Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jimi Hendrix Experience – New York, NY (05/10/68)

jimi hendrix - live fillmore east

Bill Graham Presents The Jimi Hendrix Experience (ATM 093)
Fillmore East, New York City
May 10, 1968 – 2nd Show

Download: FLAC/MP3

1. Lover Man
2. Fire
3. Foxy Lady
4. Red House
5. Hey Joe
6. Sunshine Of Your Love
7. Hear My Train A-Comin’
8. Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
9. Purple Haze
10. Wild Thing

Includes the incomplete “Wild Thing” plus various between-song chat and tune-ups omitted from “It’s Only A Paper Moon” and “One Night Stand”.

Extraordinary Archives Traded Material series of the highest quality Hendrix recordings available in traders’ circuits.
All recordings in the ATM series are taken from the lowest generation masters available, and they have all been digitally restored unless otherwise indicated.
Thanks to Hans-Peter Johnsen

15 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jimi Hendrix Experience – New York, NY (05/10/68)

  1. Cool share – thanks Mat! On a side note, boy does the cover pic of Hendrix there make him look like Kanye West! LOL

  2. Remenber this one – good pick to post – very cool setlist – Bob and Hear My Train.. (my all time fav jimi track) make this show a real standout in ’68.

    Also considered to be one of Jimis greatest performances by the way!

    I actually have a 1st gen which claims to be an upgrade on this rel. it also includes more of wild thing (though not all)

    ok had a listen (couldn’t resist!) the ‘upgrade’ does sound lower gen and a bit more dynamic, but it also sounds thinner and harsher at the top end with some hiss also. I think the tone is better on the ATM. The ATM is unknown gen so any improvement can only have come from the remastering post prodn

  3. Jeff

    Another AUD only rec from The Fillmore East – gotta be a stage recording this one – either way a damn good effort by somebody with ’60s gear.

    Hats off to the taper – as always!

  4. DD…already dwnlg it.. can’t wait to hear.. All the shows I was talking about b4, which were available a few yrs ago on graham’s site, we’re said to be his personal collection & I think (?) all soundboards. There were many many shows in that collection & were streamable & I recorded as many of the streams as I could. The vast majority that I did, were the airplane shows. I did also get some other bands as well (Hendrix?), as I showed you that short list of cd’s from the f. east. I’m sure I have some other of those shows also, which aren’t on cd but I can’t access the drive they might be on due to tech difficulties.

    Seems to me, if this or any show was “stage mic recorded”, that the result would be somewhere in between an aud & a soundboard (?) so could be pretty good.. I’m guessing that all shows promoted by Graham & from his personal collection, that there was a board tape available? When I recorded the free streams, I don’t think downloads were available, or maybe then or now, they are available for a price. So I wonder (do you know?) if any of those Graham soundboards (they were all labeled as: “the bill Graham collection), from his site, were or are available elsewhere, like here or dime or sugarmegs, etc.?

  5. Yeah Mat…that’s it, wolfgang’s vault. I explained about it here last week or a few days ago. Bill Graham changed his name after immigrating, it had been Wolfgang before that. Yrs ago the music was free on the site. At least the streaming was. I can’t remember if they had the downloading back then, paid or not. All (or many) of the shows he promoted were streamed on-demand for free, sounding like all board tapes he acquired from these shows & I recorded a slew of them. Ea one said “bill Graham collection” & had extensive, sometimes several page long liner notes. I have a ton of them from both fillmore, winterland & wherever else he promoted & I also made screenshots of all the accompanying liner notes. But the laptop died. Before it died. I made a clone of the entire drive & I have it all on a standalone drive but for some unknown reason I cannot get the the cloned copy to open on my current lappy & I never have been able to find out if that old drive is ok or not, because it is not a compatible drive w/the current laptop. I need some kind of adapter or something. Anyway, what I want to know is whether or not those shows, from his collection, have been or are readily available elsewhere. If so then no biggy
    that I did this, but if not, then maybe I have a decent collection? Last week I saw that the site is still there & still has the concert section, but I could not find those Jefferson airplane shows. Maybe it was just a temporary technical problem, but even if they are there, you have to either buy a membership or pay by the show.

  6. I just looked and there are definitely some Airplane shows in the Vault, but yeah, you gotta pay. A brief google didn’t turn up much for other shows in existence but there seem to be a few.

    As for those Fillmore soundboards existing elsewhere. I’m sure you can find them somewhere, but as the rights belong to the Vault I won’t be touching them.

    Sucks about your drive. I’ve had that happen before. Luckily I’ve never lost any shows, but I had several years worth of pictures crash once.

  7. Yes Mat.. after my last post I went back to explore that site deeper & this time I was able to find what appears to be all those airplane shows (and probably everything else & more by now) there, but you can’t even stream a song w/o membership.

    As to the sbrds existing elsewhere, I’ve never seen them. Maybe there are some different soundboards, in other words, ones that were for or owned by others, not Graham?

