Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison & The Chieftains – Reading, England (05/08/88)

VAN MORRISON - 1988-05-08 (front) - reading england

Hexagon Theatre
Reading, Berkshire
May 8th 1988

Download: FLAC/MP3

Thanks to Rob Kedward for the Tapes

Lineage: Master Cassettes > 2 x TDK SA90s > Akai GX95 11 > Soundforge PRO 10c > FLAC Level 8


Mastered to Digital by JTT, November 2011

Disc One: First Set with The Van Morrison Band
01. Celtic Excavation
02. Vanlose Stairway
03. Queen Of The Slipstream
04. I Forgot That Love Existed
05. The Mystery
06. What Would I Do
07. In The Garden
08. Summertime In England
09. Rave On John Donne >
10. Did Ye Get Healed

Disc Two: Second Set with The Chieftains
01. Star Of The County Down
02. She Moved Through The Fair
03. Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta
04. Raglan Road
05. I’ll Tell Me Ma
06. Carrickfergus
07. Celtic Ray
08. My Lagan Love
09. Marie’s Wedding
10. Irish Heartbeat
11. Boffyflow And Spike
12. Goodnight Irene
13. Moondance

Arty McGlynn – guitar
Dave Early – drums
Clive Culbertson – bass
Ritchie Buckley – saxophone
Derek Bell – keyboards
June Boyce – backing vocals

26 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Van Morrison & The Chieftains – Reading, England (05/08/88)

  1. By the way Mat, it’s not necessarily the drive thst went bad. The laptop went kaput, but I’ve never been able to determine if it was in any way related to the drive going bad. I have certain reasons to believe that the drive might still be ok, but when I obtained a different laptop, it uses the other type of laptop drive & I don’t have the hardware to access or convert or whatever needs to be done to see if the drive (w/about 7 or 8 yrs of work on it..) is still good. I have a clone copy of the entire drive, made b4 the laptop died but I cannot get that copy to open on my current laptop. A ton of recordings probably on it.. I think I need to determine which drive type it is (sata it the other one) & then find someone w/a compatable laptop to pop in my drive & try.

  2. Jeff,

    you seem a bit confused about the drive situation – what is really needed to rsolve is info i.e current operating system on laptop, age of laptop, age of drive etc, type of drive, i assume it is an external type

    if it is external drive in a housing with its own power supply but not usb then it will be a ‘firewire’ connection. Plug looks a bit like usb but fatter and tapered at one end.

    whether it is external (or an old internal drive which has been removed) the actual disk connection (assuming it is not SATA) will be IDE (sometimes referred to as PATA) this is a ribbon cable type of conector. Drive ‘caddies’ for this type of drive are cheap and widely available and convert the drive into an extrnal USB drive.

    If you are unable to find somebody with a firewire connector (often included on soundcards) then in the past i have rescued many ‘failed’ external drives by GENTLY breaking open the casing and removing the IDE drive inside, then placing it in another IDE caddie and tHereby converting it into an external USB drive.

    if you are confused why not take the drive into a local Maplins (or similar) store they will have any adapter you may need. Either way do not use disk cloning software for this kind of backup file transfer operation. copy directories individually (you can also download and use Microsoft ‘Synctoy’ for this purpose. If directories report as corrupted or inaccessible etc then use a free app (available as dowload) called ‘Recuva’ to scan the drive and recover the files to a location on another drive. This last point is important.

    Do not discard the drive – you would be amazed what can be recovered from seemingly ‘hopeless’ situations with no or minimal expenditure.

  3. Dylan Dave.. Thx for all this info but to tell you the truth it’s hard for me to digest some of it. I may indeed be confused, but at this point, I don’t think I am. Maybe discrepancies are due to my lack of a better explanation previously. Allow me to attempt to be more clear about the situation…

    I used to have an hp lappy. I bought it new in 03. After 6 or 7 yrs it had developed many problems (including a burnt backlight) but I managed to keep getting it to revive, for quite awhile. During this time, I purchased a cloning program (it was actually more options than just cloning) which also came w/a USB enclosure for the old drive. I thought it was a great solution for me because I also never had a disk of my operating system (xp) nor discs for many of the programs I had, so a clone of entire drive would eliminate those issues as a problem, if lappy or its drive went bad. It was also a better backup solution than the clunky ones I had b4 that & I also regularly redid the clone copy, to keep it as up to date as possible.
    I also bought a 1TB drive (standalone USB desktop) & I put said cloned copies on that. and then I would place that desktop USB drive in a different locale from the building where I live. In this way I felt I had a complete backup of my O/S, all my programs & all my docs & files & separate & safe from any & all issues relating to my hp lappy & it’s immediate environment (fire, theft, etc).

