Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jefferson Airplane – San Luis Obispo, CA (05/19/67)

Jefferson Airplane
May 19, 1967
Cal Poly Gym
San Luis Obispo, CA

Download: FLAC, MP3

Source: DAT (Master Soundboard Reel > Unknown > DAT)
Transfer: DA20mkII>DIO-2448>Cool Edit>CDWav>TLH (2010-08-04)

01. (cuts in) The Other Side Of This Life
02. Let’s Get Together
03. She Has Funny Cars
04. White Rabbit
05. Let Me In
06. Today
07. Young Girl Sunday Blues (cuts out)
08. Somebody To Love
09. Start of set II tuning
10. The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
11. Tobacco Road
12. Runnin’ Round This World
13. This Is My Life
14. (cuts in) Jam
15. Won’t You Try / Saturday Afternoon
16. Come Back Baby
17. White Rabbit (spliced)
18. It’s No Secret (cuts out)

6 thoughts on “Lossless Bootleg Bonanza: Jefferson Airplane – San Luis Obispo, CA (05/19/67)

  1. Thanks!
    Tech question: How can the FLAC ZIP actually be smaller than the MP3 ZIP?
    I thought that I would see a part 2 ZIP of FLAcs posted today. Instead, the opened ZIP of FLACs contains all of them.

  2. Good question. I don’t have an answer. I noticed the FLAC files were unusually small and when I converted to MP3 they actually got larger. But I’m not smart enough to understand the reasons. It might mean the FLACs aren’t really lossless?

    Anybody want to help answer this?

  3. Haven’y tried this show yet, but one possibility is that it is mono??
    FLAC is intelligent in this regard and doesn’t simply produce a ‘stereo’ 2-track capture of the mono channel in the way that mp3 does

    should be easy to establish with a pair of headphones

  4. should add that a mono source, combined with a high FLAC value (ie best fit compression algorithm) can result in very small FLAC file sizes, particularly when the frequency range of the source is not very high.

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