Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison -Edinburgh, Scotland(08/06/95)

Edinburgh Front0169

Van Morrison
Edinburgh Castle
(bootleg CD)
Kiss the Stone – KTS490
(Released ??/95)

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. All Right, OK, You Win (3:12)
2. How Long Has This Been Going On? (4:29)
3. Early In The Morning (3:01)
4. Days Like This (3:23)
5. Who Can I Turn To? (3:57)
6. That’s Life (3:34)
7. I Will Be There (2:25)
8.Vanlose Stairway (4:23)
9. Blues In the Night (3:14)
10. Haunts of Ancient Peace (4:50)
11. Your Mind Is On Vacation (4:19)
12. Moondance (8:47)
13. Total time: (49:38)

Recorded at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival in August 1995

Review from DC100BT@aol.com:
This is as close to a legit release as Live In Montreux on Swinging Pig was back in the early 90s.

As you all are aware, VM played at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival in August 95 and the show was broadcast in Europe – BBC. Van was backed by the BBC Orchestra Big Band.

I heartily recommend this disc. It is obviously taken from a good FM source tape and is in full pristine stereo sound. The packaging is first-rate; looks like whoever did the graphic arts layout was familiar with Van’s famous quote “I don’t care if you’re red, yellow, blue…” as the packaging has “red, yellow, blue” as the background (much as A Night In San Francisco had “Blues, Ballads, Soul, Jazz” as the background art on the back of the CD). The disc is a picture disc and has photos of Van from a few years ago. (Not the black outfit but the vest and the longer hair on the sides and the Ray Ban aviator shades – circa 1991?)

Dave Wilson reports that he “was at that concert and it was quite a night – for all the wrong reasons. Now I have seen Van maybe 12 times and been moved by his performance 90% of the time but on this night he was quite clearly not happy, most likely with the BBC big band who were backing him! You will notice the CD is only over 40 min long – that is all the Man played! He walked off the stage leaving bewildered musicians to wait for his return – which never happened. And somehow I admire him for it!”


0 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison -Edinburgh, Scotland(08/06/95)

  1. Special thanks to my long time friend and partner in all the many popular compilations like The Christmas Album and Van Morrison “Poetry” ,,,,,,,,,,,, Behindtheritual for helping me get this one right and reminding me that this Edingburgh Show is actually the one that is the best ever!
    Muchos Graciuos my friend, Much Respect!

  2. There are JTT versions of this, Nov. ’90 as well as Sept ’79 in Edinburgh, over at HungerCity – if you’re that way inclined!

  3. JTT has asked me not to upload his Masters, I have known him for years and respect his wishes.

    Know this is just my opinion – but he has done amazing work for the Van Community and sometimes I don’t see enough notice and appreciation of that fact.
    I have said many times after listening to his work – “Best copy on the planet!”

    His years of experience are unmatched.
    He asked me not to share them, and I make it so.
    It’s that simple.
    The Rob Kedward Tapes he Mastered may be a different story and I would have to ask JTT and email Rob K about sharing those here.

    Til then there will be no JTT Masters shared here at The MidNight Cafe from FreeMorrison.
    I have pissed him off once and don’t plan on doing it twice, I have too much respect for him.

    On with the show.
    (Thanks “Windowcleaner”, I have those JTT’s and they are brilliant – good looking out for others as well).

  4. In The Garden, you are right – I just get overwhelmed working with my old friend again “BehindtheRitual” and may have exasperated myself there a bit!
    It’s a killer show!

  5. It’s funny how great a show can be even with Grumpy Van In The House…. I’ve always loved this show but only had it at a low bitrate. THANK YOU for the FLAC files here, FM!

  6. While getting these Edinbrugh shows ready for sharing I have listened to them many times and you are correct Grant the music is great!

    I believe Van feels very comfortable at the PlayHouse in Edinburgh, and like my wife when she’s comfortable with the surroundings and has been there before – she can be grumpy at times – even if the BBC Orchestra was keeping perfect time for her.

    Aghhhhhhhh – she’s grumpy all the time who am I kidding.

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