    Eventually, the lappy died it’s last death & was no longer able to revive it, least not by me. There was no definite reason to believe or suspect that the (hp lappy) drive was bad. All I knew was it may or may not still be good & quite possibly only the laptop itself went bad..

    I did not have a major need to know if the hp lappy drive was still good or not, at that point, because as far as I was concerned, it was “covered” by the clone I made, so I felt I could relax.

    After a couple more yrs passed, I obtained a different used laptop, a Dell. And so my 1st thought was to try to install my old hp drive into it, to find out if it was still working. That’s when I learned about how there are 2 drive types, ide & sata. I don’t recall at the moment, which one is which, but the newly acquired dell was opposite the old hp, in terms of drive type. And so I couldn’t do that test. The 2nd (part of the curse) thing to thwart my backup plans, is that when I plugged in the big standalone USB drive which has the clone copy on it, for some reason that I have not been able to figure out or resolve yet, is that I cannot get that clone copy to actually open for my perusal of the files contained. I’ve tried everything but to no avail. And so I was left with no knowing yet, if my old drive (with near 7 yrs of work on it) is still usable & never been able to open the clone copy to see those files and/or do something with them.

    It has for some reason never fully gelled in my head, but do I understand you correctly that all I need to test that drive (the old hp lappy) is to obtain a cheap USB enclosure that matches the drive type & then just plug into the USB on the Dell? I hope that is the case but if so it has to be real cheap as I’ve been been in dire straights financially for some time.

    Please lemme know about that so I can at least can find out what music I might have available only on that drive.

    I hope that makes my situ more clear. My apologies for all this discussion about these matters here, but I don’t know where else to put them & wanted to answer your post that you felt I was all mixed up. One last thing about it, is that I have not had internet since my old lappy died (approx 3 yrs) and have been forced to do all my internet computing, via my older Java based phone & now my Android phone. And I have tried but not been able to get it to tether (which is probably just as well, since it’s old xp system).

  4. Jeff the clone of your old hp laptop is (presumably) a ‘primary’ (ie bootable partition). I’m confused as to how you copied this onto your dell, presumably you were still booting the dell from it’s own operating system. Did you copy it onto another (secondary/logical) partition on the dell drive? Anyway none of this sounds advisable really.

    have a look at this picture so you can check out your drive types. Basically if it is IDE you can just stick it in a caddy as described, As it was a master (bootable) drive there is no need to change any jumper settings or anything like that. Alternatively you could adjust the jumper settings to slave and install it temporarily in somebody’s desktop pc temporarily.

    Anyway take the drive to a Maplins etc and they will quote you for the caddy and you might also need a power cable adapter as some are designed for 3.5 inch desktop drives only.
    look at the pictures which follow

    (sorry Mat)


  5. ok on reflection best option for you is to go back to the original laptop drive, obtain a specific laptop caddy (2.5 inch) for about $6-7 and then plug it in usb to anything really.

    looking at the prices, an adapter to use a 3.5inch ide caddy or to install in a desktop is almost the same price as the 2.5 inch caddy itself. As a bonus you will have a nice little usb pocket drive.

    ps XP is fine with decent antivirus and 3rd party browser (eg firefox) i’m still on it anyway!

  6. So happy to hear you tell me that’s all I need for sure & that it’s only $6-7. What an idiot I’ve been.. I never heard of that computer place u mentioned earlier but there’s at least 2 major ofc supply places (like office max) nearby. What about Wal-Mart? I will check around now. After I get that accomplished I also hope I can find someone who can help me unravel the issue of not being able to open the clone on my Dell lappy. I have the program software installed & I can open the program & the program sees the cloned drive & it is able to initiate the process of naming a temp drive letter, but it not only will not open the clone but it immediately crashes the laptop everytime it gets to the above described point. The laptop at that point to become utterly useless to any function whatsoever, outside of the screen stays lit & the mouse still moves but that’s it & nothing left to do at that point, but to do a power plug pull. Don’t know if it’s a laptop issue or what? So I wish I could fix that problem as the ability to clone a drive is pretty good backup option in my estimation. But if I can find that enclosure & if the old drive still works, then I could copy to my big desktop USB drive & finally recover all those yrs of work.

    Thanks so much!

