Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Albany, NY (05/08/91)


Bob Dylan
The Palace Theater, Albany, NY

Download: FLAC/MP3

01 New Morning
02 Lay Lady Lay
03 All Along The Watchtower
04 The Man In Me
05 Gotta Serve Somebody
06 Wiggle Wiggle
07 Visions Of Johanna
08 To Ramona
09 Mr.Tambourine Man*
10 It Ain’t Me, Babe
11 Everything Is Broken
12 Man In The Long Black Coat
13 Highway 61 Revisited
14 Shooting Star
15 I Shall Be Released
16 Like A Rolling Stone
17 The Times They Are A-Changin’
18 Maggie’s Farm



* lost left track for about 2 minutes, copied right track onto it

Master was 2 Nakamichi 300s and Sony TC-D5m, Row T
Transferred master to Sony PCM-501ES Processor the day after the show
PCM tape in storage for 21.9 years
Transferred PCM tape to Marantz PMD-670 .wav file
Cut tracks (and some level adjustments where absolutely necessary) in Cool Edit Pro 2.00

10 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Bob Dylan – Albany, NY (05/08/91)

  1. Mat,
    From memory these spring USA dates are slightly better than the abysmal european dates which preceded, I should know I was at most of the UK dates. After a quiet spell got Bob boots coming at me from all directions suddenly!

    Heard any of the new dates from the last week or so?

    definitely better than recent offerings, recruiting the finest electric blues guitarist alive can only help. I’m referring to Duke Robillard of course, who blew my mind when I saw him live, and I’m a huge life-long fan of Buddy and B.B. too so I don’t throw such terms around lightly.

    Not sure if it’s a ‘permanent’ appointment but here’s hoping…

  2. Not having quite so good a ‘consumer experience’ with mirrorcreator this time. I think sometimes you need to give it a bit of time – no real hurry for this one methinks
    This was a particularly poor period for Bob performances. From the departure of the ex GE Smith at the end of the solid Beacon run (oct ’90) until the triumphant performance at Woodstock ’94 there seemed to be a ‘neverending’ series of patchy variable mini tours with this lineup, helped a little in ’92 by the addition of Buck Baxter on pedal steel.
    NY Staters who had witnessed the ex ‘Oh Mercy’ shows at the end of ’89 must have been as bewildered as those of us who caught the majestic Paris or Hammersmith residencies in feb ’90. How the hell could it have come to this, and in little over a year??
    For me personally the arrival of Larry Campbell in ’97 was the beginning of the next really interesting period. Also of course the beginning of Bob’s connection with Duke when he played on the Time Out Of Mind album.
    For anyone interested


    Sorry Mat, don’t mean to sound ungrateful. Thanks for nother gap plugged.anyway. Diamonds and Rust and all that…

  3. No need to apologize DylanDave, I bow to your expertise and love that you are expressing your opinions of the shows/tours/line-ups here.

    I have not heard any of the new shows. Care to share?

  4. Oh, and I think I’m ready to drop Mirror Creator. In theory I love the idea of having the files uploaded to multiple places but in practice I don’t like giving up control over the files and not seeing how many downloads I’m getting.

    I’m gonna give Mega a try. We’ll see how that goes.

  5. Hi, got nowhere to post them presently but no need as Plumdusty has one
    also there is another on T.U.B.E and G101
    both in FLAC
    6TH and 8th of this month.

    ps I find MEGA is just fine for d/l with the Firefox extension. I wont touch Chrome but if anyone goes to the d/l link in Firefox they’ll get prompted automatically to get the extension. I’m not sure if it’s compatible with any other browsers, uses some very new protocols and stuff.

    Thanks again

  6. Nowhere to post them, Ha! Why not Mega or File Factory? No biggie, just teasing.

    It is an interesting question though in terms of whether or not its ok to take stuff from another blog and repost them. I’m obviously of the mind that its cool as I figure the more places the music is spread the better, but I know some who disagree.

    I noticed Mega wanted me to grab the FF extension to when I signed up. I did it but so far it isn’t of much use to me.

  7. To be honest I haven’t uploaded anything anywhere for a long time. UK U/L speeds are a joke and ISPs get very sniffy especially when u r running ADSL over ancient copper wires like me.

    i would be very happy to assist in getting some of my more interesting or unposted Dylan stuff out there via your blog if there is a viable route. My broadband options are very limited and my current plan is not really unlimited, however I’ve been taking liberties downloading with it for years. I have steered away from uploading or torrenting as in the past I’ve found that in the UK it draws their attention pretty quick and I don’t want anyone looking too closely at my usage stats!!

