Bob Dylan – Nashville, TN (04/13/93)

Bob Dylan
Jackson Hall
Nashville, TN

Download FLAC: Google Drive
1 (MISSING Hard Times (acoustic w band) cuts abrubtly into I Don’t Believe You
2 All Along The Watchtower
3 Disease Of Conceit
4 Tangled Up In Blue
5 Born In Time
6 Watching The River Flow
7 Jim Jones (acoustic w band)
8 Tomorrow Night (acoustic w band)
9 Gates Of Eden (acoustic w band)
10 Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right (acoustic w band)

1 It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
2 I And I
3 Simple Twist Of Fate
4 Everything Is Broken
5 What Good Am I?
6 Maggie’s Farm
7 It Ain’t Me, Babe (acoustic w band)


3 thoughts on “Bob Dylan – Nashville, TN (04/13/93)

  1. This one looks a lot more interesting. Caught a few shows in london on this tour. Some of the arrangements of classic material were a bit overlong to no particular purpose. Dylan’s live band has never been a jam band (like the Dead or Govt Mule etc) but on this tour some of the arrangements were leaning that way and weren’t done particularly well. On the plus side ‘ I and I’ and ‘Jim Jones’ were usually FAB and some of the other material from the early 90s ac albums were pretty good too.
    Dylan was obsessed with the Dead and Garcia during this period (87-94) IMHO, he’s always been a big fan but if you look at the choice of material he covered live in this period it is very apparent. There you go I;ve typed all that and then seen there’s nothing in this setlist to reflect it! anyway I’m sure it was influencing the longer stretched out arrangements of some of the songs.
    Looking forward to checking this out – cheers Mat

  2. The sound is very good on this one, to my ears anyways. My first Dylan boot was from this time period and I’ve always loved it. I like the looser feel from this time period, though yes sometimes they just kind of wander with no point.

    Haven’t spent enough time with this particular show yet to give it a real review. Looking forward to yours DylanDave

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