  7. “Jeff the clone of your old hp laptop is (presumably) a ‘primary’ (ie
    bootable partition). I’m confused as to how you copied this onto your
    dell, presumably you were still booting the dell from it’s own operating
    system. Did you copy it onto another (secondary/logical) partition on the
    dell drive? Anyway none of this sounds advisable really.”
    * I’m sorry I didn’t see all the rest of what you posted b4 I made last post.
    DylanD… as far as I know I didn’t say that. I said I cloned the old hp drive onto the 1TB USB desktop drive. Then, when I got the Dell, I plugged the big drive I to it & tried unsuccessfully to open the cloned drive. It never would work & crashes dell. I thought it was smart to make the clone, because my hp was on its way out plus had no windows xp disk & mostly no discs for all the programs I had put on the go. So it was a complete solution to that. It was similar to an expensive “ghost” program at the time, but was only $40. In fact, w/o the discs, I believe it was the only solution to full recovery of everything. Don’t see how it could be a bad idea? And yes it had its own boot disk built right in plus came w/one plus I made some copies of it. But I don’t see how they are necessary anyway. I copied the entire drive & it doesn’t need booting, it needs to open (the clone copy on the desk drive) so I can see & deal w/those files.

    I think it’s not totally true that Antivirus makes xp be safe now. It’s no big need updated security wise so I don’t think an Antivirus can therefore now be able to keep up with the dangers & exploits. Doesn’t matter anyway since I can’t get phone to tether. But the lappy serves it’s purpose w/audacity & other programs it has & storage. It allows me to do the music tape transfers. I can also make cd’s but the player part is bad.

  8. Thanks for the links. I went thru all this long ago. I have the pics to identify which drive is which I just can’t recall at the moment which lappy has which I’m 99 percent sure that the old hp had an IDE & the Dell is SATA. the clone kit I bought came w/a usb enclosure & put my old drive in that enclosure because I had also purchased a larger drive. It is that larger drive that I cloned as a comets backup solution & put that on the big desk USB drive.

    So the question is then, can I simply go buy a cheap USB enclosure for my old IDE drive & then plug that into the USB on my Dell? If I understood you correctly, the answer is yes?

    I still don’t understand what you think is/was a bad idea.

    Sorry Mat if this is not acceptable. I didn’t intend for it to turn I to this, but if no one has a problem w/the post, like DylanD said, it’s all for the music..

  9. Jeff

    Personally and from experience, when creating a disk clone for restoration/recovery purposes it is best to have it on a dedicated drive in a partition of the same type as the original (ie a primary bootable partition rather than a ‘logical/extended/secondary partiition normally used for a data storage. In a desktop scenario it is best to just clone the drive and physiacally substitiute if required. Of course that is not so straight forward with a lappy.

    Anyway, enough of this…

    basically answer is yes – important point is that an ide for a laptop (2.5) is different to that for a dektop (3.5 inch). laptop ide is smaller in dimensions but has more pins incorporating the power supply. for desktop ide, power is supplied by seperate cable. hence need for adapter. However assuming orig lappy drive is ok, then all you need is a dedicated 2.5 inch ide usb caddy, and then you are good to go

  10. Sorry DylanD…I really don’t follow you too well, except for your last sentence. That I understand just fine, as it answers my question & if I had put my mind to what’s logical, a little better, I would’ve realized long ago that all I had to do was go look for the same thing I already had (came w/cloning software), a laptop drive enclosure (usb), except that that one is……. WAIT A MINUTE!!…. HOLD THE PHONE!!……CAN IT BE?? i must be confused again… but what just hit me is: my old lappy was IDE (I think.. I have to double check), but it doesn’t matter what the hell out was, is what I’m thinking now..ie, whatever drive type it was, obviously the enclosure that came w/the cloning kit is the same type (I know I bought the right type), soooo therefore, if I can just find that enclosure (I have no idea where I put it) then all I should have to do is remove the drive from it & install the drive in question & then, since it’s a USB drive, simply plug it in to my Dell lappy (you see, the original drive developed a problem so a friend was trying to see if he could fix it but he couldn’t find it after a while & so he gave me a small drive to use as a loaner, but then he never could find my drive so I kept the loaner but it was too small so I bought a new larger drive. That, is when I also bought the cloning kit. So I put the all loaner five in the enclosure & installed the new bigger drive in the laptop. After a while, I made the clone & regularly updated it & I also bought the 1TB USB, plug in the wall, standalone drive (what I have been calling a “desktop” drive (not for a desktop pc, per se’, just a standalone external drive) & I put the cloned copy on that drive, following all the instructions.

