Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (09/05/71)

Van Morrison
Pacific High Studios
San Francisco, CA
September 5, 1971

Download FLAC: Google Drive

Into The Mystic
I’ve Been Working
Friday’s Child
Hound Dog
Tupelo Honey
Wild Night
Just Like A Woman
Moonshine Whiskey
Dead or Alive
You’re My Woman
These Dreams Of You
Call Me Up in Dreamland
Dead or Alive
Bring It On Home To Me
Blue Money (KSAN)
Buena Sera Senorita

One Source includes the following songs:

He Ain’t Give You None
Let The Cowboy Ride
Give Me A Kiss
Mystic Eyes
Rock Me Baby
I Wanna Roo You
And It Stoned Me
Blue Money
Bring It On Home

Caledonia Soul Music (Bonus Rare Track) 16mins

Van Morrison: vocals
Alan Hand: piano
John Klingberg: bass
John Platania: guitar
Dave Shaw: drums
Jack Schroer: saxophones
Collin Tilton: flute

14 thoughts on “Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (09/05/71)

  1. One of the all-time, gold-plated best of the best of Van boots. Indispensible!

    I will say that if you can post “Caledonia Soul Music” as well, if you have it, really caps off this post. (That song is not in this download, right?)

    Thanks Mat!

  2. I have a download of The Inner Mystic and the set list is the same as this Into The Mystic with only the Donahue intro not included. (Caledonia Soul Music is also not included). I have no info on the source of the download.

  3. I think this is one of those shows that was made into a CD and illegally sold in various places, with either “Caldonia” added in at the time or possibly added later when it was liberated (or maybe just the opposite of that.) Either way there seem to be multiple versions of it with the song in or not.

  4. Huge kudos for sharing Matt !!
    I dont see Into The Mystic Bootleg in here.Any chance or reposting it?
    Is this the version of Caledonia you mean?

  5. Comment from a deleted repost:

    DylanDave says:
    October 25, 2016 at 9:44 pm Edit

    Don’t bother with this one unless you are a completist. I purchased this rel on silvers many years back. Recently traded it in for something more useful (a beer). This is just the Pacific High again, the later ’71 date refers to the date of (re?)broadcast. Poor capture of the off air FM broadcast, poorly mastered too. As with most releases on Oil Well, there are much better options available.

  6. Thank you. A 1973-02-15 has slipped into the folder. Just thought I’d let you know so you can keep stuff organised.

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