The Doors – Isle of Wight, England (08/30/70)

The Doors
August 30, 1970 (Saturday)
East Afton Farm
The Isle Of Wight Festival
Isle Of Wight, England

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive
Track List:

01. Introduction – 0:18
02. Back Door Man – 4:18
03. Break On Through – 4:53
04. When The Music’s Over – 13:31
05. Ship Of Fools – 7:37
06. Roadhouse Blues – 6:07
06. Light My Fire – 14:21
07. The End – 18:18

Soundboard Recording

Multi-Track Master > DAT > DAT > CDR > WAV > Flac Frontend > FLAC (lvl 8, SBE aligned)

Notes from the original uploader:

For years, The Doors’ performance at the Isle Of Wight has only been available in an edited or incomplete form. The most popular release, “Palace Of Exile,” is missing over a minute in the middle of “The End” and the intro to “When The Music’s Over” is severly edited. Audience recordings of the show are missing “Roadhouse Blues.” Previously on this site someone offered a matrix of the audience and soundboard sources in order to recreate the complete concert in the best quality available. Now for the first time, we have a master DAT source for the COMPLETE Isle Of Wight concert in perfect soundboard quality. At almost 70 minutes total, this is as good as it gets until an official release gets made — if one is ever made.

This comes direct from the multi-track master recording. Quality is near perfect. The only downside is that the stereo separation isn’t very good. It sounds like it’s an unmixed copy of the multi-track master. So you’ll hear Ray’s organ more in the center than it should be and Ray’s vocals are mixed way down so you don’t hear them at all during “Break On Through” and other songs. (A good thing for some?) Still, I would place the overall quality as better than “Palace Of Exile.” Little to no hiss. Bass level is much more reasonable. Sharper sound quality overall.

One small note: About 4:29 into “The End,” the music drops out for about 5 seconds and you only hear Jim’s voice. Not sure why, but “Palace” doesn’t have this mixing

5 thoughts on “The Doors – Isle of Wight, England (08/30/70)

  1. Its good stuff, great sound quality IMO. I loved the Doors in high school but by college had burned myself out. Haven’t really listened to them since. But recently pulled out a live album by them and dug it and then started going back into their studio stuff. One night I grabbed several shows and now I’ll be posting them.

  2. Comments from a deleted repost:

    La Piazza Gancio says:
    January 29, 2016 at 9:39 pm Edit

    Mark says:
    February 1, 2016 at 2:00 am Edit

    Thank you for this. Great band..if only they had lasted longer than two albums after Jim`s passing.

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