    Just to go back and let you know what I meant by not following you, here’s what I mean:

    Personally and from experience, when creating a disk clone

    [disk clone?? I guess you mean a clone copy of my harddrive]

    “for restoration/recovery purposes it is best to have it on a dedicated drive in a partition of the same type as the original (ie a primary bootable partition”

    [not perfectly sure what you mean here.. I followed the instructions & I thought it explained that it indeed was a bootable partition that gets assigned it’s own drive letter. If that is not the proper type of partition, I don’t know as I just followed the instructions. If it was a “logical/extended/secondary” for basic data storage only, then I don’t know why they would put instructions like that in a manual for the expressed purpose of creating a clone copy of a hard drive, when one is is up sizing their old hard drive?]

    “rather than a ‘logical/extended/secondary partiition normally used for a data storage.

    In a desktop scenario it is best to just clone the drive and
    physiacally substitiute if required. Of course that is not so straight
    forward with a lappy.”

    [i don’t see the difference? In a desktop you clone the drive & sub. As far as I understand, that’s also what you do w/a laptop.. clone the drive & sub it, w/the correct the drive. I guess I miss the point here?]

    “important point is that an ide for a laptop (2.5) is different to that for a dektop (3.5 inch). laptop ide is smaller in
    dimensions but has more pins incorporating the power supply. for
    desktop ide, power is supplied by seperate cable. hence need for

    [i am missing the point here also. This situation has nothing to do with any desktop. 2 laptops. I know that most desktops use a 3.5″ drive & most laptops use a 2.5″ drive. I had laptop #1 go bad & put then drive in a USB laptop enclosure (ide) that came w/cloning kit, then obtained laptop #2 (SATA drive). I put the cloned copy of the IDE drive on the 1TB USB external drive. (I also have referred to it as “a desktop drive” only because it’s big & plugs into the wall. Sorry if that reference threw you off. No “desktops” involved here]

    “However assuming orig lappy drive is ok, then all you need is a
    dedicated 2.5 inch ide usb caddy, and then you are good to go”

    [lol…this is what somehow escaped me all this time….I somehow was stuck on the notion that I needed some crazy, hard to get, expensive adapter. In fact, discussions I’ve had w/other knowledgeable ppl, seemed to support that belief……but now it just hit me…. I think?…… that all I have to do is find the old drive, put it in the enclosure & plug it into a USB on my Dell. DUH!!!! I can’t believe it! THAT SIMPLE???

  11. Jeff

    Laptop recovery is normally based on a bootable media (CDR OR DVDR) linked to a drive image on an external drive. With a laptop you only physically change the disk in case of hardware failure due to the issues of access and warranty etc

    to simply access.open files directories in real time from a backup then you should always create a backup of the relevant directories and not the physical drive itself.

    I’m not going to speculate on why the software crashes your dell. There are far too many possible reasons. I will say that such software is EXTREMELY resource hungry and therefore is normally used outside of a windows environment after booting from a media disk it has created as part of the process.

    I have spent many years in IT support grappling with such things and can tell you that (to misquote Zep) ‘what is and what is supposed to be’ are rarely if ever the same thing.. Only a clone backup which has actually been tested/used can truly be relied on.

    When it comes to backing up your precious data the only thing that matters is successful recovery in a worst case scenario. For this reason the only way to go is to eliminate as many variables as possible, to use the simplest approach available and to thoroughly test any backup in a real world situation. I know it is possible with these programs to create extra partitions on disks containing other data etc etc. It is however highly inadvisable. Just don’t expect them to print that on the box!!

    Another thing I have learnt is that (and no offence intended) the info given from users is only a starting point and invariably once you get into the job you end up taking a different path altogether. In this case the path leads directly to the original source drive and your old caddy (or one of the cheap options i linked to). You can do no harm trying this and at a stroke a multiutude of potential variables and issues are removed from the equation. Therefore in a real world situation this is the only choice as a starting point.

