Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Tape Tree Volume 1, Stoned Me Just Like Jelly Roll (1970-1973)

van morrison - tape tree 1

Van Morrison
Tape Tree Volume 1
Stoned Me Just Like Jelly Roll

Download MP3@320

Side 1
Brown Eyed Girl
Crazy Love
Hound Dog
Just Like A Woman
Dead Or Alive
Bring It On Home To Me
Buona Sera
Little Girl / He Ain’t Give You None
There There Child

Side 2
Everybody’s Talkin’
The Way Young Lovers Do
Purple Heather
Come Running
Sweet Thing
Bein’ Green
Wild Night
Cypress Avenue

Side 1, tracks 1-3:
Filmore West, San Francisco 26-Apr-70
also on Rocks His Gypsy Soul
Side 1, tracks 4-8:
Pacific High Studio, Marin, CA 05-Sep-71
also on Into The Mystic and others
Side 1, track 9:
KCCY New Years Special
Side 1, track 10:
Eggs & Poetry outtakes
Side 2, tracks 1-2:
Lion’s Share, San Anselmo 15-Feb-73
also on Stormy Weather In San Anselmo
Side 2, track 3:
Rainbow Theatre, London 23-Jul-73
also on Over The Rainbow
Side 2, tracks 4-10:
It’s Too Late Too Stop Now acetates
on It’s Too Late To Stop Now Outtakes and others

I’m not entirely sure where I got this. Presumably I found it on one of the non-boot torrent sites like the Pirate Bay or whatever since its lossy, but I really don’t remember. I also don’t really know anything about this boot. I have 13 volumes of it though, and they all sound really good. Presumably some fan made these compilations and created tape trees back when people actually did tape trees. But the ins and outs of it are beyond me and my ability to search. Maybe one of you find folks knows more. Anyways, I’ll upload them all over the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Tape Tree Volume 1, Stoned Me Just Like Jelly Roll (1970-1973)

  1. As you say, most of these (if not all?) can be found on other boots, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be here. Great chance to hear some of these songs in a new compilation. Thank you very much for sharing, as always 🙂

  2. Yeah, nice framework for a compilation, most are from classic boot sources, many of these have been upgraded in the recent past to fairly ‘definitive’ versions, ‘4EF’ remasters ‘For Rainbow’, ‘Live at the Lion’s Share’ and the Capt Acid remaster of the ‘Too late…..’ acetates etc . However disc 1 trax 9 and 10 look most interesting and less known/traded.
    Bound to be a few more lost gems along the way, especially if there are 13 vols!! It’s the little extras and oddities that people used to fill up the spare space at the end of traded tapes which were often the most interesting for me. Sometimes these bits get lost in the AD transfer race, especially as lineage (and often even source!) are usually little known

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