Bob Dylan – Brisbane, Australia (03/15/78)

Bob Dylan
Festival Hall
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

I have three sources for this show, you can read the info on two of them here. The other has no source info but seems to be a copy of a bootleg called “OK I Still Get Stoned”.

1 Love Her With A Feeling
2 Mr. Tambourine Man
3 I Threw It All Away
4 Shelter From The Storm
5 Love Minus Zero – No Limit
6 Girl From The North Country
7 Ballad Of A Thin Man
8 Maggie’s Farm
9 To Ramona

1 Oh, Sister
2 Simple Twist Of Fate
3 All Along The Watchtower
4 The Man In Me
5 All I Really Want To Do
6 intro
7 It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
8 Forever Young
9 The Times They Are A-Changin’
10 Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

7 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Brisbane, Australia (03/15/78)

  1. Cheers Mat, This one used to circulate incomplete SBD as ‘OK I Still Get Stoned’ – few years back i got a newly circulating CD-R, ‘Complete Brisbane Soundboard’ Will be interesting to see if this is same or how quality compares
    For anyone who wasn’t aware of any 78 soundboards it’s just Christmas!
    ps definitely never been perfect sound so presumably a master or 1st gen tape has never appeared
    ps this is the only 78 SBD in circulation

  2. For ref, sound qual is same as my copy. Still nice to pick out the intricacies of the arrangements and playing. I’d recommend a decent set of ‘cans’ or the biggest cones you can find. As SBDs go this one is ‘dry’ as they come.
    For sound qual i’d still recommend the ex Paris AUD tapes, they’re great shows too.
    If only all SBDs were as good as the Dead in 77, still shouldn’t be too ‘picky’- – it is Bob in 78 after all!

  3. Mat, I’ve just received 2013-07-19 in my box. I have much better sounding source for this particular gig so I dropped the text file with dl links in the box. Well worth the dl, any probs let me know and i’ll send the files too

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