    Good luck with it all. I hope all those musical memories can be recovered

  12. Jeff,

    parting shot

    After you have rescued your files with the above method (NOTE THE CONFIDENCE )

    A few simple rules, observations for a quiet life

    1. Always seperate your data from partition containing OS
    2. (FROM 1) Never make your data backup dependent on OS backup
    3. Always use a ‘byte count’ type backup for data rather than disk clone – ‘Synctoy’ is free and works very well in XP
    4. Remember ‘Recuva’ will probably get your data back as long as the disk itself is recognized
    5. Understand that the windows ‘licence’ you previously backed up is of the pre-installed non-transferrable type. It will in all likelihood prevent reinstallation on a different model and there is virually no chance with a different manufacturer. it is supplied solely for reinstallion of windows on that particular machine. Even if you get passed the hardware checks the online windows validation will kick in due to the hardware change. Also the sheer multitude and complexity of model specific drivers needed for a laptop would make booting from this partition an extremely traumatic bizness even if you have all the drivers it will ask for!
    For these reasons you will probably need to accept that once you have recovered your files, favourites, templates etc there is probably no more value in that partition. I am not telling you to remove it, that’s entirely up to you and anyway wait until you are abs certain you haven’t overlooked something.

    I hope this all helps you to plot a ‘best route forward’ I have every confidence that the caddy approach will be successful and that the drive will be ok, these things are usually far more durable than most people understand.

    Best wishes


  13. Dylan..

    Thx for all the time/effort you’ve put into these posts trying to help me. I must confess that the vast majority of these last 2 posts, I have little clue what youre talking about. Some of it, not at all, some partially or vaguely, and in some cases, don’t get the relevance. I think you give me far too much credit for ability to comprehend these matters, as described at your level of knowledge. I read them over & over, trying very hard to cull the needed info & understanding but it’s mostly above me. I do get some of it tho. As I said, I bought the backup & cloning program as an apparent solution of backing up the OS & programs, besides the files, because I had no backup disk for the machine & had only a few of the program discs, and had heard professionals speak about such cloning programs as viable. So it seemed a good idea to me. It did not preclude that I had done other types of backups. At 1st I used to attempt to just copy files onto cd’s. Then I also had free & paid backup w/an online company for several yrs, but never needed recovery & eventually stopped being their client, so those backups would’ve ceased to be available at that point. Then for at least a couple yrs I used the backup system from Windows (can’t remember the name of it at the moment – – oh yeah, I think it was “Windows live or live one”, and at some point I believe it changed itself around & I had to start the backup all over again, etc. That was a cd based backup & I had many many cd’s. I must’ve had like 50-100 cd’s. So I have a pile of cd’s both from at least 2 different iterations of that system, as well as probably some more cd’s from when I used to just copy “my documents” on my own.

    The thing of all that is…I never needed any of those backup discs.

    But when the breaking down of my old hp lappy got to the point where I was concerned that total failure was not that far off (and did not know if the drive was ok or not), and considering I had no recovery disk & so many programs I had installed w/o discs, I then thought the clone kit was the way to go & so I made the clone copy & put it on the external drive & did regular new clones, in order to keep it as up to date as possible, since I understood it’s only a snapshot image in time. I was able to keep reviving the dying laptop numerous times & eventually it became too far gone.
    I then had to go w/o a pc for a long time because I have fallen on very hard times, could not afford a replacement & had to give up my cable Internet as well. It was then that my Java based phone became my “everything”, computer replacement wise. That was heck of a transition, after having had a pc so since 96 or 97.

    It wasn’t until approx 2 yrs later that I obtained the Dell & only then did this Idea of trying to recover my whole lost system, programs & all, came up. And I also felt that if I could not do that total experience, at least I could recover my documents.

    But when I tried, as I’ve said, the cloned copy which is on the external drive, will not open on the Dell, instantly crashing it everytime I get to the point in the program (called “easy gig II”, by Apricorn) where the choice is given to look at the files, and hitting that button. Before that, it assigns a temporary drive letter.

    The prgm also came w/a boot disk (I suppose, if necessary?) plus I made some copies of that disc & also I think it said that the boot files are also built right into the program files. Obviously, I have very little grasp on how these various elements work. But I thought I would give you the info I had, as much as I understand anyway. I also have the manual, ironically found yest after we talked about this, not even knowing it was missing for yrs & wasn’t even looking for it & found it sitting in a shelf, in shed, thoroughly soaked thru & thru w/some mysterious oil, that I’ve no idea where that came from, and the oil is not on the shelf anywhere else & only a soaked manual. Even stranger is that the pages seem to almost be made of plastic & cleaned up perfectly except they keep on leaching more oil residue. It’s insane.

    Anyway, now that I realize that all I needed to test the drive is the enclosure (caddy?) that came w the kit, then I am focusing on that aspect rather than the clone, although I would love to know what is the reason that I cannot open the cloned image & how it crashes the laptop, because I’d like to know if it’s the clone, the prgm or the laptop itself (the laptop definitely has some things wrong with it).

