Van Morrison – Glasgow, Scotland (09/21/12)

Van Morrison
Royal Concert Hall
Glasgow, Scotland
21 September, 2012

Download FLAC: Amazon Drive

CD 1
Brown Eyed Girl
Only A Dream
Open The Door To Your Heart
Going Down To Monte Carlo
Close Enough For Jazz
End Of The Rainbow
Baby Please Don’t Go
Here Comes The Night
Early In The Morning
Don’t Start Cryin’ Now/Custard Pie

CD 2
Who Can I Turn To?
It’s All In The Game (World Stood Still/Long Way From May to September)
Jackie Wilson Said
I Get A Kick Out Of You
Precious Time
When The Leaves Come Falling Down
Help Me

16 thoughts on “Van Morrison – Glasgow, Scotland (09/21/12)

  1. So looking forward to hearing this. The artwork is awesome, and I really like Van’s very recent shows – he’s at a new high. Thanks Mat!

  2. Cheers Mat,

    I’ve been listening to a stunning qual AUD rec of Van in Dusseldorf this summer, also an AUD (lesser qual, stilll good) of the Montreux Jazz Fest this year. Similar looking setlists to this in terms of feel – ie Jazz and a bit of blues with a few celtic folk classics. I do enjoy these more recent shows but for me they lack the passion of the celtic soul period. I just find the vocal delivery in recent years a little too slow and ‘measured’ for my tastes. Then again despite being a huge jazz fan, i’ve never been much of a fan of vocal jazz. I guess Van is loving his time as top dog heading up Don Was’ Blue Note revival and is keen to live up to the billing. Then again maybe it’s just inevitable at this stage of his career.

    I’m sure Tony will consider this just the ‘same show’ again but for everybody else, and especially for those who share the love of the celtic soul, nice new SBD transfer (JTT) from ’84 posted here.

    take care all

  3. sorry quick warning – i was recommending on basis of era/SBD/JTT – tape is 2nd gen and sound qual ‘fair/good’

    Haven’t been able to grab it yet Turbobit seems to be fed up with me, better give ’em a rest for a day or two, Rapidgator is just hopelessly slow for free user,

  4. OK been meaning for a long time to sort out my own FM master of Waterfront Hall Belfast ’97 and make it available here. Main reason being that I’ve only ever seen the AUD source posted on blogs (incl here if memory serves)

    Anyway just now seen an FM post by EDGE – haven’t downloaded yet so can’t coompare with mine sound qual wise and limited info on post, but it’s here, split into trax etc. Basically all the stuff i’ve never got around to doing with mine!

    gotta be worth grabbing for time being anyway. If mine does turn out to be better we can take it on from there…

  5. Ha ha DD, looks like “Tony” may become a dirty word round

    Do you ever watch the PeepShow ?

    I’ll do a “*d&^%^$ave” in my pants if you do !!

    … anyway, I passed on this show (boring set list) but you have
    reminded me, there was a previously uncirculated S/bd (?) from
    1984 posted on 101 a few weeks ago, I meant to redirect but

    and my allowance forbids d/loading at the moment so can’t comment.

    BUT v interested in Belfast 97 if you can share

  6. Cheers Bruce for the headsup, never seen that posted – i remember recording the original radio broadcast, i guess it was an FM/NICAM simulcast but maybe i wasn’t aware at the time – was a pretty crazily busy period in my life but scaning the broadcast listings in the paper etc were never off the agenda.

    Actually the Van broadcast i’d most like to get my mitts on is his appearance on a UK TV show (3 trax i recall) called ‘The Tube’ used to be broadcast after school on a friday eve!! sometime around 83 or 84, but i’ve never seen it in video or audio anywhere. I don’t think vhs even was too common then – i remember we didn’t have one anyway

  7. For those who don’t mind cheap and cheerful – and slumming it on
    y o u t u b e – the 97 broadcast can be found there.

    Quick search on Van and Belfast should do the trick. The tracks are all
    individually posted.

  8. Amazing what you can find sometimes – almost as amazed as i was back in ’85. A teenager who’d already found Bob and Van and Neil and Joni and John lee Hooker and a ton of other blues greats. Normally had to sit through Thompson Twins or Midge Ure or somesuch on the TUBE.

    Only decent bits I can remember were The Smiths, a Christmas special with some footage of BB King and Van in ’85

    here’s the only bit of that magic I’ve been able to locate, sorry about the hairstyles (I’m referring to the audience rather than Van’s foldover) This was groundbreaking TV and a template for many live in the studio TV shows.

    Does anybody know where more of this can be found or of any DVD compilations of Van’s TV appearances around this time? I’d be reallt happy just to find the audio of this stuff!

  9. There is a DVD of Van on ‘The Tube’ circulating.
    It was authored by JTT and was upped at now gone HC
    and I’m quite sure it was also upped at Dime.
    It may have been one of JTT’s DVD and AUDIO uploads.
    ——cheers, justanideal

  10. Bruce,

    don’t forget to grab the Band set from same – it also has Van guesting on a couple of trax, it’s on g101 lossless somewhere.

    The Van set sounds like those multi generation SBDs I used to trade on tape back in the early 90s. Still enjoyed it though, and as usual JTT had done a fine job with what we are lucky enough to have. Who knows maybe the master or 1st gen will appear someday

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