Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – San Mateo, CA (11/06/68)


Grateful Dead
Pacific High Recording,
San Mateo, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

Reel> PCM > DAT

Transfer: SBD DAT from the collection of Todd Evans – todd@bluedakota.com
DAT > TASCAM DA-20 (spdif out) -> Apogee Wide Eye spdif interconnect ->
Lynx Two Soundcard (spdif in) -> Wavelab 6.0 February 3, 2007

Editing and Mastering in Wavelab 6.0 by Jamie Waddell February 5, 2007
shnflac@gmail.com SBE FREE 16/44.1

A **GEMS** Production http://www.shnflac.net

1. …Lovelight
2. Dark Star>first notes of St. Stephen
3. St. Stephen attempt into William Tell Transition
4 St. Stephen attempt into William Tell Transition
5. St. Stephen attempt into William Tell Transition
6. St. Stephen>
7. William Tell> fast aborted Eleven.
8. Jerry Describes William Tell transition.. “kind of soundslike a BagPipe….”
9. Burp! (sounds like Phil)…Jerry plays the Drums to Show Billy Triplets… “ya come up with yer right hand here..see”!
10. St. Stephen(cut attempt)
11. St. Stephen – starts with “lady finger…”
12. “you’ll tell by this lick…2-3-4” Garcia
13. Stephen Verses explained by Garcia
14. St. Stephen “OK, from the top..2-3-4”-Garcia (aborted)
15. “hey could we have some more monitors please…more monitor..turn the monitors up”- Weir.
16. 2-3-4…. St Stephen (complete)>
17. William Tell(complete finally) > The Eleven
18. “every time..bullshit.. every time..It happens every time man?” Bob and Jerry gets a lesson from Phil.
19. Tuning stuff
20. last notes of Stephen > transition work into The Eleven. Ends with, îthats the trouble with having schitzophrenic drummersî- Garcia
21 The Eleven Practiced.
22. Garcia is NOT giving up!
23. Phil says… îon the subdivisions of the Eleven, we are dropping ONES all over the place..we are dropping the beat.î They practice.
24. ìso play yer lick, play yer whole lickî Garcia…Eleven Practiced. Garcia says,” Im sorry; you got it right..I’m fucking up”
25. Phil Leads The Beat with a thumping Bass. Big.. ìawwww fuckî from Garcia.
26. Band discusses the practice session and tries it once more. ìyouíll notice its not exactly evenî- Garcia (speaking of the
polyrhythmic nature of The Eleven)

-This source is 81+ minutes. It is tracked for two shorter cdrs, but longer media, ie. 90 min cdrs or overburn can make this a
\one disc source.
-the only similar source at etree, shnid12618 is 1:14:23.960 (196860636 samples)in length, this source is 1:21:39.680 (216075888 samples)
in length. I did not deduce what was missing because upon inspection i found the tracks for that shnid range from 64 kiBs mp3 to 177kiBs
OGG, both lossy formats.
-this was confirmed, infact, to be 11 6 1968 by respectable traders.
-Thank Todd Evans for being a grate trader!

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Unknown Location (09/12/68) “Clementine Rehearsal”


Grateful Dead
Unknown location (possibly Pacific High Recording, San Mateo, CA)
09/12/68 *

Download: FLAC/MP3

Clementine Practise Session

Source: sbd > 7 inch Master Reel @ 7.5ips 1/2 track > dat(48k)

01 Clementine (many takes)
02 Clementine (several takes, a couple with vocals by Phil)
03 Space like jam with some improvised vocals

Notes from the original uploader:

– This version has been provided by an anonymous source.
– The date on the tape is 09/12/69 but it is almost certainly 1968. *

The tapers section at dead.net for the w.e. 23 September says:

Going back a few years, we are pleased to play a couple of jams from 9/21/68. This material is drawn from a very interesting tape, in that it features Phil, Jerry and Mickey, plus a couple of guest musicians, in a studio jam right in the midst of the period in which the Mickey and the Hartbeats shows were being performed without Bobby and Pigpen. From this studio session, we have a nice Clementine Jam and another very interesting Jam.

