Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Milano, Italy (06/11/83)

Morrison-Live In Milano 11.06.1983 (Vinyl) - F

Van Morrison
“LIVE IN MILANO 11.06.83”
Teatro Tenda
Milano, Italy
June 11th 1983

Download: FLAC/MP3


Copies from “MY” discs have never been circulated in any form
SOURCE: Near Mint Vinyl Albums (Played Once) > Technics SL 1200 MK2/Ortofon PRO S > Onkyo P304
Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8 Align on Sector Boundaries

Some Track Transitions Cleaned, NO Other Remastering
Transfer From Vinyl to Digital, JTT 2011
300dpi Artwork for Double Jewel Case is Included using Scans of Original Sleeve

Disc One
Side A
01. Inarticulate Speech of the Heart #1
02. Moondance
03. Into The Mystic >
04. Inarticulate Speech of the Heart #2
05. Dweller on the Threshold
06. Vanlose Stairway
07. Bright Side of the Road
08. She Gives Me Religion
Side B
09. It’s All In The Game > You Know What They’re Writing About
10. Connswater
11. Celtic Swing
12. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
13. Beautiful Vision
14. Help Me
15. I’ve Been Working
16. Satisfied

Disc Two
Side C
01. Cry For Home
02. Haunts of Ancient Peace
03. Celtic Ray
04. Cleaning Windows
05. September Night
06. Summertime In England
Side D
07. Tupelo Honey
08. Gloria
09. Aryan Mist
10. Full Force Gale

Kenny Craddock – keyboards
Tom Donlinger – drums
Pee Wee Ellis – saxophones
David Hayes – bass
Mark Isham – trumpet
Arty McGlynn – guitar
Peter Van Hooke – drums
Doreen Chanter – backing vocals

26 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison – Milano, Italy (06/11/83)

  1. Yes, I hate that I only have this in low quality mp3. I’m not against posting MP3s, obviously, and if I’m honest I listen pretty much exclusively to them, but when I can I do like to have the lossless for posterities sake.

    Thanks DylanDave for all the links you provide. I wish I was able to grab them. But I’d have to stay up way too late to download and I’m already doing that with the uploading.

    Sigh, one day I’ll have good internet again.

  2. Thanks Mat!

    and sorry in advance for going off topic here a bit.
    I saw that 71 Van post and I’d love to get it. But none of these host
    sites seem to work anymore as a free user. I used to get premium
    accounts once in a while, until they stopped using paypal and started
    wanting phone number and birth certificate. And now I wouldn’t pay
    anyway where a site pretends to offer free option but doesn’t really.

    What are others doing??
    Getting prem accounts??


  3. Tony,
    I collected as free user from Filefactory with no problems. You need to close a popup ‘join’ box’, tick on the red d/l as free user button lower on screen, untick the ‘d/l manager’ option box (DO THIS ON ALL SITES) and away you go. FF is always ok, get temporary unavailability probs from time to time.
    Uploaded is a bit wobbly/screwy at moment but generally ok, same for Freakshare.
    Uploaded has 3 hr wait AFTER COMPLETION of each d/l till next one
    Freakshare allows approx 1gb a day, sometimes makes you wait by ‘looping around’ a few times
    Hour or so delay with Bitshare plus a higher 24hr limit
    Rapidgator has 2 hr delay and you need to enter captcha quickly or it will time you out and make you wait 2hrs again
    Bitshare often loops you around and makes you wait but does work
    Basically all options used by TUBE are accessible as free user and i use all of ’em, on a dailty basis
    GOOD TIP – use the refresh button on the Captcha box till you get one you are confident of reading correctly – none are case sensitive, just gotta be able to read ’em
    Good luck

  4. sorry should have said – if your captcha is rejected – reload the page or they will usually just loop you around even if you then get it correct

  5. Thanks DylanDave
    My prob is always that I get message saying site won’t
    accept request twice. I use IDM d/l manager, perhaps
    that is the problem?

  6. Tony
    q ’em manually thru the browser, just keep rotating thru the hosts to avoid the time delays etc. I finf firefox is best browser to use for this kind of thing

  7. I use jdownloader – copy all the links (in this case right click/copy shortcut) and jdownloader will do the rest. In the case of the TUBE 1971 show it’s only two links – of the hosters TUBE uses I would go for bitshare (1m30s wait but quite fast download) and filefactory. Go for one link from each and you’ll have it in no time! Of the others Uploaded is very slow with long waits between downloads (and it is not resumable). Rapidgator is similar but is resumable. Freakshare somewhere in the middle I think.

  8. Ok thanks, yeah works fine straight from browser.
    IDM used to be really good but now it just keeps snagging
    one way or another.

    On the subject of things VAN.

