Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Janis Joplin & the Koxmic Blues Band – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (04/01/69)


Janis Joplin and the Kozmic Blues Band
Venue: (unknown)
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Download FLAC/MP3: Mediafire

Set One:

1.) Instrumental
2.) Maybe
3.) Summertime
4.) Try (just a little bit harder)
5.) Can’t Turn You Loose
6.) Combination of the Two
7.) Ball and Chain –>
8.) Piece of My Heart

Source: SBD


7 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Janis Joplin & the Koxmic Blues Band – Amsterdam, The Netherlands (04/01/69)

  1. There is an entry for this on Wikipedia as a live album but I can’t find it for sale anywhere so I’m assuming it is just a bootleg or it is long out of print.

    If anyone knows that this is still a legit album let me know and I’ll kill it.

  2. If I remember well, it was in the Concertgebouw (Concert Hall). Part of the concert was later broadcasted by VPRO-Radio and I guess this is that one. I plugged in my reel to reel recorder, but later sold the tape. Now I have it again. Thank you.

  3. Mat,

    many bootleg versions of this over the years, prob gets a wiki mention due to stunning quality. This is explained by the fact that it is another concertgbouw recording. I think it may have come out as a hendrix style posthumous rip off rel in ’74.

    This one, Frankfurt (prof filmed) and Honolulu are the 3 to seek out. Just why none have received an official release is utterly bewildering!

    Ming you, took long enuf for the Jimi estate to put out the 2 truly ex sets from Berkeley 70, and it is still scattered all over the place on bonus discs etc. Even the majority of Woodstock sets (incl Janis) took about 40 years or more to surface! The Band SBD reel (STUNNING!!!) still awaits release

    Never understand these people – i mean there is so little of the stuff, I mean the right artist in their best era and in perfect sound – and it is so precious!

  4. Thanks everyone. I figured it was just a boot as I couldn’t find it for sale at any legit place. Wikipedia is weird with this sort of thing. I’ve seen them kill entries for all of Ryan Adams unreleased albums but then they’ll leave up something like this.

    I’ve just given this a precursory listen, but it sounds pretty amazing.

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