Unfortunately the link is dead so we can’t compare it at this time.

– After the jam Garcia says “Was it wierd, did you like it?”
– All files are tagged.

Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – San Francisco, CA (09/05/71)

Van Morrison - Into The Mystic Bootleg 1971 Front[300DPI]

Van Morrison
Pacific High Recording
San Francisco, CA

Download: FLAC/MP3

To Donahue Intro
Into The Mystic
I’ve Been Working
Friday’s Child
Hound Dog
Tupelo Honey
Wild Night
Just Like A Woman
Moonshine Whiskey
Dead or Alive
You’re My Woman
These Dreams Of You
Call Me Up In Dreamland
Blue Money
Bring It On Home
Bvona Sera

FM Broadcast on KSAN

This show comes with a slight explanation and a mystery. Whenever I blog a show I move it to a separate folder on my hard drive so that I don’t accidentally reblog it. When I moved this one I noticed that there was already a show in the blogged folder under this date labeled “Into the Mystic Bootleg.” They were all MP3s, not FLAC and while they mostly matched these FLACs they included several extra songs. Consulting Etree I find that their setlist matches my FLAC listing and not the MP3s. Even weirder is that I cannot find where I ever blogged the MP3s, though admittedly that just might be my poor googling skills.

Several of you are bigger Van fans than me and I’m gonna ask you if you know the difference between these sets or if you know where this “Into the Mystic Bootleg” comes from. I’m including the setlist to that one below. Please note that none of the music nor information from the notes below this sentence are actually included in the downloads.

Into the Mystic
Live at Pacific High Studios

2 CD set (Hawk 78/79. Also(?) on the Scorpio label.
Disc 1 is 15-4051; Disc 2 is 15-4052)

Disc 1
01 – Into The Mystic
02 – I’ve Been Working
03 – Friday’s Child
04 – Hound Dog
05 – Ballerina (misspelled Bellerina on the label & insert)
06 – Tupelo Honey
07 – Wild Night
08 – Just Like A Woman
09 – Moonshine Whiskey
10 – You’re My Woman
11 – These Dreams Of You
12 – Domino
13 – Call Me Up in Dreamland
total time 74:37

Disc 2

01 – Dead or Alive
02 – Bring It On Home To Me
03 – Blue Money (KSAN)
04 – Buena Sera Senorita
05 – He Ain’t Give You None
06 – Let The Cowboy Ride
07 – Give Me A Kiss
08 – Mystic Eyes
09 – Instrumental
10 – Jambalaya
11 – Rock Me Baby
12 – I Wanna Roo You
13 – And It Stoned Me
14 – Blue Money
15 – Domino
16 – Bring It On Home
17 – Caledonia Soul Music (Bonus Rare Track) 16mins

Recorded live at Pacific High Studios, Marin, CA, September 5, 1971. Soundboard

Notes from Ron_Wyly@cofo.edu:
I believe “Caledonia Soul Music” is not live but a studio outtake. The playing time of the
song is listed on this CD as 16:21. For years I’ve had a vinyl bootleg called Van the
Man (note: not the bootleg CD of the same name) which also has “Caledonia Soul
Music” on it, but its playing time is a little over 18 minutes. It’s clearly the same
performance on both the CD and the vinyl, but the CD version, besides having better
sound, does sound “speeded up” compared to the vinyl boot. Does anyone know which
recording might be the one that’s the accurate speed?

By the way, new Van fans will eventually want to hear this track; it’s not much like
anything else Van has ever done, being a 16-18 minute tune that’s mostly an
instrumental. It never gets dull and also shows Van-and-band’s talent for shifts in
dynamics (fast/slow; loud/soft) within the same performance. I hope the tune is officially
released someday, maybe as part of the boxed set.

Musicians: (not yet available)

Notes from Russell Parkinson:
The Pacific High Studios material has been frequently booted. It is reviewed in full in the
Discography entry for The Inner Mystic. The material also appears (in whole or in
part) on a number of other boots, including Fridays Child, I’ve Been Working,
Moonshine Whiskey, This is Van Morrison, Desert Land, Wild Night in
California, and the vinyl Van the Man. Check the other Discography entries for
additional details on a specific bootleg.

