Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Edinburgh, Scotland (09/01/79)

VM EDINBURGH 1979 Front [150dpi]

Edinburgh, Scotland
September 1st, 1979
Festival Theatre

Download: FLAC/MP3


Kingdom Hall
Bright Side Of The Road
Into The Mystic
Here Comes The Night
You Make Me Feel So Free
Call Me Up In Dreamland
It’s All In The Game > You Know What They’re Writing About
Warm Love
Moonshine Whiskey
Full Force Gale
Tupelo Honey
I’ve Been Working
Brown Eyed Girl
Rolling Hills
Goodnight Irene

Comment: First Appearance with The Chieftains ever.

John Altham – Saxophones
Herbie Armstrong – Guitar
David Hayes – Bass
Toni Marcus – Violin
Peter Van Hooke – Drums
Pete Wingfield – Keyboards
Katie Kissoon – Backing vocals

Source 1:

Downloaded by FreeMorrison from Somewhere
Lineage: Reworked usingSony SoundForge 10 Pro > remove lower noise fuzz, raised mid & bass 125 khz > Flac level 7
Checked SBE’s (passed) FFP, MD5, auCDtect Flac Report, (all files 100% Flac) ,Original Art Included
And new Art Created by FreeMorrison for this reworked version.
Size: 383Mb’s
Venue: The Royal Highland Showground Ingliston, Edinburgh Scotland “Edinburgh Rock Festival” 09/01/79
(Slight Overall Enhancement in Sound from Original, Rework by FreeMorrison February 13th, 2001)

Source: NC, BVR, WL

A commercially ill fated festival held in the showgrounds at Ingliston near Edinburgh, good weather, good organisation but perhaps too diverse a bill that did not appeal to a wide enough audience .

The pairing of Van and the Cheiftains with a New wave set of acts was probably not a good idea in 1979, when audiences were quite polarised as to their likes and dislikes. 12,000 was not a big enough audience to justify another outing in 1980 .

(There is another superb copy that circulates – I would highly recomend it ifyou can find it – a JTT version of this show with an Introduction bonus track incluced)
FreeMorrison February 13th, 2012

Source 2:

Thanks to “Norm” for the scans on Demonoid and correct information.
I downloaded the copy now on Demonoid but found my tape transfer to be an upgrade.
New Arwork included using Norms original Scans

SOURCE: Low Generation Tape (JG) > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8

JTT, December 2011

These files are labeled 09/09 but it appears to be this date.

24 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Edinburgh, Scotland (09/01/79)

  1. There’s a wild story behind that one.
    A friend emailed me last year and asked about this torrent called Van Morrison Bootlegs and Rare Albums, and did I have it as it was across cyber space with no seeders anywhere.

    Of course I had, then I got to thinking, lets just kick this up an notch and maker her 61 Albums – updated and reseeded.
    It had been many months since I had uploaded anything to Demonoid as the Van Community became a little dysfunctional, and this was my comeback upload, 11GB’s and 61 Albums, HA!
    That’s how you make a comeback.

    Took me about a week to get her done at 11GB’s I hit the create torrent and it took about 10 minutes.
    And I believe it holds the record for most images on one torrent ever?
    Here’s the original upload with every single album image, (let me know if you need and invite code to Demonoid for anyone).
    Here she is>

    Also as I am not perfect – here is the link to the 4 missing songs that you will need to have the Complete Van Morrison Bootlegs and Rare Albums updated.

    Enjoy, and thanks for the trip down memory lane, the funny thing is – that torrent originated in Russia and that’s where I got it, from a kid from Russia.
    He started it – then could not seed it, I found his name and email in the incomplete original folder along with a few others and I emailed them all and told them of my plans to fix their torrent.
    The Russian Kid was very kind and replied right away.
    I still chat with him once in awhile, he is in College in some country I cannot even spell.
    To date that torrent is massive in downloads across cyber space.
    Spread like wild fire!

  2. PS :
    I have another 10 or so Edinburgh Shows to share in preparation for the upcoming concert this March.
    Hang on the best is yet to come.

    Any other request – PM me.

  3. One more PS:
    There is a superior JTT version of this show called:

    VAN MORRISON – Ingliston, Nr. Edinburgh September 9th 1979 (From Tape, JTT)

    If you get a chance and can find it – it is excellent.

  4. Thanks downloading now. I was checking at that list. “Stepping On a Dream” 1995 looks interesting. So does the Jazz Fest in 1997 with Candy and her band.

  5. Wahoo! Thanks FreeMorrison! Most Van fans would probably put their favorite Van live era at the early 70s, or maybe mid 90s, or maybe early 2000s, or even his shows of the last 2 years which have been resplendent. I love ALL those periods, but man, I can’t get enough of his resurgent live shows from ’78 and ’79.

    This was when he was giving pop stardom one final shot — doing all he could to promote two very radio-ready records (in my opinion), Wavelength and Into The Music.

    Of course, he was rewarded with mostly indifference by the music-buying public (though he did have a great Saturday Night Live appearance during this time where he sang “Wavelength” — in fact, FreeMorrison, do you have a high-quality audio feed of that appearance??
    Here’s a clip:

    But I digress…

    Anyway, he gave it his all in this one last attempt to be “what the kids wanted,” and by that late-70s date — when it was all punk, post-punk, funk or disco — the hirsute, leisure-suited jump-jive of Van was, apparently, totally out of fashion with the mainstream.

