Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Denver, CO (05/12/70)

crosby stills nash young - denver 1970

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Denver Coliseum
Denver, CO
May 12, 1970

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Sound: B/C

Disc One

01 – Suite- Judy Blue Eyes
02 – Teach Your Children
03 – On The Way Home
04 – Helpless
05 – Everybody’s Been Burned
06 – Tell Me Why
07 – Man In The Mirror
08 – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
09 – Black Queen
10 – Bluebird
11 – We Are Not Helpless
12 – Love The One You’re With

Disc Two

01 – Pre-Road Downs
02 – Carry On
03 – So Begins The Task
04 – Wooden Ships
05 – Chicago
06 – As I Come Of Age
07 – Southern Man
08 – Everybody I Love You
09 – Long Time Gone

This is a significant show for CSNY. It was the first show of the new tour. It was Calvin “Fuzzy” Samuel’s first show as bassist with CSNY, and Dallas Taylor’s last show. Everyone involved considered it a disaster, particularly the electric set. Neil walked off sometime during or after “Everybody I Love You” and prior to “Long Time Gone”. Crosby and Stills have this little exchange:

Crosby: “Where, where’s Neil?”
Stills: “He ran”

Crosby & Nash were angry with what they perceived as Stills’ controlling behavior. The possibility of resuming as “Crosby,
Nash & Young” was even suggested. The group effectively broke up after this show, only resuming the tour on May 29 in order to
satisfy contractual obligations, and meeting Neil’s “it’s either him or me” ultimatum regarding Dallas Taylor.

Aside from the drama, this is a unique set. Crosby plays “Everybody’s Been Burned”, a song he never played during a CSNY show, and rarely
performed on solo tours. Stills plays the Buffalo Springfield arrangement of “Bluebird”. Then he plays “We Are Not Helpless”, the only time
this track from his first album was ever played live. Lastly, the group plays “Everybody I Love You”. Amazingly, they play it differently
than on “Deja Vu” which was already released. Integrated within the main song is a different chorus with the words “Open Up”.

6 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Denver, CO (05/12/70)

  1. Why have the downloads been taking so long? This one is about 2 hrs. I can’t complain , considering the price. Just wondering. have a nice day. Jim

  2. Short answer: I don’t know.

    Long answer: It could be any number of things including your own internet connection.

    I assume it was the flac that took that long. Its a 600+ mb file which is pretty big and thus will take longer. Rapidshare is one of the only free file sharing sites that allows you to have files over 200 mb. If you go to other bootleg sites you’ll notice most of them break the shows up into small files for downloading.

    Personally I like having one big file to download once, even though that file make take awhile to download rather than having to come back every twenty minutes and download yet another smaller file.

    Rapidshare, like most of the sites also intentionally make free users downloads go slower than the paid users downloads as an attempt to get you to pay for their service.

    Sucks, but like you say, its free so I don’t complain.

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