    As for the MEGA extension, i think you will find it is a just a requirement to actually download anything. i know the functionality is inbuilt in Chrome but you cannot download the MEGA links using any conventional d/l manager or even the inbuilt firefox one. I think IE is a total non-starter for MEGA.

    Enjoy the Bob, they are recent posts and easy to find, I wouldn’t worry too much about the re-posting issue. 95% of the stuff on Plumdusty’s I’ve already downloaded from other blogs such as QUALITYBOOTZ over the last 5 or 6 years, I’m pretty sure that’s how he axquired it too!!

    Take it easy, loving the Van ’92 by the way although in my headphones I can hear a certain proportion of the audience getting restless and chatty – just too quiet and jazzy for some I guess

  8. I certainly don’t want to get you in trouble, but would love it if you could share. If you would like to mail some shows to me I can convert them and upload them. Postage and hassle might be too much for that sort of thing though.

    If nothing else I absolutely appreciate your thoughts on these shows. Also please let me know of really great shows that are being posted on other blogs/sites. I try to visit all the other blogs I know of but there are constantly new ones popping up and others I just am not aware of. Like I didn’t know of Plumdusty until you mentnioned it.

    I made peace with sharing other blogs stuff awhile back. We’re all stealing from each other anyways and I figure the more places the music is shared the better. I used to do a daily link post and I should probably start it up again its just hard to find the time.

  9. Hi,

    No sweat, we’ll work something out. if I was the householder/homeowner I wouldn’t give a damn about one more bl**dy ISP but my current setup is the only way I can have the internet in my name. I wouldn’t feel right abusing it as i do if somebody else stood to take the rap!
    Gotta say I have had several attempts at ripping with EAC over the years with zero success, I have thrown countless burners,pcs etc at the problem but never seem to get a drive to calibrate. I know most people these days expect every byte to be accounted for but generally I just rip to WAV in Winamp pro at low speeds and keep quality up in a more old school fashion – like cleaning the disks, using good qual kit at low speeds on offline pcs with regular reboots etc.
    Never been an issue for me as i am just as happy to listen to my rips thru tmy hifi separates as i am the original silvers, however i know some people get very snotty about this stuff
    I’d like to get some of those Les Kokays from 74-76 out there for you and others to enjoy. maybe the best approach is for me to try to upload the ISO disk image as RARs to Filefactory sometime. If that doesn’t work there’s always snail mail. Trouble is best time for uploading is overnight and my pc is usually downloading Dylan/Dead/Van shows whilst simultaneously streaming the baseball from your side of the pond!!
    I think this is a two pipe problem as Sherlock Holmes once said. I’ll have a chew, try to locate some prize silvers/CDRs and we’ll pick this up again sometime soon – any suggestions just drop ’em in whatever is whatever is the newest post here
    ps Dead from ’84, very interesting, not got many of those

  10. Do whatever works for you. If you can figure out a way to upload some stuff I’d be happy to get it. If you want to mail, that works for me too. I’d love anything you an send in whatever way you can send whenever you can send.

    I’m actually in a slightly similar boat in terms of when I can upload/download. I am very limited through the day but post midnight they give me free bandwidth. For the last month they’ve been updating software or some such thing and I’ve had free bandwidth all day/all night which has been awesome and is probably gonna kill me when they get it worked out and start limiting me again. Staying up late is murder.

    I’m honestly not particular about getting a rip/burn exactly perfect. As long as the music sounds good I’m all for it. But I know there are lots of folks who are picky and I try to please them (more or less, though my supplying MP3s on this site tends to piss them off). Anyways if you were to burn something that didn’t exactly have all the proper paperwork I’d still take it.

    As mentioned in an earlier post I’ve not paid a lot of attention to the Dead post the Keith years so its been fun to listen to some of the 80s stuff. I noticed that they’ve never officially released anything from 1984 as far as I can see which I’m guessing means it wasn’t a good year. Still fun to give it a spin.

    But yes please do think about how you might be able to share and let me know if I can help in anyway. I’ve done some dropbox sharing with folks if that makes things any easier for ya

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