    So I have found the enclosure but now have a new set of problems…it has a USB “B” port & a DC input jack for an adapter. That threw me off because I feel sure I had used the enclosure before but now I’m not sure because I don’t seem to have the special USB/B type cord, nor do I have any ac adapter, nor is the required voltage stamped on the jack, nor did I see that info upon a quick look in the manual. I get the impression that that the B type USB cord does not incorporate the use of the 5v from the laptop (??) and that there is some kind of special adapter or jumper that allows you to use both the pwr input jack & the USB jack (on the enclosure) & connect to the lappy w/o the need for an ac adapter. Does this make sense to you? But I don’t have any of that stuff. Do you know what I mean by an adapter for the cord that facilitates using the 5v from lappy via the B the USB port? If so, is that easily & cheaply available? (otherwise I will have to figure out what voltage to use (guessing a 6v output setting on an adjustable dc-dc or ac to dc converter w/the right plug). I’m assuming I can also easily locate a USB/B to USB cord?

    I’ll wait to hear what you say about the this stuff. If all else fails, then I guess I will have to begin digging out all those Windows live one, numbered backup cd’s & that assumes that they are readable just as they are, w/o the need for any special Windows live one prgm with which to open the files & be able to manipulate them. I’m thinking it’s just that simple, but if so, then why did I need the windows live one prgm in the 1st place? (maybe to simplify and/or speed up the process of copying files & number the discs?), but have doubts about that also because at 1 point i think Windows began charging for the prgm.

  14. By the way, I meant to mention that I no longer had the desire to try to install the whole operating system & proms o the Dell, from the clone. I ONLY wanted to recover my data files. Thus I did not think there would be any issues w/licence, etc. Just want to open it from the external drive in order to recover those files. And if I could do that, I don’t see the need for any “recuva” prgm? It just occurred to me that maybe you got the impression I was trying to restore my old laptop & all the files & programs, on tongue dell. No, only trying (for yrs now) to recover my lost data, or if it turns out the old drive is ok, then done that way.

  15. Jeff Recuva was mentioned just in case you might need it, IT IS NOT CENTRAL TO ANYTHING

    power should be supplied via the USB cable, whaatever the plug type

    caddies often come with a seperate USB to mini jack plug lead so you can plug that into a second usb port on the pc/laptop to boost the power and help spin the disk. You might well not need this anyway.

  16. 10-4 on the recuva prom. I remember getting that a long time ago & it did help to recover a couple accidently lost files I think.

    “power should be supplied via the USB cable, whaatever the plug type”

    Ok I know I shouldn’t 2nd guess anything you tell me, what w/your creds, but I had reason some time ago to study about the various USB types & I could swear that there were at least about 9 different plugs & at least 1 or more is not wired for the 5v supply connection. If true, doesn’t that contradict your statement that all plug types supply pwr? In fact I remember something about how I had to rewire a USB plug to use in a charge or non charge way, with a jumper (sorry I can’t recall which way the scenario was exactly) because….Oh yeah now I remember… I was trying to repair a car charger (usb) and we using a plug from something else & based on the pinouts I looked up, I had to add or remove a jumper to make it work as a charger, (I believe micro usb). I can’t remember exactly what the deal was but I do remember reading that not all USB plugs carry the pwr line & some only data. But whatever the case is, the question is why would my caddy have the pwr plug and the unusual USB type plug? It sounds do like maybe you are saying that the power plug is only optional for extra horsepower on the drive? Is that correct? I tried to read the manual & it is difficult to understand the part that applies to this.

    I think I will see if I can retype what it says because I don’t get it;

    Ok, let’s see… It can accept Pata or ide. Hi speed USB 2.0. I see it says the cable & then power supply came w/it so I have to give another search for those. I usually don’t separate parts when putting something away so I don’t know why they are missing. Ok it says: “ac adapter connection: connects the ac adapter to USB power cable. If external power is needed, an external ac power adapter may be purchased separately.”

    Ok so that’s kinda sounds to agree w/what you said about sometimes needing extra boost or something – – for certain hi octane drives maybe? So then the 2 parts were both cords then, not one being a pwr supply, ie, one cord is USB/B to USB & the other part would’ve been a PS/2 auxiliary pwr cable. So am I correct then, that assuming my little laptop drive does not require any extra pwr to run it & so if I can just find the usb/b to USB, that will all that is needed to finally see this (duh) debacle. Do I have that right? Boy, if so, it really figures that the cable is missing (and that everything else needed has been sitting here all this time right under my nose & I didn’t even realize.. If I can’t find the cable can I get same like from crap Shack?

