Van Morrison – Bristol, England (06/16/82)

Van Morrison
Live at Colston Hall
Bristol, England
16 June 1982

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Into The Mystic
And The Healing Has Begun
It’s All In The Game
She Gives Me Religion
Vanlose Stairway
Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
Help Me
Haunts Of Ancient Peace
Dweller On The Threshold
Beautiful Vision
Celtic Ray
Cleaning Windows
Full Force Gale
Aryan Mist
Summertime In England

6 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Bristol, England (06/16/82)

  1. Not bad. Definitely an AUD. Loud crowd noise between songs but they settle down quick once he starts playing. On a few songs you can hear the crowd clapping during the song. But mostly its just the band and it sounds pretty good for the most part. I’m bad at explaining these things but it always sounds like an AUD, like it has that distant sound to it like you are standing in the next room or something.

    I’d definitely rate it in the B to B+ range. With the caveat being that’s a spot check as I’ve not given the show my full attention.

  2. I must admit I don’t mind crowd noise at all – as long as they’re
    not trying to clap along to the beat, I absolutely hate that !!

    There’s a UK Dylan show from Y2000 when it seems like
    every song the crowd try to get a clap-along going – maybe one
    of the Dublin shows… anyway, it’s painful – although it does
    make me smile to think of His Bobness snarling to himself
    in fury. I seem to remember being amazed he didn’t tell them
    to shut it !

    There’s a great comment I remember from Christy Moore, who
    seems to know how to keep a crowd with him –
    He says (when the clapping begins right at the start of a
    song): now there’s some songs and people clap along and
    it’s lurrvely – but there’s some songs, when you clap it tends
    to make SHITE of it altogether!”. That gets a laugh and shuts
    ’em up.

    I always try to get matrix versions of Dead shows when they’re
    available — it really is amazing what a different experience it
    can be when you can hear all the interaction, eg the cheers
    that go up when Garcia is hot and brings a smoking solo
    to a close.

    But enough from ‘Tangents R Us’.

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