Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Santa Rosa, CA (06/27/69)


Grateful Dead
Veterans Auditorium
Santa Rosa, CA.

Download: FLAC, MP3

Soundboard->Master Reel->Cassette->DAT->DAT


DAT seed provided by Michael P. Weitzman
Transfer and SHN by Joe Samaritano

101-d1t01 – Slewfoot
102-d1t02 – Mama Tried
103-d1t03 – High Time
104-d1t04 – Dupree’s Diamond Blues
105-d1t05 – Me & My Unlce
106-d1t06 – Casey Jones
107-d1t07 – Dire Wolf
108-d1t08 – Sittin’ on Top of the World
109-d1t09 – Big Boss Man
110-d2t01 – Dark Star ->
111-d2t02 – St. Stephen ->
112-d2t03 – William Tell Bridge ->
113-d2t04 – The Eleven Jam ->
114-d2t05 – Green, Green Grass Of Home

115-d2t06 – It’s All Over //Now, Baby Blue//

1. Known low generation lineage and transfer info.
2. Splice in Baby Blue about 4 minutes in, then clipped at the end.
3. Garcia on Pedal Steel for Slewfoot, Dire Wolf, and Green Grass.
Peter Grant on Banjo for Slewfoot. Weir on vocals for Dire Wolf.

This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 20547

10 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Grateful Dead – Santa Rosa, CA (06/27/69)

  1. Ahhhh yes… this is going to be a FUN weekend for Dead fans, as were the two recent Santa Clara shows… looking forward to hearing this post. Thanks Mat!

  2. You are very quiet Mat. All OK?

    Just wanted to say for anyone interested that 2 of the recent ‘farewell’ shows have been posted on G101

    Thanks for more historic Dead magic

  3. Yea, I’m good. Just really busy at work and life. I get comments in my e-mail, think to myself I should reply, but don’t have the time at the moment then forget to get back to it.

    What do you think of the farewell shows so far? The mixes I’ve heard have been, shall we say, not very good. Phil’s bass is too loud and muddy while Bruce and Jeff’s keys work is all but inaudible. I’d love to hear Trey and Bruce sing more as well.

    The playing is good, and I particularly like how Trey’s guitar work is working the line between echoing Jerry’s licks while maintaining a distinctive feel to it.

    All in all its all good, but a little too 80 Dead sounding to my ears.

    Not that I’d complain if I was there, mind you, but from listening to the tapes I can’t say I’ll revisit these shows very often.

    Still, looking forward to what they do in Chicago.

  4. Must confess they are still sitting in my ‘pending’ list. I seem to have acquired a mountain of great music from here and elsewhere recently and am struggling to catch up!! This despite ‘Rockboxing’ my old media player to allow me to listen to my lossless music ‘on the go’ – without doubt one of the best decisions i ever made!

    I will get to it, but my expectations never rose above potentially interesting, so it’s been hard to justify any queue jumping on my part

    Good to hear you are doin’ ok – i suspected you might be busy with work or parenthood, or more likely both

    Take care and thanks for continuing to post great stuff

  5. Whenever I come back from a break be it because my in-laws are visiting or we’ve gone out of town or the Internet is out, coming back is always hard.

    It always feels nice to not have the pressures of posting new shows all the time. Even if that pressure is only internal (none of my ‘fans’ have ever shown anything but gratitude for the shows I post, whenever I post them.)

    Usually after a couple of days I get back in the groove and post things on most days. But this last time, when my computer crashed, I’ve struggled to get back into it.

    I don’t know why. Its not like I don’t enjoy the music, because I certainly do. Its not even that I don’t enjoy posting the shows. I love being able to share this music with everybody.

    A huge part is I really have been very busy. Work has been crazy and its the heart of summer so I come home exhausted and overly warm. Plus family stuff. Plus various other projects I got going on so that there isn’t as much time to blog.

    I dunno. I’m whining. I’ll keep sharing music as long as its fun. And it is fun. But I’m probably going to continue this slightly slower speed for now.

    I was never quite as excited over this 50 year Dead reunion as many seem to be. Without Jerry it just isn’t the same. Actually even with Jerry for the last 10 years or so it wasn’t the same. But that’s my 70s bias showing. I’m happy the boys are still making music and everybody seems to be having a good time.

  6. Understood – It’s pretty damn warm here too at the moment. 37C in London a couple of days back. That’s about 15 too many for London!!

    I agree totally with your remarks re Jerry. For me Jerry and the Dead are one and the same. I understand it is a limited view, but I’ve never claimed to be any kind of Dead superfan or afficianado. For me Jerry was always the heart and soul of the Dead and the one whose musicianship lifted it up to be special.

    Enjoy the summer with the family when you are able, it goes by quick enough. I’ll try to post a few goodies from Bob (circa ’90) on Zippy (if i have any allowance left) and email you the direct links like last time with the CCs. You can post the links direct or repost on the Amazon or just enjoy the tunes as you fancy.

    Take it easy

  7. Greetings Mat!
    The Santa Clara shows were both exceptional shows live. We had lame seats on Saturday – behind the stage but the lack of hot sweaty crowded space was a pleasure. The sound system wrapped around the stage and there were large video screens to watch. Must say that the setlist would be appropriate to the many many ’69 posts you have been providing. Not my favorite Dead period but very adventurous. I thought it was risky to revisit the psychedelic period with Trey. It worked live. He is FABULOUS. Not Jerry … never gonna be Jerry and wasn’t expecting him to emulate Jerry. He did an amazing job of pulling the signature Jerry riffs at critical times. Sunday was a more ‘sing a long’ show with more vocals and less jamming. We had 2nd level seats almost dead center – GREAT location. As to be expected … a different day a different show. We drove over 600 miles one way to share the experience with my son, who flew in from Indiana. We all left Santa Clara invigorated and smiling. This is not the place for a review – just wanted you to know that the live experience has not translated onto any of the audio downloads. I have tried three so far and the sound is not the same.

    Sorry you are so busy … summer has a way of doing that to us. Work, family, life … makes it all worthwhile.
    Please continue doing what you do – we all appreciate your efforts!!


  8. That’s fantastic that you got to go Ken. I know if I was there it would be a different story and I’d be having the time of my life. The recordings can only capture so much.

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