  17. Whether you need the xtra power for a little 5400rpm laptop drive depends exclusibely on the current the motherboard puts out. This can vary from port to port on a desktop (you would normally plug in to one of the old skool direct from board ports on back of pc) but on laptop all should be equivalent.

    the exta usb cable should be USB A to mini jack (looks like a mini headphone jack)

    if you are pluging in to alaptop ensuire you are running it off mains power and not the battery obviously.

    As I said just give it a go, almost certainly you wont need the extra cable and you can’t do any damage either way – it will either spin or it wont – only one way to find out

  18. Ok I get all that about the pwr etc. It should likely work.

    “the exta usb cable should be USB A to mini jack (looks like a mini
    headphone jack)”
    *not sure about that… It is identified in the book as I said: “PS/2 auxiliary pwr cable. A mini headphone jack would normally be a I think a 3.5 stereo jack, an open hole. The pwr supply jack on the enclosure unit (caddy) is not that, it’s a typical center pin jack usually used for ac adapters. Maybe what you’re telling me is that the other end of that is a headphone type plug or jack that ties to a special jumper which is a usb/b on one end & the other side of the headphones jack or plug & that such an affair also has a regular USB (A?) which branches of from the jumper/adapter & heads to the laptop. Maybe im all mixed up about that but that’s all can envision of the missing extra cord. Actually, I must be all mixed up about it because the scenario I just described does not include an ac adapter also, so I’m lost, unless of course my description above is correct but failed to note another branch that goes to pwr supply, to tie it all together… If all I need is the usb/b to USB, then it doesn’t matter anyway. So far I haven’t found that cable, as I got distracted by finding a bunch if backup discs (cd’s) both of my own experimental making, going back about 10 yrs ago & also a bunch of those Windows live one backup discs. My backups work just fine & have found alot of old cool stuff on them but not too much yet in the way of live concert files. As to the windows live one backups, at 1st it looked like I might be right about needing special software to view those files, because I got a pop-up saying something to that effect, but as it turns out that we only necessary for restoring the files, while just looking at them works fine. So at least I have all that to check & I assume that if I want to add any of it to my external drive, I can do so.

    Yes I have no choice but to plug lappy into wall as it has no battery, lol!

    Back to looking for the cable. I wonder if I can get another one cheap & easy from ratshack? I’m gonna try calling them & ask.

    Thank you so much for hanging in their w/me w/all this support.

  19. Things went from bad to looking up to then a devastating letdown & now, just in the last few minutes & after a several yrs long quest & after all but giving up (but I don’t know how to give up..) things are currently hard to believe. What a roller coaster…

    I had no clue where the special USB cord was & called crackshack & of course at 1st the kid who answered the phone had no idea whatsoever what I was talking about & said no such thing when I asked for a usb/b to USB cord. I insisted that even tho radio no longer even knows what a radio is, that still they should know what various USB types are & should have such a cord. All of a sudden he gets this epiphany & says yup I got it. Ok how much? I think he said it was a 6″ cord & was $15. I yelled at him & quickly backed away from the phone. I tore my place apart some looking for the cord & I was really passed because I don’t lose stuff & I keep stuff where it belongs. I was fuming. I racked brain over & over & then I remembered I had several laptop bags of old & found 1, then a 2nd bag & reached into its pocket & pulled out the cord. Bingo! I was brimming w/anticipation.. I had already dug up the caddy w/the drive in it but it wasn’t the right drive. It was the 15gb loaner drive given to me by the guy who lost my original 60gb drive when it acted like it might have something wrong w/it. The 15 gb was too small obviously & was full quickly so I bought a new 120 gb drive plus the cloning software w/caddy (by the way I have come to see that it was not just to clone but also to create an “image” & there is a difference altho I’m not quite sure what is the difference. I think the only that maybe I made an image rather than a clone. Anyway, I had put about 60 gigs on that 120 drive (actually much more but I I removed alot & saved stuff to cd’s & then left myself a msg in the empty folders that the labeled content was saved to cd. It was at this point that lappy used units last life & I never got to find out if the drive was good or not & was totally lost on the fact of how simple it was to check it w/what I had. I have talked to so many ppl, including IT experts ever since, trying to get help to recover those files if possible. I described every facet of what had occurred & what i did, like i did w/you & all of them said I had to do this, that & the other and buy stuff & bring to them, etc etc etc. I couldn’t get it together thru all my problems & kept telling myself maybe someday.