    A great looking set from Belfast 86 (or 87) was posted a few
    weeks back on g101. I couldn’t find any info online so I’m
    guessing that odds on it’s a lo quality AUD. Anybody grab it?
    Have any thoughts??

    Sorry Mat, don’t want to seem like I’m not appreciating all the
    tasty cocktails you keep serving up here at the Cafe!

  9. By all means keep discussing killer shows that can be found elsewhere. I love it.

    Especially considering I’m still having trouble with uploading anything. My in-laws were in last week so I didn’t try to post, but this week I’ve successfully gotten a couple of things uploaded but for the past two nights Zippy has crapped out before getting even one file uploaded.

    Still no word back from my ISP about helping either.

    But yes, please do keep up the talk, its fun to hear about what else is out there.

  10. OK, will do, is there no tech support phone No for these ISP goons?. In my experience you have to grab ’em in ‘real time’ then when they’ve made you unplug and reset a few things to no effect they are pretty much forced to give you a job No, run the line tests (incl the reset) and get back to you

    Tony the Van is presumably 23 Nov 87 Belfast, I saw it but already had it stashed away. Great gig, ex setlist, nice rework of decent AUD Master tape. Anyway you can never have enough Van from ’87. I would describe it as a better than average AUD for the period and the remaster is a good job.

  11. Tony, i would respectfully suggest that you need it. These late 87 gigs feature the same band as the Glastonvury and Hammersmith (which i was at) gigs from the summer but are very different in feel and setlist, being the Poetic Champions Compose tour. Unlike those summer gigs I don’t think there are any prof recorded boots around.

  12. Thanks for the info… I think I do need it!

    That was my interest really… late 87, prime Van and
    very rare sadly. And yeah, look at the setlist

  13. PCC what an album. He did preview some of the trax at the Hammersmith gig and thankfully we even got an FM broadcast of half a dozen highlights incl ‘The Mystery’. My first Van gig, still can’t believe he was ‘bored’ of performing with that lineup and went into the Georgie Fame ers, via the excellent chieftains stuff of course

  14. Thanks DylanDave for mentioning That NEW 1971 show that Edge posted. Almost sounds like it’s practice for the Pacific High Studios recordings that were a couple weeks later.

  15. My ISP is really ridiculous when it comes to contact. On their webpage the only contact method given is a little form you fill out. I’ve done this twice and not gotten a single response.

    Today I get notice that my Credit Card on file is about to expire. How do I get this notice? Not by e-mail or any other electronic communications. But a postcard in the mail. Flipping snail mail from a company that exists to provide internet services. Bah!

    They did put a phone number on the card so I’ll give them a buzz soon and ask about the slow down

  16. Don’t these people know you have a blog to run?! Like I said before they are all a bunch of…….

    Bruse, highly likely and the sleeve notes seem to suggest something along those lines. A classic boot but it has never sounded better. Bit surprising that Rattlesnake didn’t work on the stereo soundstage a little. It’s very L-R with all the vocal in the R channel so it’s not perfect for headphones, i’d love to hear Dr Ebbetts rework this and centre the vocals for us. Maybe Godfather or one of the others will sort it out in their inevitable follow up release
    For me it’s the acoustic trax which make it really indispensable, they’re just peachy and could almost be a studio session.

  17. Hey Dave, track 15 of that 1978 comp you just resent me seems to be messed up. Can’t get it to play on any device and nothing will convert it. Not sure if it was in the download or on your end or what. Would you mind checking it and sending just that track?

    Again it is disk 3, track 15.

    Sorry to be asking you to send it yet again, but I’m dying to have this whole set and to be able to post it.

  18. No problem, sorry you are having ussues, i’ll check the wav plays etc and then stick it up ‘as is’. If it’s actually a bad rip might take a little longer as my silvers are in the loft, not a big issue, but i doubt that anyway. Do you intend to post as flac? if you give me the settings (flac level) for TLH i could try to cenvert here to test

  19. Damn it u r correct, weird that and also weird that i haven’t noticed before. Need to be a bit careful, was ripped on a different pc with different sooftware, want it to match up with other trax, wouldn’t even notice if it was one of the xtra bonus trax

  20. While you are at it upload all of disk 5 please.

    This is getting ridiculous, I know. I had disk 5, I’m sure of it because I have the MP3s in iTunes. But somehow the WAV files are missing. I have all the rest, but not those. I’ve looked for them to no avail and because of the way they are labeled I’m getting nowhere with file searches. “track 10” or whatever gets me about a hundred million results. I either accidentally deleted them (maybe with the first set of disk 3) or I have put them in some weird folder that I’ll find in about ten years when I randomly look in their for something else.

    But if you could do Disk 5 for me again I would greatly appreciate it. I know its a hassle and I’m pissing myself off over this flippin’ set that I can’t seem to get all of and post all of, but here we are.

    As always Dave, thanks for your knowledge and patience and kindness.

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