purchased and made available by a German collector with the help of other serious collectors who undertook a lot of time and effort in transferring the tape at considerable cost. The tape crossed twice the atlantic to end up in a professional studio to be transferred. After circulating privately, It was made freely available last year.

  15. Thanks In The Garden, God Bless that fellow from Germany what an incredible story!

    Will the Maverick Shows ever be seen?

  16. The Maverick is a recording studio though Clinton Heylin has all the four tracks listed on the tape as recorded at A & R Recording Studios, NYC, NY, USA, Spring 1970. The recordings ended up on “Band And Street Choir”.

    Incidentally, the same studio where Bob recorded the songs for the original version of BLOOD ON THE TRACKS.

  17. Wow, that is amazing background, InTheGarden – thanks for the info. I was wondering how such an amazing tape, from such a pivotal year for Van, could have remained underground until now, at least to me. Thanks!

  18. My buddies did the light show for this run at Fillmore West and I went this night. I was amazed to run into this recording all these years later! Van was great that night. I would love to hear the second set as it got really bizarre at the end when Van did “Cyprus Avenue” and broke the music down completely before slamming it home with the “It’s too late to stop now!” bit he did in those days. It was one of the strangest and most powerful things I’ve ever seen happen on a stage as he was completely into a zone.

    Thanks for posting!

  19. Comments from some deleted reposts:

    JRMJr says:
    March 26, 2019 at 8:12 am Edit

    Hey, thanks for this. Nice surprise treasure for a brisk New England spring morning! So cool. Great recording. Thanks Van.
    Jon Dummer says:
    March 26, 2019 at 9:01 am Edit

    Thanks for this one!
    La Piazza Gancio says:
    March 26, 2019 at 3:31 pm Edit

    One of the great live boots! Can’t wait to hear the upgrade!
    Steve says:
    March 26, 2019 at 10:30 pm Edit

    Amazing upgrade!
    MZ says:
    March 27, 2019 at 2:31 am Edit

    Thanks Mat, brilliant sound. Cheers!
    Grant says:
    March 29, 2019 at 9:19 am Edit

    Thank you for this Mat!

    Grant says:
    May 5, 2016 at 2:46 pm Edit

    Wow, fantastic!! Thanks so much for this and the other Van posts today, Mat – much appreciated!!
    egregious philbin says:
    January 13, 2018 at 6:04 pm Edit

    thank you! van in good form, but boy, the band is not nearly as good without jeff labes on keyboards & john platania on guitar! their absence is really felt here. interesting to hear van with very pedestrian piano/organ & guitar! thanks!

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