Van Morrison – Edinburgh, Scotland (03/31/12)

Van Morrison
Edinburgh, Scotland

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

Big thanks to the taper and artwork maker,and a big thanks to ShaReef and the others that fight through the crap that some idiots throw in their way just to disrupt other peoples enjoyment, If you enjoy this a short note in the comments section thanking the mods and ShaReeF would be appreciated as would a thank you to the taper , indeed all the tapers who allow us to enjoy our hobby

Disc 1

Brown Eyed Girl
Higher Than The World
Fair Play
Not Feeling It Anymore
Haunts of Ancient Peace

Disc 2

Its all in the game/make it real/no plan b/burning ground
In the garden
Baby please dont go
Here comes the night
Help Me

Unknown lieneage

4 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Edinburgh, Scotland (03/31/12)

  1. Thanks very much for this. One of the best quality audience recordings I’ve heard and a great reminder of what was a fantastic evening! This was the third time I’d seen Van and the first time in Scotland. Probably the most relaxed I’d seen him and he seemed to be in quite a good mood that night!!

  2. You are welcome. I believe this is the best sounding show from the 2012 run, at least that I’ve heard. Although these things tend to get mixed up in my head after awhile so I could be completely wrong 😉

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