Bruce Hornsby – Charleston, WV (10/14/11)

Bruce Hornsby
Clay Center for the Arts
Charleston, WV

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Source: Zoom H4 @ 24/44

Transfer and Assembly: 24/44 wav, AA3 for fades and level adjustment, r8brainpro for 16/44, cdwav for tracking,
foobar for tags

The Road Not Taken (missing)
Candy Mountain Run (cuts in)
End of the Innoncence (“Walkin Music” while Bruce moves to dulcimer)
Bruce BS’s with us> Shadow Hand
I Truly Understand
Drunken Hiccups>Valley Road
Prairie Dog Town
Hooray For Tom? (Bruce goes back to the piano)
Spider Fingers
Jacob’s Ladder
Talk of the Town (with Riders teases)
Circus on the Moon
The Way It Is
Rainbow’s Cadillac (With “Who Knows” Jam)

Mandolin Rain> Grand Tour(George Jones song)> Mandolin Rain


-Level flux on track 1 from 5:37- 5:57

-Recorded by Phishblowz

-Transfered and assembled by popskull

Phishblowz Notes:

During the “Walkin Music” the beat is so funky that Bruce gets caught up and plays with the band a
little bit before actually leaves the piano…great stuff

Who Knows jam is derived from the devastatingly groovy riff by Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsys…
I imagine you would have to know this already as fans of good music, but I figured I’d add it as a sidenote just in case

Sonny Emory was unable to attend for this show…Moyes Lucas filled in on short notice…he fit right
in like he never left, I wouldn’t have known he wasn’t a regular…

I met the band after the show, and although Bruce was tired, he was kind enough to talk to us and sign stuff outside the bus…this was supposed to be the last show of the tour, so he’s obviously in need of rest, but they had a make up date in Pittsburgh from a Sept show cancelled due to the hurricanes…even still he was gracious and kind…his memory is amazing too!!! a woman claimed to have first seen him during a soundcheck at some place I don’t remember, back when he was with GD, and he immediately said no, I never played there with them…over 100 shows and he knows where he was and when…said it must have been TOO or something…she insisted it couldn’t be, because she was a fan ever since, and it was before 98…who knows? I figured that maybe Bruce was opening with the Range or something, and that’s what she’s thinking of…just blew me away that Bruce wouldn’t just smile and nod and shake her hand and sign her shit…truly a classy guy with a helluva memory…I hope he writes a memoir someday, it would be a bazillion pages long!!!! LOL

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