    The genesis off this discussion is I think where someone said that the fillmore east shows were mostly audience tapes & I had been talking about the bill Graham collection airplane shows that I have many of & was originally asking if anyone else knew if they were available elsewhere. The reason I asked is because I hadn’t seen them available anywhere else & thought someone might want some of these shows. It hadn’t occurred to me til now, that they would not be allowed to be shared. When I recorded them, they were free streams & my laptop had no problem doing basic recording if those streams & they sound great & I made a bunch of cd’s from some as well (altho now I wonder how I so easily made the cd’s? Maybe they are data cd’s? I will have to check. I couldve sworn I’ve played some on a standalone cd player & I don’t recall having done any conversions to the music to make it burnable? So I don’t really know how I did this, but I have about 50 airplane shows plus the shortlist of other cd’s I posted that I had (like the ray Charles show) plus likely many more, if I can ever access that drive or the clone copy again. As far as I knew, 5 – 10 yrs ago when I made these, I thought they were legal to grab as they were free in the site. But now I guess I have to keep them to myself?? or share discreetly. They are not lossless of course but they sound great & many bands. And it looks like now you have to pay $5 per show or have a membership to even listen to 1 track.

  8. By the way Mat, it’s not necessarily the drive thst went bad. The laptop went kaput, but I’ve never been able to determine if it was in any way related to the drive going bad. I have certain reasons to believe that the drive might still be ok, but when I obtained a different laptop, it uses the other type of laptop drive & I don’t have the hardware to access or convert or whatever needs to be done to see if the drive (w/about 7 or 8 yrs of work on it..) is still good. I have a clone copy of the entire drive, made b4 the laptop died but I cannot get that copy to open on my current laptop. A ton of recordings probably on it.. I think I need to determine which drive type it is (sata it the other one) & then find someone w/a compatable laptop to pop in my drive & try.

  9. 3 days now still trying to finish downloading the NY Hendrix show. Don’t know why but the download keeps stopping & then not resuming for very long periods of time. Crazily, now it stopped at 134.25 mb out of 135 mb. Sometimes hrs go by b4 it resumes & no clue why?

    Strange & ironic: at one point I mistakenly thought the download was finished, so I opened the download folder & sure enough there sitting at the top of the list it said “Jim hendrix” & I was stoked for a listen. I hit the play button & 1st thing I hear is some announcer (maybe fm) announcing Hendrix’s last concert. I’m like huh? whaa? And then Hendrix starts playing…..the wrong show…

    Here’s what happened… crazy! …….

    Long ago I downloaded hendrix’ last concert 7/30/70 @ Maui. I’m sure it was yrs ago, on a laptop & certainly not on this phone. I have no possible idea how it got on this phone & not only that but it was at the very top of the download list for the browser I was using. I haven’t seen it or listened to it in yrs. So when I thought the NY show was downloaded & ready I opened the folder & hit the button for Hendrix at the top & BOOM, I got Hendrix playing his last show in Hawaii (on my birthday) & no clue how it appeared there. Sounded pretty good too for his last show. Weird. I have to go back & see what that 1st song was he was playing..

  10. I don’t know how to spell this but, uy-yuh-yuh… 😥
    I finally got the Hendrix download after 3 freakin days of trying. So to unpack it I have 3 apps. I tried the 1st one & it listed the individual tracks & you could either unzip 1 at a time & play or I saw another option to unzip the whole thing. 1st I tried a couple individual tracks & they seemed to play just fine. So then I tried to unzip the whole thing & it threw a corruption error. I tried the 2nd app & it laid out the tracks, ready to play style & I tried one track at a time & they all played fine until I reached I think #7 hear my train. It threw an error the 1st time but subsequently played fine until about the 40 sec mark when you hear what sounds like a bad tape splice or a twisted tape or like a tape about to be eaten, which lasts for approx 1 sec & then continues to play fine after that. I don’t know if that is what caused the error or not. And the remaining 3 or 4 tracks after that would not open, w/an “exception
    ” error. The 3rd app listed the tracks but wouldn’t stop loading & so couldn’t progress to open any tunes.

    So does anyone have a clue what’s up with this? I assume the error occurred in the download itself because of how long it took to download & because no one else said anything about a problem. So does this mean I just need to download it again? (incidentally, during the 3 days it took to download it I also tried wifi but the strangest thing is wifi connectex but I couldn’t download anything…

  11. After all above, I went back to trying wifi. Wifi still would not work. Connected, but no downloading or surfing. I finally figured out why (very strange circumstances) and then got the wifi working but still it went very slow & kept falling. So I went back to my sub 3g network & finally got a good download w/no problem except it took some time.

    Listened to whole thing..

    Thx to taper & to the poster..

    Hendrix – cool, but I don’t think he was in his best form on this.. But even when he’s lazy & sloppy & whaaay high – – still hard to equal him.

    Best thing I ever saw or heard of him, IMHO, was his complete full performance at Woodstock. That was really a master performance, all things considered..

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