Van Morrison – Edinburgh, Scotland (04/02/99)

Playhouse Theatre
Edinburgh, Scotland
April 2nd, 1999 (Fri) COMPLETESource: Downloaded By Me from Somewhere
Lineage: Encoded by FLAC v1.1.2a with FLAC Frontend v1.7.1
Size: 633Mb’s

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Disc 1
01-Muleskinner Blues
02-Night Train(*instru)
03-Centerpiece > Be Bop A Lula
04-Moondance > My Funny Valentine
05-How Long Has This Been Going On > For Chet And Kenny(*JS)
07-Goin’ Down Geneva
08-In The Midnight
09-Back On Top
10-Help Me
11-In The Afternoon > Joe Turner Sings > Don’t You Make Me High
12-Precious Time

Disc 2
01-For Mr. Thomas
02-Vanlose Stairway > Trans-Euro Train
03-Tupelo Honey
04-Cleaning Windows
05-Georgia On My Mind
06-The Healing Game
07-See Me Through > Soldier Of Fortune > Burning Ground
08-Just Like A Woman
09-Have I Told You Lately

Set 2: Muleskinner Blues
Comment: set 2 = guest appearance with Lonnie Donegan
4m occured before regular set

Richie Buckley – flute, soprano, tenor & baritone saxophones;
Mick Green – guitar (from Goin’ Down Geneva onwards);
Matt Holland – trumpet, flugelhorn;
Bobby Irwin – drums;
Ralph Salmins – drums, percussion;
Johnny Scott – electric and acoustic guitar, lead and backing vocals;
Nicky Scott – bass and backing vocals;
Geraint Watkins – keyboards and backing vocals.
Special Guest: Phil May (PM)
Source: WL

From Freemorrison:
This show clocks in at 136 minutes-that’s 2hours and 16 minutes. Unheard of today and Van is at his best period in my opinion and he is talking and not Mr. Grumpy at this concert. I received this in a trade and it is a wonderful show but the concert as I received it had numerous transition problems between tracks. I do not know if this is how it was originally vined. I have reworked the tracks to make it seamless. I have not changed the sound of the concert as I feel it is great as it is.

There is some distortion on Disc 2-Tracks 8 and 9 but I
did not change it.I did repair a problem towards the end of In The Midnight.
Enjoy!!!!!!!!Van The Man Is Good For You

FFP, MD5, New Correct Art Work, auCdtect Flac Report (100%Flac), all files updated and tagged.
FreeMorrison February 15th, 2012

0 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Edinburgh, Scotland (04/02/99)

  1. This is a NICE one – thanks! Best part so far for me in my first listen here is the relatively straight version of “Tupelo Honey”… so often through the years, he’s had a female singer (Shawna and others) do it for him, or did a medley with a song I don’t love as much, “Why Must I Always Explain,” when what most of us really want is just him nailing it.

    Great sound here, too. Highly recommended. Thanks so much FM!

  2. I agree, you know what would make Van a trillion dollars.
    To sit down and do an unplugged set, a nice 2 CD Set of Van alone and acoustic.
    I would pay $99 for a 2 CD Set like that.

    I actually really like Brian Kennedy and Van when they sing together, they harmonize perfectly.

  3. FM, that’s a great comment. I wish some of my favorite musicians would realize their fans love music more than ever (not less, based on record sales) and would gladly buy the official product if there was more of it from our favorites! The Allman Bros and Pearl Jam and Grateful Dead have gotten that message and it works great for them. Release it, and we shall buy!

    And I like those harmonies you reference too. It also seems like a “less grumpy moment” for Van to cede the mic to other vocalists. Love it. I just like “Tupelo Honey” to at least have Van in it, not just a solo female vocalist.

    On to the next show – wahoo!

  4. see me through track has dowloaded but is corrupted and flac file cannot be decoded. anyone else experience this.
    show is strong. thx for offering this.

  5. Jagger – Sorry it took me so long to get your message, sorry to hear about that track not extracting correctly for you.

    I have just listened to it again – and it is a very long Medley Van is singing.
    He goes from a whisper to a scream, so sometimes there is 3 seconds of silence – but that is just Van working the song and the crowd.
    Then he breaks back onto a new part of the chorus loudly.

    At any rate – here’s a link for that single track Uncompressed and should solve all your problems.

    Download TRACK 07 – See Me Through- The Playhouse (04.02.99)


    At 4 Shared Free File Sharing:

    Just move the track into the folder after completing the download – then delete the corrupt file toot sweet and keep the new one.

    On With the show.

  6. Thanks for this great show! I tried downloading the single track of TRACK 07 – See Me Through- The Playhouse (04.02.99) but still found that they were corrupted and couldn’t be decoded. Could you check into that and see if there’s a fix? Thanks for all you help and all the great music!

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