    I plugged in the 15 gb drive & voila! those files came right up & were perfectly readable, listenable & watchable. This gave me the desire to go dig out the 120 drive from the dead lappy. I swapped out the 2 drives. I had to remove a plastic adapter most likely proprietary to the hp. I put it all together & plugged it in & it was immediately recognized by the Dell & the files & folders came right up. I perused them to see what I had in there after all this time. I was bristling with anticipation. I clicked on some file. Oops, some nasty looking error pop-ups. Something about lost files & very forboding looking. I spent the next 30 min trying to open something, but nuthin doing & popup fatal errors occurring faster than i could close them, like “groundhogs day”. It was bad. Very bad & the errors kept saying something about lost files & eventually I had to concede thst either the drive was toast or maybe a virus had wiped out all the files at some point. It represented approx 7 yrs of work of all kinds & I began to get that sick sinking feeling in my stomach. I tied everything manipulate the drive slightly, disconnect & reconnect the cords & reboot & waving 3 magic wands etc etc. Nada, zilch…and then the files disappeared off the screen she lappy crashed so badly it needed power button shutoff & reboot & now the lappy refused to so much as even so much as “see” the drive…so I was convinced it was complete & utter toast & was getting my mind to accept it..

    But one thing I could not understand is that I could clearly hear the drive running nice & quiet & smoothly & the led was green & had the characteristic blinks going on. But nothing. It was like nothing was even plugged in. I was livid. I was coming close to banging on the drive..

    I knew I put the drive correctly together in the enclosure. It’s a very tight fit & you cannot put the covers back on if the drive is not seated properly. I have long repaired things by some magical, intuitive touch. I took the drive enclosure apart again & confirmed that it was all put 2gether properly & no bent or dirty pins. I plugged & unplugged the drive several times & then I attempted a Vulcan mind meld. In desperation, I plugged the cord back in. I immediately heard the windows confirmation of found hardware sound & saw it confirmed on the screen.. I literally DOVE for position in front of the screen. I almost broke something. The files were back on the screen. The 1st file I tried to open opened right up. Everything was opening. I was freaking. It literally rose from the dead (lots of dead on there). Pictures, videos, books, business files. Even some .html extentions that are just internet url’s from long ago were opening up files & pics in some cases like they still were cached! The Urania book… The works of Aldous Huxley, schematics, long lost & forgotten pics. Mars, astronomy and tho very unorganized, LOTS & LOTS OF LIVE MUSIC SOUNDBOARDS… YEEHAW!

    I perused for at least a half hr or more & it kept working! I checked for heat development in the drive. Found none. Then I broke away to write this. The memory on this phone is way overtaxed & very slow to type text. Lemme go check it again… It is working perfect like 2 hrs later. I am listening to something so good & so midnight Cafe, that I hope I can treat you to. It is so clean & clear it sounds exactly like you were inside the singers own head listening thru his own ears & is over 50 yrs old Dylan. I already sent a msg on the blog asking if it’s already well known & available here. Man, I hope it doesn’t die again. I have alot of work to do to get these files copied to the big external drive. Wow!
    Thankyou.. Thankyou.. Thankyou!!! Oh and some of the file folders were empty because they were marked that the file was saved on a cd to make more room on the HDD. This is marvelous!

  20. Jeff,

    you are welcome, good to know all is well

    just to complete the picture, sounds like xtra power connector is for mains aadapter, normally only nedd/use these for a 3.5 inch desktop drive where more power is reqd and is carries seperate to IDE. That’s an issue for another day!

    incidentally, Dylan Finjan club is not rare but is very excellent both in terms of performance and recording qual. It’s the ‘Yellow Dog’ boot which normally circulates. If you have anything different it MAY be of interest. Truth is Dyaln is so scrutinized and chewed over that only rarely does something of true interest surface

    Enjoy the music, hope the sun is shining for you

  21. I’m overjoyed.. Here it is the next day. The old drive has been on and running over nite. Still working perfect. The Dylan is unmarked as to origin except I think it “finian club”. It’s about 51 min & you could not ask for better quality sonics. If it wasn’t widely circ’d it sure would’ve been a treat. About the best Dylan I ever heard. I’ll look see what if any other Dylan there is & even tho I understand it’s prolly all been digested to death, I’ll make note of what’s there just in case.

  22. Whoops this last part didn’t post..

    Oh & fortunately or unfortunately depending on the season, the sunnis almost always shining…..here in Phoenix. At least we haven’t hit near last year’s 119°……all I know is this drive literally “rose like a Phoenix from the ashes”

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