Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lucinda Williams – New York, NY (03/12/11)

lucinda williams

Lucinda Williams
Webster Hall NYC
March 12th 2011

Download: FLAC/MP3

dpa 4060>edirol R09-HR>cool edit>trader’s little helper>FLAC 8

Well, Well, Well
Can’t Let Go
People Talkin’
Still I Long For Your Kiss
Right In Time
Metal Firecracker
I Don’t Know How You’re Living
World Without Tears
Born To Be Loved
Convince Me
Seeing Black
Out Of Touch
Unsuffer Me
Real Live Bleeding Fingers & Broken Guitar Strings
Changed The Locks
Honey Bee
I Live My Life
For What It’s Worth

5 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Lucinda Williams – New York, NY (03/12/11)

  1. Nice, I just checked and I have athe other preceeding Webster Hall night in my archives. Quite possible i got it here of course, really can’t recall

    Cheers either way, always nice to get more sets from Lucinda, and Gillian too. Nice batch of posts recently

  2. Possible to put up new links on the older Lucinda posts? Thanks for the great stuff you’ve posted – I’m going through the archives – amazing. Thanks so much.

    1. Yes but you are going to have to give me some time. I just moved and all my old CDs are still in boxes. Drop me a reminder in a couple of weeks and I should be able to get to this.

    2. Actually if you don’t mind go to those specific Lucinda posts and leave a comment. That will send me an e-mail for each show and that way I’ll know exactly what shows to repost

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