Bootleg Bonanza: Bo Diddley – Baltimore, MD (01/23/93)


Bo Diddley with The Boneheads
8×10 Club
Baltimore MD 1-23-93

Download: MP3@320

Source: B&K 4011’s in balcony appx 12′ from stage> Canare Cables> Katz Mod Sony D10 Pro II 16/48 DAT

Transfer: DAT clone #1> Sony PCM R500> SPDIF out> MTII

Assembly: 16/48 wav> AA3 for edits and fades, r8brain pro for 16/44, tlh for flac7, foobar for tags


Early Set

Hey Pretty Baby
I’m A Man
Bud Light
Before You Accuse Me
If your Gonna Leave Me
I’m Not The One
Bo Diddley
Who Do You Love (Prelude)
Who Do You Love
You got the Money Baby
I’m a Man (reprise)

Late Set

Self Service
Your Buggin Me
I Need You
Diddley Daddy
Do You Like My Stuff?
Hey Bo Diddley
Come on Everybody
I’m Not The One*


– Some of the song titles are approximate

– *Bo on Drums last part of song

– Who Do You Love beginning faded in

– No other EQ, Normalization or editing performed

– Assembled seamlessly

2 thoughts on “Bootleg Bonanza: Bo Diddley – Baltimore, MD (01/23/93)

  1. Sweet, love Bo Diddley! Hard to get his stuff. Currently circulating is Bo Diddley with the Grateful Dead as his band from 03-25-1972 … SMOKIN’!! Thanks again 🙂

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