    But not with me — that music rocked then, and still does! And so, thanks again for this bit of Van in ’79 that I didn’t even know existed. Downloading next… and hopeful for future Edinburgh shows you mentioned – cheers!

  6. Grant asks about “Wavelength” from “Saturday Night Live”, It’s available along with “Kingdom Hall” from the same appearence as bonus tracks on “GENUINE BOTTOM LINE”, “BOTTOM LINE IN NYC (COMPLETE AND UPGRADED)” and “LIVE FROM THE BOTTOM LINE”.

  7. Sorry about the delay and confusion, for those who want those 3 missing songs from that monster torrent I updated last year “Van Morrison Bootlegs & Rare Albums Updated and Super Seeded”
    Here they are:

    The missing tracks are:
    03 Into The Mystic – (From The Bottom Line 1978)

    04 – She Gives Me Religion, (From Carre Thaeter 1986)

    06 I’ll Take Care of You – It’s a Man’s, Man’s World (From 1996 Moondance In Memphis)

    That link again to download them is at Fileswap:

    Ok then onto the next show.

  8. FreeMorrison-

    Thanks for all the post.

    There is a small problem with this one. The 1st 4 tracks on disc1 are really the same as the 4 tracks on disc 2. They have the disc 1 song names, but are just copies of the disc 2 tracks. Any chance for a fix for what seems like a good show?

    Thanks again

  9. No Thank You Dan, what catastrophe of a mistake that was!!!
    It can happen easily when reworking files – but still I should have caught that one, so I am in your debt.
    If there is any thing special from Van you are looking for please feel free to let me know.

  10. Sweet Fancy Moses Dan did you pick one there!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I ask why you happen to ask for that particular show please – just to ease my curiosity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?

  11. Sure.
    I am from the US, but after finishing college I lived in London for about 6 months in 1986 so and thought maybe I could see a concert when I was there. I was a new fan and Live at the Grand Opera House was my favorite album of all time. I did not get to see a Van concert until several years later when I was back in the U.S. But I digress. Back now to London, on weekends in certain places (I forget where) there were outdoor/street vendors selling of all sorts of stuff including, ahem, live recordings on cassette tapes. I picked up a bunch of Van tapes. This show was one. Most of my others I have been able to find digitally, but not this one. I haven’t listened to it in over 20 years. My guess is that I now have plenty of other shows that are just as good, but you know, sentimental value and all. I remember that I always tried to get tapes from one specific vendor. He had the best selection of Van Morrison and the best selection of everything else he carried. Everyone else charged 3 pounds a tape, but he charged 5 pounds (the NotSoFreeMorrison if you will). However, his tapes always looked more “professional” whether or not they really sounded any different.

  12. You write well Dan, excellent insights to a very interesting and cool part of your life.
    Thank you for sharing that with us here at The Midnight Cafe.
    Much Respect Dan!

    If you have been missing this music for over 20 years that is part of the history of your life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Then I believe I found my 1st reprieve to break one of my promises and I will upload the best copies on the planet ,,,,,,,,,,, a JTT Master of The 1982 Show:

    VAN MORRISON – Dominion Theatre, London. March 21st, 1982.
    This recording is an Excellent Stereo Recording Straight From Mixing Desk.
    Speed Corrected, November 2006 by JTT
    Source: Mixing Desk (Master Cassette)>Cassette TDK AD90>Sony D3 (playback)
    New Pitch Corrected Transfer (JTT) 2012
    New Transfer from 1st Generation Tape & Artwork by JTT, 2012

    While I have never been to London or the UK – someone I would consider my best friend, (though we have never actually had our 1st meeting in person yet) has mentioned stories of the street vendors many years ago who sold Van Morrison Bootlegs.

    I actually have 3 rare gems from this date venue and give me a day to get them ready and we will see if we can bring some new sunlight into the little corner of your world now you are back in the USA.

    PS – Live at the Grand Opera House is one of my favorites also – that is one of the few official released albums that I can listen to over and over – the CD has a certain flow to it that is addictive and charming.

  13. Great! I very much look forward to this! Take your time. 🙂
    A comment on your comment:”…the CD has a certain flow to it that is addictive and charming”.
    To me, the flow/pace is the key for appreciating Van. I think he gets the pacing issue the best on studio albums with Into the Music. He almost seems to be warming up on the first side and the songs are a bit more compact. The first side is chock-full of great vocals, but it really starts building when you move to side 2. The songs seem to slow down a bit and spread out. And everything really is building towards the end- “It’s All In The Game”/”You Know What They’re Writing About” (which I will always view as a single song) where he has his most charged vocal maybe ever and it that actually ends in a whisper. Of all his studio albums, this one reminds me the most of a concert. I find the Grand Opera House album interesting in that “It’s all in the game” is now moved up front in the order and then things eventually build to “Rave On, John Donne” which ends up being driven by chanting power. I probably like the studio albums Beautiful Vision and Inarticulate Speech of the Heart more than most. But I will certainly admit they can seem a bit anemic at times. The songs really open up (as they most always do) when you hear them live as on the Grand Opera House album.

  14. I am a Van live collector and have a range of CD boots that I used to exchange with a few others just for the music , no money !
    Very much would like to get back into sharing but with CD as I have burner and cannot be doing with downloading and then burning. I just want to receive a new show , burn and return and vice verse.
    So if there is anyone out there interested please get in touch,
    Cheers Mr A

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