Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jerry Garcia Band – New York, NY (11/10/81)


Jerry Garcia Band
The Palladium
New York, NY
11/10/81 early show

Download FLAC: Mediafire
Download MP3@320: Mediafire

MAC (Taped by Mark Cohen, Nak CM-700s > Sony TC-D5) >
Tascam 122mkIII playback > Tascam DA-40 DAT > Tascam
CDRW-700 master CD > unknown CD gens (probably one) >
Plexwriter PX-W4824A extraction (EAC v0.9 beta 4) >
sector boundary verification (shntool v1.01) > level
8 FLAC encoding (Flac Frontend v.1.7.1 etree edition).
A > CD by Mark Cohen, EAC > FLAC by jjoops.

Disc One (5) 38:23
01. Crowd & Tuning [0:16]
02. How Sweet It Is [7:51] [1:00]
03. Catfish John [9:50] [0:49]
04. Sitting in Limbo [9:55] [0:30]
05. Roadrunner [7:30] [0:40]

Disc Two (4) 43:37
01. Simple Twist of Fate [13:57] [0:42]
02. That’s What Love Will Make You Do [9:55] [0:23]
03. Deal [8:16] [0:26]
04. Sugaree [9:43] [0:14]

– At least one other really nice master of this show,
taped by Ohr Weinberg, circulates on CD. I thought
I’d add this typically great Cohen tape into the mix.
– The show is pretty outrageous. I like these versions
of Catfish John and Simple Twist a whole lot, but it’s
the tail-end of the show, from TWLWMYD (crazy guitar @
ca. 5:00), Deal (more craziness @ ca. 4:50), and Sugaree
(wild fanning in the 7:00 range) that particularly stand
out for me. The late show is solid but IMO doesn’t even
compare to this monster.
– d1t02 How Sweet levels drop @ 1:15
– d2t01 Simple Twist light pop @ 2:01

This is a tagged version of shnid: 27760

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