Part of the van-the-man.info unofficial website

What the Critics Say
The majority of this two-CD bootleg (17 of the total 29 tracks) comes from a radio broadcast of a Van Morrison performance at Pacific High Recording Studio on September 11, 1971. This material has shown up piecemeal on numerous bootlegs dating back to the pre-CD era, but this particular one offers it in its most complete form. Whether or not you usually collect unofficial recordings, this concert really is essential listening for the committed Van Morrison fan. The band plays well, Van’s singing is magnificent, and the songs include not only favorites like “Domino,” “Blue Money,” and “Tupelo Honey,” but also unexpected covers like “Just Like a Woman” (one of the best Bob Dylan interpretations ever), “Buena Sera, Senorita,” and “Hound Dog,” as well as a flashback to his Them days with “Friday’s Child.” Unlike even many excellent bootlegs, this could fit in smoothly as a highlight of Morrison’s official discography — it’s that good (and that well-recorded). Unfortunately, the quality of this particular bootleg is diluted by the final dozen tracks on disc two, taken from an audience recording of a show at Inn at the Beginning in Cotati, California on May 14, 1971. While the fidelity is actually above-average for an audience recording of the era, it’s certainly not near official standards, and unfortunately, Morrison’s vocals are among the elements that are not captured with total clarity. For very serious (as opposed to simply committed) Morrison fans, however, it’s worthwhile listening, as again the band and vocal performances are good. Too, this show likewise mixed some big faves (“Blue Money,” “Domino,” “And It Stoned Me”) with some unpredictable numbers (“He Ain’t Give You None” and covers of “Jambalaya,” “Rock Me Baby,” and “Bring It on Home to Me”), along with some relatively obscure originals like “I Wanna Roo You.” There’s also a version of Them’s “Mystic Eyes,” though unfortunately it sounds like a pretty improvised off-the-cuff one with just harmonica, vocal, and guitar. ~ Richie Unterberger, Rovi

by J.P. Ollio
Van Morrison’s live concert at the Pacific High Studio in 1971 has turned up on numerous bootlegs, most notably the Van the Man LP. The two-disc Into the Mystic boasts clear sound, a killer set list, and one essential bonus track. Always an erratic live performer, Morrison appears relaxed on this set, belting out early R&B classics and songs from his initial Warner Brothers records. A cover of “Hound Dog” opens with Morrison reciting the lyrics to “Que Sera Sera.” Later, he introduces Dylan’s “Just Like a Woman” as “a rendition of somebody else’s tune.” The concert’s apex is a riveting performance of Them’s “Friday’s Child” — piano and guitar build to a crescendo at each refrain while the rhythm section pounds away. The CD’s final cut is a long instrumental piece entitled “Caledonia Soul Music.” An outtake from the His Band and Street Choir sessions, this winding 16-minute track may be reason enough to seek out this disc, a truly transcendent recording. Fans of Morrison should put Into the Mystic at the top of their wish lists.

1 Into the Mystic Morrison 5:39
2 I’ve Been Working Morrison 6:02
3 Friday’s Child Morrison 5:33
4 Hound Dog Leiber, Stoller 2:54
5 Ballerina Morrison 8:44
6 Tupelo Honey Morrison 6:06
7 Wild Night Morrison 4:34
8 Just Like a Woman 7:36
9 Moonshine Whiskey Morrison 7:33
10 Dead or Alive Guthrie 5:10
11 You’re My Woman Morrison 5:48
12 These Dreams of You Morrison 3:18
13 Domino Morrison 5:49
14 Call Me up in Dreamland Morrison 3:26
15 Blue Money Morrison 3:56
16 Bring It on Home to Me Cooke 4:14
17 Buena Sera Senorita 3:16
18 Caledonia Soul Music 16:21

indicates Track Pick
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Year Type label Catalog #
1978 LP Scorpio Distribution 154051

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